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“Paranormal Interferences in Human Love Relationships" - October 17th, 2015
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We have completed a 3 hour and 22 minute Panel Discussion on The Love Bite and The Dark Side of Cupid topic (October 17th, 2015). This is the most comprehensive discussion yet available on the internet on the theme of paranormal interference in human love relationships.

Panel Discussion participants:? Eve LorgenJames Bartley, Laura Leon, Bernhard GuentherCarissa Conti, Tom Montalk, Arella Eliora.

We covered many topics, shared our experiences, research, pathways towards healing, protection and much more.

Discussion Bulletin Points:

  • The history of how the term “alien love bite” came about.
  • The alien love bite and the Dark Cupid “love bite” symptoms.
  • The targeting aspect of Dark Side of Cupid connections.
  • Obsessive aspect of the love bite, love drug attachment extremes.
  • How the love bite can trigger life threatening conditions.
  • How ETs/aliens handlers keep us in states of prolonged isolation where emotional needs go unmet, thus setting us up for love bite relationships.
  • Trust issues, intimacy issues as a result of abduction histories.
  • The inverse of the Love Bite—disrupting true love and how its not unusual for truth seeking abductees.
  • How others connected to the “abductee” can be manipulated to keep the abductee from awakening.
  • The Predator vs Prey set up in Love Bite/Dark Cupid.
  • One of the persons, the “prey victim” is usually more spiritually evolved because essentially they are being targeted.
  • How the Predator in the duo tends to have Narcissistic traits or personality disordered. How the predator can mirror our needs so well. Sexual attraction high. How both the Predator and the Prey are both empathic and psychic.
  • How it feels like one is under a spell and the “red flags” of true intuition get overridden.
  • How some people are groomed to be addicts of love.
  • How the predator types are acting like “organic portals”, puppet people and are very destructive. Some predators are possessed by high level entities and demons, psychic vampires.
  • Many victims of the DSOC were literally targeted by sorcerers, “hosts” for inter dimensional entities.
  • How true soul sparks or Twin Flame true love partners will be targeted to be set up in counterfeit “twin flame love bites” so that they don’t meet the real soul mate partner. How to tell if its a real twin flame versus the imposter love bite.
  • Many online Twin Flame web sites, forums, gurus are actually part of the parasite/predator program to keep and ensnare people in love bites. How difficult it is to “deprogram” people from the belief in their twin flame when the red flags of a love bite are glaring at them. Denial.
  • Cult leaders especially dangerous and often are hosted by parasitic beings who encourage and set up love bites in masse. (octopus head feeders)
  • The feelings of when your own intuition is being overridden, like you are in a trance but somehow just “go along with it”.
  • Our bodies can react with psychosomatic symptoms when we have invasive negative energy beings invading our energy bodies. Dark beings should be incompatible with our frequency hence unusual physical symptoms or pain.
  • Sexual interaction the most potent form of energy transfer between two people and with entities.
  • Some fractured people are groomed to be “empty vessels” and puppets for mind control agendas that may play out in love bite scenarios.
  • False timeline reality creation, through “black magic like” rituals can bring in dark beings, and cause a true destiny distortion, and a love bite instead of “true love”.
  • Love spells can yield love bites.
  • Solar plexus chakra affected in many love bites, where our will is weakened
  • Childhood wounding can contribute to vulnerability to love bites, and also be the source of great learning and healing.
  • Drug use can open one up to entity possession, unhealed wounds, fracturing of personality.
  • Narcissists and entity possession often go hand in hand.
  • How the narcissist uses blame, projection, shame, guilt and punishing tactics.
  • How you cannot rationally communicate to a narcissist because they twist, blame, shame and project so much its futile. Just disengage.
  • Healing discussion in love bite situations.
  • Self awareness and self correction necessary to re connect with spirit and intuition.

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  • October 31, 2015, 6:15 am  Reply

