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The topic of entity interference and attachments has become more popular, and with it, many assumptions and distortions surround it. In this episode, Bernhard and Laura give a “beginners’s guide” to occult forces.

They talk about the various kinds of non-physical entities in spiritual and esoteric traditions, the deceptive shape-shifting quality of these forces, how the spiritual war of dark vs light is happening through us, and how we open ourselves up to their influence, consciously and unconsciously.

They look deeper into the interrelationship between Jungian Shadow Work, Occult Forces, and Archetypal Evil and how to discern what is what. They give an overview of the big and important topic of earthbound spirits that have increased exponentially over the recent years, how it relates to the COVID-19 vaccine and much more.


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • There is more to our reality than what our five senses can perceive
  • Humanity is not on top of the food chain
  • The various kinds of non-physical entities in spiritual and esoteric traditions
  • The deceptive shape-shifting quality of these forces
  • The occult trap of agreement
  • People have abused and distorted the entity topic, falling into the victim/blame trap
  • Human ordinary consciousness cannot perceive these forces directly.
  • Modern Science, stuck in materialism, denies the existence of these cosmic invisible forces that exist independently of humans
  • The spiritual war of dark vs. light is happening through us
  • Humans are transducers of higher forces
  • How do we open ourselves up to their influence, consciously and unconsciously?
  • Most common entry points
  • The media we consume can open gateways for hostile forces to come in
  • Pharmaceuticals, COVID vaccine, and entity attachments
  • Cannabis and “medicine” plants can create entry points for occult hostile forces to come in
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), MKUltra programming, Sexual Ritual Abuse, and entity possession
  • Collective trauma and occult forces
  • Manifestation Rituals, Black Magic, and Trap of Agreements
  • Past life agreements with occult forces
  • The one place within you these forces cannot touch
  • The occult forces and their teaching function
  • The importance of taking full self-responsibility

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In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • Jungian Shadow Work, Occult Forces, and Archetypal Evil
  • How our wounded shadow parts can be mistaken for “entities”
  • The difference between the personal shadow and the archetypal forces that have access to your psyche from within
  • Radical, archetypal evil can be neither healed nor integrated nor humanized
  • How to discern what is what – what to integrate and what not
  • Bernhard shares how he dealt with a recent occult attack
  • You need to know your mind, psyche, and parts of yourself very well before assuming that you may be dealing with an entity
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Spirit Possession
  • Earthbound Spirits (the surviving consciousness of a deceased human) and how they affect living humans
  • The elephant in the living room: Spirit possession and gender/sexual confusion
  • How the state of consciousness at the moment of death affects the afterlife experience
  • The increase of earthbound spirits is a huge problem today, according to the research of Thomas Mayer
  • Excessive use of psychiatric drugs/pharmaceuticals [including illegal drugs] can negatively affect the afterlife experience
  • How the COVID vaccine affects the afterlife of people who died because of the vaccine
  • The importance of spiritual responsibility and the Great Work to counteract any hostile forces and reclaim your soul
  • The issues with certain entity removal modalities and people who offer them
  • The importance of closing/healing the entry points

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