The Healing Journey Of A Child Sex Slave – Anneke Lucas | TCM #96 (Part 1)

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Anneke Lucas is a survivor of child sex trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). She was sold to an elite pedophile ring by her own mother. In this interview, Anneke shares her healing story based on her new book “Quest For Love – Memoir Of A Child Sex Slave.” She talks about her early years in the pedophile network, being subjected to MK-Ultra programming, and how the most powerful people in the world are part of a sophisticated international pedophile ring.

Furthermore, she talks about the issues with the “truth movement” and yoga community, the cycles of the abuse of power, her long journey to healing from Trauma, the connection between Satanism and Trauma, how she found God, and her connection to the Divine, how she’s now helping survivors of SRA, and much more.


Show Notes Part 1:

  • How Bernhard and Anneke first connected in 2012
  • Anneke’s early years and how her Mother sold her to a pedophile ring
  • MK-Ultra mind control programming/training
  • Satanic/Sexual Ritual Abuse (SRA) at Bilderberg meetings with the most powerful people in the world
  • Investigations into elite pedophile networks were deliberately derailed
  • Strange things started to happen to Anneke when she exposed certain individuals
  • SRA support group infiltration trying to get to Anneke
  • Highly professional MK-Ultra trainers know how to use Trauma to program/train victims via mind control
  • The brainwashing and nonsense in the “truther” movement
  • How Anneke exited the elite pedophile cult via a killing ritual
  • The futility of trying to arrest and kill all elite pedophiles and the issue with shadow projections in the “truth movement.”
  • Anneke’s experiences with fake popular “truthers” who have huge platforms
  • Power structures, hierarchies, and abuse of power
  • Anneke’s story got branded as far-right conspiracy nonsense by the media and the Yoga community.

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • What makes powerful people engage in these horrendous acts of evil?
  • Satanism is being normalized – different levels of Satanism
  • The connection between Satanism and Trauma/internalized shame
  • The saving grace in Anneke’s early life as a child
  • The cycles of the abuse of power
  • SRA survivors are being co-opted by fundamentalist dogmatic Christians
  • Anneke’s healing journey and facing her trauma
  • The importance of a therapist connected to Self energy
  • Sexual abuse and cover-up in the Yoga community
  • Anneke’s experience of teaching Yoga in prisons
  • Anneke’s take on Jordan Peterson
  • The temptation of power, authority, and superiority in the context of unresolved trauma
  • Anneke’s unconditional healing modality
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) and the necessity to re-parent ourselves
  • How Anneke healed herself from the killing, she was forced to perform
  • The day the “big shot” (main perpetrator in the elite pedophile ring)) died, all her repressed memories came back
  • Anneke’s MK-Ultra training in Germany to become a child sex slave for the elites
  • Anneke on Jeffery Epstein (pimp for the network)
  • Anneke’s near-death experience, finding the Divine, and her personal connection to the Divine Mother
  • “It’s an amazing time to be alive right now” – Anneke Lucas

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