    I was involved psychically, mostly on an astral level, but also on the internet, and with one physical reality encounter after I’d ended the relationship online, with a person who is quite famous and so was not going to reveal his real identity for fear of his standing I suppose. Many of the ideas above fit very well with my circumstance. especially it being a sexual relationship nonphysically. I remember one sexual encounter where I felt somewhat drained afterwards as I pulled away from him, and he was also appearing to be quite exhausted, and I thought, shouldn’t love expression be an invigorating bonding? we generated love making in 3 or four instances that I remember. sometimes you don’t remember everything that took place; this relationship was over 30 yr span, with the period 2005 thru 2011 becoming the end of it thru my choice. within our dream meetings he was often very angry because I wasn’t doing what he expected me to do. the anger only pushed me farther away from wanting to get to know him or be with him, but I saw it was his anger that caused him to channel this anger into a form of music the public enjoyed and made him famous. many famous people are then narcissists, and in fact, narcissists can border on psychotic as well, as in one psychic out of body meeting I was explaining my belief paradigm to him and he began to stab me repeatedly, mindlessly. I observed his tantrums on more than one occasion. I also blamed myself for it seems I had contacted him psychically intitially as I’d wanted to discuss with him that I didn’t think twin flames existed on this planet and I wanted him to stop believing in Romeo and Juliet type myths, and that I had a mission, to find out what unconditional love was exactly and when I did I was going to find him again and tell him what I’d learned. I also mentioned I knew we had to forgive one another for the past. I felt he’d done something to end my life before and I was ready to forgive that and that if he could forgive me, whatever I’d done that he’d felt justified in killing me for, then we would both evolve very quickly as it would be an indication of learning what unconditional love was. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I wish I hadn’t of gone OBE like that, but I can tell you I had no idea it was in my life plan to do that and had occurred spontaneously, although the subconscious was involved greatly. to complicate matters, he traveled with an entourage of attachments; entities that seemed against myself and my values, and that he listened to and received their word as true, over mine. he was totally STS individual, I was mostly STO, trying to strike up a balance of wisdom. He also was psychic, but not the empathic part. He would attack my friends on line. He took on disguises and said many things that didn’t make sense on the forum we were on. He knew where my greatest weakness was, because it was my greatest love: he would attack me from the standpoint of my greatest weakness. then when I would pull away from him, he would say I was acting in defense, and that was his way of exerting control. in truth, I was running for my life in the astral as he wasn’t at all the sort of person I had imagined him to be, but appeared that he was a chameleon type. The advise I give is to disengage as given above, for your energy is being drained in such a relationship and I’ve always thought a case of carbuncles I developed was related to this relationship. I now understand how certain women can be drawn into the abusive relationship as they hope to change such a man by the power of their love. You cannot change such a person. I learned unconditional love is a totally inside job, and don’t believe that finding your twin flame brings with it the lesson of how to do unconditional love. and I do think there are invisible beings, such as certain aliens who are like vampires in the emotional aspects of the human. I also think there are very good aliens who wish us no harm. the more I look at this relationship the more it looks like I was rescuing him from something in a spiritual sense, and the harder I tried the more he tried to “rescue” me away from my most cherished ideals and beliefs. and yet I had made the initial overture, so therefore he had decided I could not change my mind about him and walk away or I would exact his revenge. we do not contact one another in any manner of late and the pain is mostly all gone. I have no feelings around it anymore. however the other night I did dream of him as being ill with a look of pain on his face. he is a driven man in his career even though he is 74 now..he just keeps going as I think it keeps him from dying. and me? mostly happy and satisfied with my life, and still learning how to teach only love, and it’s hard. but I do OK, I’m happy if I leave this world now, but I will stay for my children and a few friends I have and just go when higher self says, ok, you can come home now, you did your best.

    • May 28, 2016, 3:30 am

      Thank you.
      I am a man , and been dealing with these same type relationships, repeatedly . It seems my ‘job’ is to show people the best UNconditional Love [ that I can in present]. Even when it is abuse towards me , to help them release their body pain,,, past,,,, woundedness. Yes , ‘My Diamond’ has been polished from staying in these situations, more patient , more loving , more forgiving and finally more accepting.
      Even your last sentence ” staying for others ,till the higher power calls me home” , is a true fit to my present day life.
      I am Chris Nakemo Wren on FB , if you care to continue sharing our experiences , perhaps , that would shed some light for us both
      Thank you

  • November 9, 2015, 9:33 am  Reply

    I had my first manic episode when I was turning 28. At the time I had been involved in the Native American Church (NAC) and consuming peyote as a sacrament quite frequently. It felt as though I had eaten a lot of peyote and couldn’t come down…the world was glowing, synchronicity, slide show celestial/demonic visions, and love obsessions. I reached out to the leader of this peyote cult and he proceeded to manipulate my mind, feeding my delusions and love obsessions. This went on for seven years. When I would become manic I thought I was Gods favorite daughter and in order to reign over the coming heaven on earth I would have to have five husbands to fulfill this role. So I would find myself in unrequited and realized love with a handful of men all while coping with visions and involvement in a great spiritual battle. Ultimately, my husband chose the NAC over me and my “insanity.” I haven’t been in a tipi for over five years now and the manias are becoming less intense and farther apart. I still spend a lot of time in prayer and meditation but find a simpler connection with creation to be much less confusing and destructive. Does it sound to you that I was a victim of the love bite and what can you suggest I do to protect myself in the future?

  • January 6, 2016, 11:40 am  Reply

    For me personally and for my own journey, this may be the most important, vital, life changing information I have ever found.
    Everyone dealing with any of these issues – I highly recommend you watch this!
    Thank you, Bernhard, for putting this up!
    And to you and all the creators and to all those in the video sharing their priceless information and insights, having done all this research and pointing all of us seeking for answers towards waking up and reclaiming and regaining our power – thank you all from the bottom of my heart and thank you sincerely and deeply from my soul for your work!

