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We live in the materialistic age where most people identify with their bodies, beliefs, and personalities. They don’t know themselves beyond the superficial persona with all its programmed identifications, desires, and biological drives. We see the rise of superficially at the cost of essence, depth, and substance.

People are lost and don’t know who they are. They mistake the fake persona they identify with for their true soul being and, hence, are easily manipulated by seen and unseen forces.

In this episode, Laura and Bernhard discuss the necessity of soul embodiment, what it means, how to do it, how it relates to true freedom, Divine Will, and much more.


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • The materialistic age and Rudolf Steiner’s warning
  • The necessity for soul embodiment to counteract the soul-harvesting agenda
  • The true meaning of embodiment and the misconceptions
  • What is the soul?
  • Emotions are the gateway to access soul qualities
  • The process of soul embodiment
  • How soul embodiment relates to soul purpose
  • The ultimate inner guidance system
  • Signs of being more connected to your soul and essence
  • Living from the soul (Self) is the ultimate protection from occult forces and psychic attacks
  • The difference between soul essence and personality
  • Steps on how to embody your soul and live from Essence
  • Armoring, head-centric living (dissociation), and unconscious defense mechanisms keep us disconnected from soul qualities
  • How the therapy space has become hijacked by the woke Left, and the conservative right is throwing out the baby with the bathwater

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • Soul fragmentation and how trauma disconnects you from your soul
  • Why inner child work is crucial for soul embodiment
  • How we create a false persona, identify with it, and mistake it for our soul being
  • The process of soul retrieval
  • The issue of Stoicism and “toughen up”
  • How pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs (including Cannabis) can numb the emotional body and disconnect us from the soul
  • The trap of intellectualizing the process
  • Parents need to be in touch with their own souls and engage in inner work for the sake of their children, especially nowadays!
  • Analytical talk therapy vs. somatic therapy
  • How soul embodiment relates to true Freedom and alignment with Divine Will
  • The ego lives under the illusion of “free will”
  • The only free will in the world is the one divine Will
  • Not everyone is ready to engage in this work during this cycle (ties into the topic of Organic Portals)
  • The necessity for a healthy integrated ego before engaging in deeper spiritual work so as not to fall into the trap of spiritual bypassing
  • One fully soul-embodied human has more power effect than millions of disembodied humans
  • The big opportunity right now

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