Unveiling The Truths vs Lies in the “Twin Flame” Concept | TCM #120 (Part 1)

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There is much distortion in the New Age concept of the “Twin Flame” with people engaging in spiritual bypassing and normalizing pathology, as seen in the recent “Escaping Twin Flames” documentary on Amazon Prime/Netflix. In this episode, Laura and Bernhard cut through the many Twin Flame misconceptions that have become popular and talk about what a true Divine Union based on higher love entails according to the esoteric traditions.

They talk about the over-simplified exercise of “mirroring,” the huge red flags in the runner/chaser concept of Twin Flames, and how it relates to trauma and attachment wounding. Furthermore, they discuss the counterfeit Twin Flame concept of the Dark side of Cupid, the Love Bite, the issue with channeled material, the trap of fantasizing and yearning for a “Twin Flame,” and much more.


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • Relationships can seem much more difficult for those on the path of awakening
  • Commentary about the Amazon Prime/Netflix documentary “Escaping Twin Flames” and “Desperately Seeking Soul Mate”
  • The Twin Flame Universe Cult
  • Why did so many people (especially women) fall for it?
  • A summary of the New Age concept of “Twin Flames”
  • The concept of “Limerence” – a mental state of romantic infatuation, deep obsession, and euphoric longing mistaken as “Twin Flame love”
  • Unconscious Trauma and Love Addiction
  • Mistaking the romantic phase based on positive shadow projections for Love
  • The psychology of romantic love and how to retrieve your projections
  • Truth is mixed with lies, and the devil is in the details
  • Mistaking “artificial intensity” (sexual & emotional passion) for Divine love
  • The esoteric concept of the fifth way of the “polar couple” and Divine Love
  • Courtly Love vs Carnal Love
  • The Four Ways of Self-Realization and how they show up in a relationship
  • The prerequisites before a Divine Union is even possible
  • Truth mixed with Lies in the New Age concept of “Twin Flames”
  • The trap of fantasizing and yearning for your “Twin Flame”

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • The sketchy mirror exercise in the Twin Flame Universe
  • The over-simplification and distortion of shadow work (example: Byron Katie’s work)
  • The huge red flags in the runner/chaser concept of Twin Flames
  • Anxious and avoidant attachment style in relationships and the push/pull dynamic
  • How attachment styles originate from unconscious trauma and childhood wounds
  • Why do people “resonate” with lies and New Age nonsense?
  • Insecure attachment issues are being romanticized and normalized
  • Questionable “channeled” material is the source of most of this New Age Twin Flame concept
  • The counterfeit Twin Flame relationship: The Dark Side of Cupid
  • The three main aspects of a Dark Side of Cupid Relationship
  • Artificial synchronicities and dream hacking to trick people into believing this is their “Twin Flame”
  • What is the purpose of a Dark Side of Cupid relationship from an occult perspective?
  • The big issue with channeled material (what is really coming through?)
  • Thomas Mayer’s experience at a popular “Archangel Michael” channeling event
  • Sri Aurobindo on the three kinds of relationships based on level go being (soul embodiment) and what the Highest Divine Spiritual Union entails
  • Closing thoughts about relationships and what to do in this day and age

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