  • Brandie M.
    February 3, 2016, 3:14 pm  Reply

    The subject of “Love Bites” is a very interesting phenomena. Personally, I was never much into the U.F.O or abductee subject, but recently I find myself diving more into the issue. Especially when comparing my own paranormal experiences w/ those who claimed to come into contact w/ alien encounters. Now, I’m realizing spirit activity, like parasitic attachments, sorcery, path distortions and enchantments are a major, if unacknowledged, part of the subject. It comes off as a taboo topic, but that’s what makes it so fascinating. There’s so much to process and learn about here. How unseen powers are trying to organize relationships and bloodlines to suit their nebulous purposes. It’s like trying to get a crack through the ceiling, to get a glimpse of those who are adamant at puppet mastering human relations. The why’s and how’s are important and no less intriguing.

    There seems to be promising prospects of these being interdimensional influences. Possibly black magic or dark occult issues, hidden groups and those w/ heavy handed tactics. To get rid of those in an efficient yet beneficial way that allows the threats to be otherwise occupied, terminated, or complicit in negative activity. If their energy fields can be polluted and used for other purposes, than all the better for the hidden factions. If not compromised, then drained to the point where they’re no longer a threat, or in thrall to their “other halfs”.

    That’s my opinion on the subject.

    I think once I almost had an experience similar to what’s described. This happened in my teens. I don’t recall being involved w/ E.T related activity, but I grew up w/ a lot a metaphysical and spiritual activity in my life. Though I guess to most people, it like’s…what’s the difference? ~shrugs~ lol

    We moved back to my home state of MA. and there, I finished junior high. Here’s an excerpt from my journal writings about the subject. I thought it was very enlightening when I re-read it. #Warning angst and flowery-ness…

    “There was a possibility in my high school years, but it came like a hit and run . To say I felt smothered, and burnt out during those years is an understatement. What hit me…I don’t know. When it happened I was 13 and surprised. It attacked me unawares before I could even settle into my new school. 
    There was this boy who wasn’t different from any other boy. Before it happened I didn’t even know he existed. He blended in w/ the blur of other students that I stood in front of. These were strangers, and I moved far from my familiar circle. The teacher introduced me, I remember, but the rest faded out into background noise. I stood like prey waiting to be judged and left wanting. I always hated intros. 
    It wasn’t until I was to be seated that I gazed at him. His figure hunched over as he scratched words into his desk. All I glimpsed was messy black hair, blue shirt, and pale skin. Something about this confused me and I don’t know why…I stood for a few seconds staring as he became decipherable. It was like the pull of gravity that kept me rooted to my spot. My eyes must’ve glazed over, because sight became less important than sound. The scratching became louder and louder. It herald something, a profound event no less, and then it happened. 
    The flashing of lightning in my mind and the sound of thunder. Something struck me unawares and I was jolted. Just as suddenly it stopped, and I was left standing awkwardly, dazed.  
    My eyes tore from him, as I went to sit. He never even looked up. 

    It’s weird you know. For someone who’s never been (too) superstitious, or even thought about love in the slightest. This unexpected event marked me. It was crazy, but instantly I knew this boy was going to ruin me. He was the black hole I wanted to gaze into even though I shouldn’t, the serpent whispering in my ear…I wanted to know him in a way I never knew anyone. 
    I wanted to touch him, I wanted his name, his birthday, to see him, to hear him speak, and I wanted in my wanting. I wanted him so much. It was frightening and pervasive like a madness I couldn’t kick. It grew within me for those years. A possessive dormant green eyed monster that became infatuated and enchanted with a boy, I barely knew past a few challenging glances.

    He was in my blood for better or worse. Whenever he came around I knew before he ever set foot into a room. This strange boy always was on the peripheral of my senses. My mind would tingle, and my stomach grew tight when he came around. The atmosphere would grow heavy like a storm was brewing, and when he left everything was light. When he spoke it was like hearing a spell, while my ears would sing. I’d gravitate around him like a planet, and felt the withdrawal of his absence far too keenly than a stranger should.
    He inspired poetry and fury all the same. I tried to ignore him in all things, but love would not leave me w/o drawing blood. He came to me in dreams. We interacted there the way we did in waking life…subtleness was an art form, best to leave things unspoken, and thoughts unheard; while we moved along as shadows of another.”

    I’m heavily into astrology and after reviewing this…I thought about #13 & The Tower. All thunder and lightning, ruination, and Uranus. This guy was an Aquarius and supposedly- Linda Goodman thought that Aquarians represented a metaphysical mystery to Cancerians. (i.e me) The literal 8th house of all things taboo and representative of the underworld. For a while I thought he was a Scorpio, but it was his rising. My Moon triplicity paired w/ Uranus…reminded me of the saying,”It all falls down…”.

    Anyway, that’s a whole nother topic, but yeah. I avoided that potential relationship though it left me feeling like complete s***. I’m not the type to fall in love or to express my feelings easily. Getting close to people romantically is an issue, but a part of me wishes I wasn’t so defensive and aware. I wanted to really be w/ him. It’s sad really…

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