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Paul Levy returns to the Cosmic Matrix podcast to talk about his newest book “Undreaming Wetiko: Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind-Virus” of his Wetiko trilogy. Bernhard and Laura talk with Paul about the core aspects of Wetiko, how humanity has fallen under a spell, the battle for our soul, the misconceptions about Wetiko, how Wetiko tags into childhood wounding, trauma, and our shadow, what we can do to heal ourselves, and much more.

Paul Levy’s website: awakeninthedream.com
His new book “Undreaming Wetiko: Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind-Virus”

Our last twopodcasts with Paul Levy:

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Wetiko, the mind-virus (a quantum phenomenon), works through the unconscious and our blindspots
  • Humanity has fallen under a spell, caught in a collective madness
  • The misperceptions and distortions about Wetiko
  • The trap of externalizing all evil and not recognizing how Wetiko operates within oneself
  • Wetiko and unhealed multi-generational ancestral trauma
  • Wetiko installs a “control system” within ourselves that makes us shut down our own voice, i.e., we censor/cancel ourselves
  • The abused becomes the abuser
  • Not everyone is strong enough to face archetypal shadow/evil
  • The necessity to face your personal shadow before attempting to face collective evil
  • The trap of denying/ignoring evil or only externalizing it (projecting the shadow)
  • The process of initiation to understand Wetiko
  • Healing and divine timing
  • The paradox of wetiko and how evil catalyzes our evolution
  • How people easily become what they fight against
  • How wetiko can destroy relationships (romantic, friends, family)
  • The challenge of withdrawing our projections
  • The avoidance of relationships keeps us entrapped
  • Wetiko makes us identify with the false self
  • How to recognize Wetiko

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • The Trap of intellectualizing wetiko and shadow work
  • Wilhelm Reich’s Murder of Christ
  • How we murder our own light
  • If we don’t express our creative spirit (Daemon), it becomes a demon (Wetiko)
  • The true meaning of the second coming of Christ
  • The battle for our angel
  • Wetiko is the counterfeiting spirit disconnecting us from our creativity
  • Shadow work opens up our creative potential
  • A.I./Transhumanism and the Battle for our Soul
  • The importance of opening our hearts and authentic compassion
  • How activism can easily get hijacked by Wetiko
  • How Wetiko sets up a shadow government/deep state within our own psyche
  • Paul’s experience with the Woke cult
  • The Trap of Identification and Wetiko
  • How wetiko works through the Woke Left and Conservative Dogmatic Christian Right
  • Paul’s experience of working with a client who turned into a Christian fundamentalist (taken over by Wetiko)
  • The short attention span epidemic and diminishing IQ
  • How Paul was taken over by the demonic entity that his father was possessed by
  • The family system and Wetiko
  • The deepest protection from Wetiko is to connect to our true Self/Nature – but what does that mean?

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