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Bernhard and Laura talk about the teaching role of evil in light of the evolution of consciousness, the different types of evil from a spiritual and psychological perspective, the necessity to face evil within ourselves, how we all have aspects of evil, but we project them externally, the trap of black and white thinking, the trap of spiritually bypassing or intellectualizing evil, and more.

In the second hour, they go deeper into the occult aspects of evil and the hidden forces of life, how wetiko has infected humanity, tagging into our shadow, ego blindspots, and traumas, how evil takes over crowds and the danger of group identifications and hive-minds. They talk about the devastating effects of child abuse contributing to evil, agents of evil, practical ways to combat evil & wetiko in the world and within yourself, and more.


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • The necessity to face evil in the world and within ourselves
  • The two poles of evil, based on Rudolf Steiner’s work: Ahriman and Lucifer
  • Evil forces take hold of something within ourselves
  • Materialism is an aspect of evil
  • The New Age and self-development movement of worshipping the ego and false self is part of Luciferian evil
  • The People of the Lie by Scott Peck
  • Evil is a specific aspect of narcissism
  • Murdering the spirit
  • We all have evil aspects, but we project them externally
  • The futility of trying to get rid of evil externally
  • Dogmatic religions are part of evil
  • Sri Aurobindo’s view on Good and Evil (not a mutual dependence)
  • Evil cannot exist as an Absolute
  • The trap of spiritually bypassing or intellectualizing evil
  • The teaching function of evil for Laura and Bernhard
  • The trap of black-and-white thinking
  • The friction of good and evil, dark and light, is an evolutionary ferment
  • Carolyn Myss on evil
  • Evil can show itself by claiming that it is never your fault, but it is always someone else
  • The difference between what is evil and what is bad
  • We live in a world where evil values have become normalized
  • Wherever you compromise yourself (going against your conscience & integrity) is where evil comes is
  • Evil evaporates when you do not negotiate your soul
  • Darkness’ favorite words are “blame” and “deserve.”

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • The evil forces in the various occult esoteric traditions
  • Wetiko: the sickness of the soul – the alien virus of evil
  • We don’t see our madness, a psychic blindness that makes us complicit in the creation of our madness.
  • Our unacknowledged shadow and traumas are entry points for wetiko to come in
  • The psychology of crowds and hive-minds are breeding grounds for evil and wetiko
  • Collective madness and wetiko frenzy on social media
  • The world will support you to feel justified in your shadow projections (outrage porn)
  • Gossip and slander are a wetiko feeding ground
  • Wetiko is disease and medicine at the same time
  • In order to receive its healing ‘benefits,’ we have to recognize and more deeply understand this miracle in psycho-spiritual health care
  • The very thing that is potentially destroying us is, at the same time, waking us up.
  • The challenge to withdrawing your projections
  • Being in touch with your healthy guilt & same closes the door to evil (Atonement, forgiveness, empathy )
  • Jeffrey Wolf Green on Lucifer based on evolutionary astrology
  • Evil exaggerates your weak points and puts full into the fire
  • Evil manifests through temptation and seduction (not just sexual)
  • Some people have a contract with evil (via victimization and revenge)
  • Demonic forces incarnated into human bodies
  • Agents of evil
  • Alice Miller on child abuse creating evil (not just physical abuse but also emotional and psychological abuse)
  • Evil and Trauma
  • Practical ways to combat evil & wetiko within yourself

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