How to Break Cycles of Ancestral Trauma | TCM #114 (Part 1)

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Laura and Bernhard discuss intergenerational trauma, how we unconsciously inherit trauma and the shadow from our parents and family line, and how we can process and heal it. They talk about family constellation work, unconscious loyalty, and the hidden rules of the toxic family system, how child abuse has been normalized and woven into the culture for generations, the four unconscious themes that can get set in motion in a family, and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • The Left and Right different perspectives of trauma (polarized views)
  • Parenting and Trauma
  • Child abuse has been normalized and woven into the culture for generations
  • Definition of Trauma and different types of Trauma
  • Family Constellation work and “It didn’t start with you”
  • We inherit trauma unconsciously
  • The concept of unconscious loyalty
  • The suppressed shadow and trauma in the family system
  • How to become aware of unconscious family trauma
  • True conscience (healthy guilt) vs. systemic (false) conscience of the family system (toxic guilt/shame)
  • Hidden rules of the toxic family system
  • The need to belong can keep us trapped in unconscious repetition compulsion
  • How can we heal intergenerational trauma?
  • The importance of accepting what is

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • The limitation of forgiveness
  • The necessity for atonement
  • Laura’s experience working with family constellation
  • Bernhard’s story of his family trauma and how it affected him
  • Trauma can skip a generation within the family
  • The importance for parents to be self-aware and heal their trauma so they don’t give it to their children
  • The four unconscious themes that get set in motion in families
  • The child could reject the parent
  • The child could experience an interrupted bond with a parent
  • The child could merge with the mother or father’s pain
  • The child could become identified with someone else in the family system besides the parent
  • We attract friends, relationships, and business associates who display the very behaviors that we reject within ourselves
  • What to look for and questions to ask yourself
  • Ages that repeat and the morphogenetic field around the family system
  • We are a generation of cycle breakers
  • The Divine working through new psycho-somatic trauma therapy and modalities

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