Debunking Popular Myths About “THE MATRIX” | TCM #100 (Part 1)

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Bernhard and Laura talk about how the concept of the “Matrix” has become very trendy over the past few years. They address some of the popular myths and distortions they see in popular influencer culture, what the core concepts and different multi-dimensional levels of the Matrix are on, and more.

In the second hour, they go deeper into what it actually means to “transcend the Matrix” and the two superpowers you need for that, the matrix version of success vs. soul evolution, the danger of living in two worlds & not fully committing to the path, and more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • When did the term “The Matrix” [as in a system or set-up to control and manipulates humanity] originate?
  • The Matrix series by V. Valerian (1987 – 2001)
  • The concept of the “Matrix” has become very trendy, hijacked, and distorted
  • A summary of Matrix III by V. Valerian
  • Bernhard’s experience of watching “The Matrix” in 1999
  • The core concepts of the Matrix
  • 3D vs 4D Matrix
  • Humanity is not on top of the food chain
  • The forces of money, sex, power
  • The materialistic paradigm
  • The paradox of the past three years
  • The Andrew “Morpheus” Tate phenomenon
  • The trap most “truth seekers” get stuck in
  • There are different levels to look at the Matrix

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • What does it truly mean to have “taken the red pill”?
  • Facing the “terror of the situation”
  • Laura and Bernard share about their childhood & how they never related to the goals most people have in life
  • The temptations of the Matrix & trap of agreements
  • How the matrix forces tag into you without you knowing it
  • The ultimate question to ask yourself to help you transcend the Matrix
  • The importance of self-awareness and self-inquiry
  • What does it mean to be truly sovereign?
  • The necessity for a psychological awakening
  • The Matrix rewards pathology, narcissism, & psychopathy by normalizing it
  • Andrew Tate & the Cypher character of the Matrix
  • Self-censorship is a Matrix program
  • Most people rely on outside approval/validation instead of their true Selves as the central resource
  • The two significant superpowers to transcend the Matrix
  • The danger of living in two worlds & not fully committing to the path
  • The refusal of the call
  • The matrix version of success vs. soul evolution

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