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Laura and Bernhard discuss using social media for self-work and shadowwork. They talk about the dark side of social media, where people project their unconscious shadow, trauma, and pathologies on each other, the importance of boundaries,  and how to navigate the internet consciously.

In the second hour, they talk about the epidemic of overt/covert narcissism and entitlement on social media, how to work with your narcissism, the lack of relationship and social skills, how plagiarism on social media has become normalized, the Agent Smith syndrome, how occult entities work through people on social media, and more…


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • How can we use social media for self-work?
  • Bernhard and Laura are shadow-banned on their social media accounts
  • A lot of miserable people use social media to live out their shadow and unconscious trauma with all the projections
  • The importance of understanding basic psychology and shadow work when navigating social media
  • Overview of shadow work and what is the shadow?
  • The importance of boundaries
  • The necessity of radical self-honesty when doing shadow work
  • Hurt people hurt people
  • Addiction to social media, smartphones, and the internet and how it affects our mental well-being
  • Disassociation and Disembodiment
  • Tuning into your body consciously and regulating your nervous system
  • Self-observations and awareness
  • Communication skills and issues
  • 3 things to be aware of and do when engaging on social media
  • Demo of how to work with a trigger/projection on social media
  • A big sign of shadow projection is black-and-white thinking
  • Reflective questions when engaging on social media and with others
  • Social media and straw man arguments
  • The person who only comments to disagree
  • Lack of social grace and relationship skills with many people on social media

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Healthy narcissism vs. pathological narcissism
  • Overt and covert narcissism on social media
  • Narcissism and shadow work
  • Entitlement and social media
  • Why do so many women/girls need attention on social media for their looks?
  • Most common signs of Narcissism
  • Plagiarism on social media has become normalized
  • Popular social media influencers who built their brand based on plagiarism, copying, and imitating
  • The role of healthy guilt and healthy shame based on conscience
  • Karma and the universal law of cause and effect
  • Dopamine addiction, social media, and how to reset your dopamine levels
  • Comparison and the golden shadow on social media
  • The Agent Smith syndrome on social media
  • The hyperdimensional matrix, occult forces, and how entities work through people on social media
  • Entities feed off of narcissistic behavior, shadow projections, gossip, slander, and online conflicts/arguments that get personal quickly.
  • “Truthers” engaging in shadow projections feeding the matrix & occult forces
  • Women sexualizing themselves on social media and emitting sexual loosh on social media as a feeding ground for entities
  • Sexual energy and creative energy

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