Past Lives, Karma, and Soul Mates | TCM #107 (Part 1)

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Bernhard & Laura talk about the big topic of past lives and karma, the misconceptions about it, the difference between karmic requirement vs. karmic necessity, how to recognize one’s soul mate, and how to process past life trauma. Furthermore, they discuss how we are replaying our Egyptian and Atlantean Karma on a collective level and how it ties into Transhumanism, the emergence of materialistic allopathic medicine, the take-over of occult forces & adversary spirits, and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Cutting through the misconceptions about Karma and Rebirth
  • Karmic requirement vs. karmic necessity
  • Karma is not black & white but beyond the mind to grasp
  • The soul will attract experiences necessary for evolution
  • Karma and repetition compulsion form a psychological Trauma perspective
  • Past life trauma and being “stuck in time”
  • How to consciously participate in soul evolution
  • How past lives affect us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually
  • Collective Past Life Trauma around speaking truth and challenging the status quo
  • Why are some people so triggered by the possibility of past lives and karma?
  • Soul mates and karmic relationships over lifetimes
  • How to recognize your soul mate(s)
  • Addressing questions from our podcast listeners about past lives and karma
  • The trap of getting obsessed with knowing who you were in past lives [ego trap and spiritual bypassing]
  • Spontaneous past life memories
  • What are soul contracts?
  • Past life vows, curses, and traps of agreements
  • Why do people claim that this life is their last incarnation

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • Karmic complexes and wounds carrying over multiple lifetimes
  • Self-defeating and limiting core beliefs based on past life karma
  • Bernhard’s experience of a past life regression via somatic inner work
  • The betrayal wound
  • How past life trauma is getting re-activated through childhood wounding and how you “choose” your parents
  • Laura’s self-inquiry into a past life of religious persecution
  • The quality of consciousness at the moment of death plays a key role in future incarnations
  • Astrological Pluto placements and trauma
  • The “I’m not good enough” program
  • The necessity for holistic, integral self-work
  • Rudolf Steiner on Illnesses and Karma
  • Replaying our Egyptian and Atlantean Karma
  • The parallels between Ancient Egypt and the modern times of materialistic allopathic medicine
  • How mummification trapped the soul
  • The Egyptian priest class created traps of agreement with adversary spirits
  • COVID vaccines as a spiritual mummification while alive
  • Many karmic entanglements can be traced back to the Atlantean Epoch
  • The parallels between the black magician priests of Atlantis and today’s doctors, scientists, and transhumanists
  • A big opportunity to heal our ancient trauma and karma: We don’t get to move on until we learn our lessons
  • Practical tips on how to work with past life trauma and karma

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