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Bernhard and Laura talk about the five major areas and issues in the relationship space they have seen and experienced in their work over the years: 1. When one partner is growth orientated, and the other isn’t – 2. The Search for the “perfect partner” and addiction to romance – 3. Lack of relationship skills and understanding of the different phases of relationships – 4. Trauma and self-defeating patterns and beliefs about relationships – 5. Twin flame & Divine Feminine/Masculine delusion and distortion

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • When one partner isn’t growth orientated, and the other is
  • Conflict avoidant couples vs. hostile, angry couples
  • Why people avoid relationships [unconsciously]
  • You can progress spiritually faster in a growth-oriented relationship
  • People tend to project on their partners are not really sincerely doing the work themselves
  • The fallacy of “it takes two to tango” and how it can be an avoidance strategy
  • The trap of trying to make your partner more like you
  • The futile search for the “perfect partner” and addiction to romance
  • Both anxious and avoidant types can be addicted to romance, and they often keep finding each other
  • Be clear about your values, what are your deal breakers, and what you bring to the table
  • Positive and negative shadow projection in relationships
  • There is also only ONE relationship that can fulfill you on all levels, and that is your relationship to God/the Divine
  • The necessity to understand the different archetypal phases in a relationship
  • Even the best relationships take work
  • The importance of conscious differentiation
  • No stage can be skipped – the experience a couple gains and the abilities they acquire in each stage provide the foundation for the stages that follow
  • The length of a relationship does not always equal quality
  • Partners don’t grow at the same rate
  • This is not a smooth journey; it takes courage and fearlessness

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • Trauma and self-defeating patterns and beliefs about relationships
  • C-PTSD can make you more wired for protection than connection. It can also make you scared of people and fall for the wrong people
  • Shame makes us want to hide
  • Natural shyness vs. internalized shame
  • Many people are single and have become so disillusioned or disappointed in their attempts to [attract] find a partner that they have become hardened and tell themselves that they are “meant to be alone” or that there is “no one out there for me”
  • We all need relationships, not just romantic
  • Exercise to uncover your current beliefs about relationships
  • You have to work on getting to know yourself, your “I”
  • The necessity to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears
  • The Twin flame delusion and distortion
  • The red flags of the popular New Age Twin Flame concept
  • New Age mythology masking up unhealthy relationship and attachment patterns
  • The esoteric concept of the “polar couple”
  • Essence to essence vs. personality to personality
  • Anima/Animus projection and integration
  • Sri Aurobindo about the polar couple in relation to the creative principle
  • The blindspot of the neo-polarity teachings
  • What is true Divine Union?
  • The price of the digital age and how it affects relationships – We feel so connected yet so alone

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