Israel, Palestine, and War – A PsychoSpiritual & Occult Perspective | TCM# 118 (Part 1)

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Laura and Bernhard discuss the recent Israel/Palestine conflict in light of the bigger topic of war and human conflict from a PsychoSpiritual and Occult perspective, how the masses are being emotionally manipulated, and the essence of psychological warfare.

They talk about the divide and conquer agenda, the “third” power, and occult forces that have been controlling humanity for thousands of years, how to know when Wetiko is working through you, how personality disorders camouflage in activism on either side, what the solution is to wars and endless conflict in the world, and much more.



Transform Scarcity Consciousness Into Prosperity Through Connecting To Your Creative Power And Purpose

With Bernhard Guenther

NOV. 18 – DEC. 2, 2023


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Recap of the recent Israel/Palestine conflict
  • Questions around the “surprise” attack
  • The masses are being emotionally manipulated to take a side
  • Divide and Conquer agenda
  • Psychological warfare
  • Bernhard’s story of being a pro-Palestine activist
  • The futility of protesting, activism, or just sharing information alone
  • The truth behind the decolonization movement and how people are getting hijacked to support a negative agenda
  • How the conservative and truth movement took the bait to support a war (occult agreement of entrapment)
  • The “third” power and occult forces controlling both sides
  • The hyperdimensional matrix and how the occult forces have manipulated humans for thousands of years
  • What is the solution to wars and endless conflict in the world?
  • How activism is often fueled by unconscious unresolved trauma and shadow
  • The tunnel vision of focusing on physical reality alone
  • More polarization between left and right
  • The dark night of civilization and the possibility of the “necessity to repeat the cycle” if we don’t learn our lessons

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • How Wetiko ties into the current Israel/Palestine conflict and the misconceptions about Wetiko
  • How do you know when Wetiko is working through you
  • The Wetiko collective psychosis
  • The three main psychological issues we see happening: Displacement, Splitting, Projection
  • Group narcissism and the group-think trap
  • How people pressure others to pick a side in the Israel/Palestine conflict
  • How personality problems & disorders camouflage in activism on either side (the psychological interpretation of Wetiko)
  • How psychological and spiritual warfare operates in and through humans
  • How we win the spiritual war and protect ourselves from the impact of psychological warfare
  • The occult law of the agreement of entrapment to emotionally manipulate humans to align with a negative agenda
  • The greater the gap between the conscious and the unconscious, the greater the chance of falling under a collective psychosis such as wetiko
  • The dogmatic Christian trap of externalizing Satan and projecting human morality on God
  • Is humanity awakening or disintegrating?
  • The vision of “The Wall” in deep mediation as experienced by a Sufi Sheik that separates humanity from the Light/Divine
  • The current state of humanity can not handle the full Light of the Divine
  • How the awaking impulse gets hijacked
  • The Light/Divine/God is not going to do the work for us, but we need to dismantle “the wall” ourselves
  • Most people lack sincerity and don’t engage in PsychoSpiritual work
  • How people resist the Light, have internalized the wall

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