Why Did So Many Spiritual Leaders Fall For The Psy-Op? | TCM #101 (Part 1)

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Laura and Bernhard discuss the paradox and oxymoron of how so many popular spiritual leaders and teachers have bought into the Psy-Op of the past 3 years and official narrative without questioning and even still now implement mandates at their communities, centers, and retreats, exiling many students.

They talk about the importance of inner and outer work, how popular spiritual teachers, influencers, and coaches have become hijacked by asuric occult forces,  the corruption of spirituality, yoga, Buddhism, Christianity, etc., the future of spiritual communities as Pluto moves in Aquarius, what we can learn from it all without demonizing others, and much more.

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • Laura’s viral Tweet about not being allowed to participate in a meditation retreat if she’s not vaxxed.
  • Hundreds of people sharing their experiences of spiritual centers, retreats, yoga classes, and gurus requiring the jab
  • More and more factual information from doctors is coming out about the danger of the vaxx.
  • Sam Harris’ irrational intellectual gymnastics to avoid saying that he was wrong
  • The importance of inner AND outer work and understanding of how “The Matrix” works
  • Social, career, and business pressure of spiritual centers and yoga studios going along with the narrative
  • The corruption of spirituality, yoga, Buddhism, etc., brought to the West (spiritual materialism)
  • The danger of demonizing or projecting hate on these teachers
  • Not throwing out the baby with the bathwater
  • Extreme cognitive dissonance and brainwashing
  • The COVID vaxx litmus test
  • How the matrix forces hijack and tempt popular spiritual leaders, coaches, and therapists
  • Knowing what is going on and not saying anything but going along with it is a form of evil
  • How to deal with the disillusionment, and what does it mean for your spiritual path?
  • Letting go of organized dogmatic spirituality and the trap of taking on a spiritual identity
  • The parable of the Devil and Truth going on a walk
  • The deception of “just be your own guru/teacher”
  • Laura’s prophetic dream and the Trauma Installment Program
  • The bigger lessons

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • More testimonials of people who have become exiled from their spiritual communities, retreats, and workshops because they refused to take the jab
  • Laura’s experience of being “canceled” and mob-attacked on Twitter and IG
  • Specific examples of how the matrix entraps people who have “career concerns” and don’t speak out
  • The need to re-conquer the forces of money, sex, and power from the hostile forces
  • Bernhard and Laura share their experiences of being tempted
  • Vipassana Meditation centers, Esalen Institute, Shambala, Ram Dass Center, Christian churches/communities, etc., requiring the jab and/or testing
  • What is the underlying hallmark of the consensus state (about 80% of humanity)?
  • Living in two worlds (individuated vs. consensus)
  • Abraham-Hicks channeled material promoting the jab.
  • How will the jab affect people who are engaged in spiritual practices?
  • Example of a Greek Priest-Monk, who received the vaxx and started to feel himself more and more cut off from the spiritual world
  • The occult perspective: How popular spiritual teachers, leaders, influencers, and coaches have become hijacked by asuric forces
  • The characteristics of the asura hostile beings and how they work through humans
  • The big red flag of spiritual teachers or mediums claiming to have access to “secret” or “special” knowledge/sources, “codes,” or giving “activations”
  • The future of communities as Pluto moves in Aquarius
  • Self-reflection questions for the listener and more important lessons to consider

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