How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks | TCM #116 (Part 1)

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Bernhard and Laura talk about the reality of psychic attacks, how to identify them, how they can manifest, where they can originate from, such as occult entities, earthbound spirits, from other people, but also how they can come back around from our own minds according to the occult law of the “rebound effect.”

They talk about their personal experiences and how to protect yourself from psychic attacks, anything from practical “first aid” protection measures to more advanced techniques. They also discuss why some people are more subjected to occult psychic attacks than others and much more.


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with Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue


Show Notes Part 1:

  • What is a psychic attack?
  • The different sources of psychic attacks
  • How to identify a psychic attack
  • Is it coming from the outside, or is your own stuff triggered?
  • The importance of self-awareness, knowing your psyche and different parts of your personality
  • The importance of a consistent meditation practice and psychological knowledge
  • Laura’s experience of mistaking her own stuff (anxiety, fear) for a psychic attack
  • Paranoia and Narcissistic Wounding
  • Diet and occult attacks
  • Laura talking about a psychic attack she was subjected to recently
  • Bernhard’s story of identifying a psychic attack
  • The correlation between a psychic attack and a weakness within you
  • What NOT to do when getting psychically attacked
  • The best source of psychic protection
  • The trap of blame (very low-frequency disempowering state)
  • The most important point to understand regarding psychic attacks

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • How your own thought forms can become “entities” and come back around to attack you (rebound effect) psychically
  • How to consciously process negative emotions/thoughts (especially anger) without projecting them or creating malevolent thought forms
  • The trap of taking the New Age pill and suppressing negative thoughts/emotions or forcefully trying to think positive
  • The positive aspects of anger for protection and boundaries
  • How human beings create elementals that stay with them (in their aura) via their thoughts, feelings, and impulses
  • The occult trap all black magicians get themselves into without their awareness
  • Laura’s experience of countering a psychic attack from another person and how to deal with difficult emotions
  • Four first aid tools in the middle of a psychic attack
  • Six long-term and preventive protection mechanisms
  • The most advanced technique for neutralizing psychic and black magic attacks
  • Specific reasons why some people are more subjected to occult psychic attacks than others

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