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Laura and Bernhard discuss the process of Individuation, which many people are called to engage in. They talk about the misconceptions, how most people work on the “false self,” what the process entails, and the value of struggle and suffering to become who you truly are and uncover your gifts and purpose. Furthermore, they talk about facing the collective shadow, how the individuation process connects you with Divine Will, how the Left and Right are caught in a shadow dance, and much more.


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • How does the call for Individuation show up?
  • What is the process of Individuation and what is it not?
  • Most people use self-work to work on the false self
  • The meaning of Carl Jung’s quote: “If we do the wrong thing with all of our hearts we will end up in the right place”
  • Laura’s Story of Individuation
  • Facing your problems, fears, and suffering while fully engaging in life
  • Your life is your spiritual path
  • Continuing transformation and questioning
  • The obstacle and shadow hold the seed of your purpose
  • The value of struggle for the process of Individuation
  • The conflicting contradictions within us and holding the tension of opposites
  • The four steps for activating the transcendent function in light of the process of Individuation

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • Shadow Work is the most important aspect of the Individuation process
  • Major signs that you haven’t faced your Shadow yet
  • Shadow Integration is the apprentice piece, Anima/Animus integration is the masterpiece
  • The self-righteousness and projections of the Progressive Left and the Conservative Right
  • The process of Individuation is about connecting to BEING and related to the feminine principle/archetype
  • Carl Jung’s rainmaker parable/story symbolizes how humans are caught in “false doing” and removed from Being
  • The conflict in the world is a mirror of our internal conflict
  • Coming home to yourself
  • Alignment with Divine Will and the true secret to reality creation
  • How people avoid the necessary step to face loneliness in the awakening process
  • How the Individuation process shows up in Astrology
  • The necessity for crisis and suffering as God’s way to wake you up
  • The times right now are an evolutionary ferment and opportunity for Individuation

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