The A.I. Transhumanism Occult Trap and the Way Out | TCM #104 (Part 1)

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Bernhard and Laura talk about how technology has taken over many aspects of our lives in the dawning age of A.I. and Transhumanism as Pluto moves into Aquarius. They discuss the various occult traps in light of the Transhumanism agenda, soul harvesting, body snatching, how it rates to trauma and soul fragmentation, the end-game from a hyper-dimensional perspective, the importance to connect to your creative spirit (Daimon) and the Divine, what is needed to defeat the technocratic take-over and much more.

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • Technology has taken over many aspects of our lives
  • Pro vs. Anti Technology (it’s not black and white)
  • The Lensa AI App
  • The AI take-over is accelerating exponentially
  • The new AI TikTok filter
  • Body Dysmorphia and artificial beauty
  • What is the Transhumanism agenda?
  • Soul fragmentation, trauma, and disassociation (matrix installment program)
  • What is true beauty?
  • Pluto in Aquarius is a huge collective theme
  • Aquarius themes and their Shadow Sides affecting us
  • Alienation, Loneliness, and Individuation
  • Leo polarity point: The importance of getting back into the heart and our creativity
  • The shadow side of the Leo archetype (Aquarius – Leo axis)
  • The erosion of human creativity and relationship
  • The majority of people can’t handle AI technology responsibly and with a conscience
  • A big opportunity for Individuation
  • Rising extremism and splitting in relationships (men & women)
  • What is the way out of the AI Transhumanism Occult trap?

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • A very critical time: The end-game from a hyper-dimensional perspective
  • Body snatching and soul harvesting
  • Trauma can dislodge the soul from the body
  • Many humans have already been taken over by wetiko and the hostile forces
  • Zooming out: The teaching function of the evil forces
  • How humanity is being manipulated to align with the negative realm agenda
  • The external savior program
  • The alien invasion through our bodies
  • The COVID jab has laid the groundwork for Transhumanism Occult Trap
  • How people defend the AI & Transhumanism enslavement/take-over
  • The absolute necessity to connect to your creative spirit and the Divine
  • Carl Jung’s concept of the Daimon – our guardian angel and helper
  • Laura’s and Bernhard’s experiences of connecting with their Daimon and the creative process
  • The concept of guarding angels and positive helping forces in other traditions (Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurobindo)
  • The misconceptions and distortions about “spirit guides” (especially in the New Age)
  • Your Daimon will pull you out of your comfort zone – the hostile forces will convince you to stay in your comfort zone
  • The hostile forces want to create their reality through us
  • How everything connects and what is needed to defeat the anti-divine forces

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