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Bernhard and Laura talk about the real causes of mental illness and depression. They looking the history of the DSM and psychiatry, the “chemical imbalance” myth, how symptoms are being mislabeled as causes, the role of trauma and C-PTSD, and how depression is a part of the individuation and awakening process. Furthermore, they discuss the detrimental effects of psychotropic and psychiatric drugs on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, how mental illness relates to entity attachments and earthbound spirits, and more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • The “Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain” myth
  • Big Pharma-sponsored pseudo-science
  • The DSM, the “diagnostic bible” of psychiatry, is a work of fiction
  • The history of the DSM (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
  • All mental illnesses have ONE diagnosis for the most part [excluding occult possessions and interference]
  • Trauma symptoms are being labeled as mental illness and personality disorders
  • Trauma & Soul fragmentation or occult interference?
  • The Developmental Trauma Perspective and Attachment Theory
  • PTSD vs. C-PTSD
  • Trauma/personality adaption mistaken as part of the true Self
  • The trap of identifying with a mental illness or label and/or using it as a weapon
  • Depression is not a mental illness but part of the process of maturation and individuation
  • Bernhard’s story of dealing with severe depression
  • Depression is a sign of a healthy “spiritual immune system” to reject the pathogen of cult-ure and influences of a society where pathologies have become normalized
  • Getting stuck in depression vs. transmuting it
  • The necessity for the four-fold approach to holistic integral self-work
  • All mental illness is curable, and in the end, there is no such thing as “mental illness” but a process of soul evolution over lifetimes

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • The disturbing history of psychiatry
  • Psychiatric abuse traumatizes the soul over lifetimes
  • Psychiatric abuse nowadays is more covert and “socially acceptable” via drugging people and turning them into zombified automated “machines”
  • Laura’s history of psychiatric abuse and being in a psychiatric hospital where MK-Ultra experiments were conducted
  • The correlation between the effects of psychiatric drugs and becoming spiritually numb, losing interest in annoying “spiritual”
  • The occult agenda of the hostile forces behind psychiatry and psychiatric drugs in light of their attempt to take-over humanity
  • Psychiatric drugs/pharmaceuticals can negatively affect the afterlife experience and keep the soul earthbound [case by Thomas Mayer]
  • The abuse of the elderly
  • Laura’s story of how she healed and detoxified herself from psychiatric drugs
  • Every human being has a spiritual guide, but the connection can be severed via psychiatric drugs and the COVID vaxx
  • The work of Jerry Marzinsky on schizophrenia, mental illness, and entities
  • Entity attachments and entry points
  • The topic of entity attachments/interferences has become very abused and distorted
  • The work of Dr. William Baldwin on earthbound spirits
  • Bernard’s experiences of hyperdimensional warfare and successfully exorcising entities himself without going to someone to “remove” entities
  • Entities know people’s weaknesses better than they know themselves
  • Healing trauma, soul embodiment, and cutting off the food source for hostile entities
  • Many people jump on the entity topic without having a grounded psychological foundation
  • The interrelationships between indulging in shadow projection and feeding entities through you
  • How to resist the temptation to project and stop feeding entities [conscious suffering]

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