The Health Benefits of Tobacco and Cutting Through the Anti-Smoking Propaganda

By Bernhard Guenther, September 5, 2017
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The Health Benefits of Tobacco and Cutting Through the Anti-Smoking Propaganda

By Bernhard Guenther, September 5, 2017 

There are a few topics I usually don’t post very often about on Social media due to having to deal with trolls and people’s cognitive dissonance getting triggered without doing or having done any sincere research on their own, resulting in all kinds of logical fallacies, personal attacks, lack of critical thinking and not questioning deeply ingrained social beliefs and “norms” such as this one: “Smoking tobacco is bad for you and will kill you!”

Like in an echo chamber most people repeat it and believe official culture approved “science” without questioning it nor researching for themselves.

So, I ask anyone who experiences this kind of trigger with regards to this topic to read the articles linked at the bottom including the references in them before having an “opinion” and not just mechanically reacting with the usual (government or WHO (World Health Organization) approved) anti-smoking “arguments”. For the record, I do not work for the tobacco industry nor am I getting paid by them (as I’ve been accused of before when I brought up this topic).

Having said that, the “trigger” is also understandable because the anti-smoking propaganda is everywhere (and it is increasing), mind-controlled into us since childhood as it was in my case in high school when we were “taught” about the dangers of smoking with all the fear-induced images of a “black lung” (hint: not caused by smoking…see first article below) and limbs dying off due to smoking, etc……all along with the popular socially approved belief that smoking tobacco causes cancer (it doesn’t).

I’ve been smoking hand-rolled natural tobacco (no filter) for about 25 years now. I feel great, but also because I have an overall healthy lifestyle. I’ve been doing yoga for 17 years and have a consistent practice. I practice Qi Gong/meditation daily and go on hikes in nature almost every day. I receive bodywork/massage once a week. I go to 5rhythm dance classes, dancing and sweating my ass off for 90min. I swim as much as I can in the ocean in the summer. I have great stamina. I don’t get out of breath easily and I don’t cough. Health is holistic and goes way beyond smoking or even diet.

About 5 years ago I researched the world-wide “smoking tobacco kills you!” consensus because I was still dealing with the guilt/shame programming of being a “smoker” (and dealing with the projections of self-righteous non-smokers, especially in Los Angeles), even though I was in good health and actually felt tobacco benefited me. I wanted to know the truth because so many things simply didn’t add up. After a few months of reading and researching, I realized that the anti-smoking-agenda is based on lies and I understood what is actually behind it all. It has helped me to let go of the social conditioned fear/guilt/shame when smoking tobacco, so I don’t buy into the irrational fear-mongering anymore. Realizing the truth affects my health in even more positive ways as well and since then I have fully embraced tobacco as my ally and friend.

Again, health is holistic. Many things come into play, what you eat, where you live (I live in nature, not subjected to city air pollution, cell phone or wifi radiation), physical exercise, spiritual practice, your emotional and psychological health (self-work!), your job, how you handle stress, how embodied you are, etc.

In short, your whole lifestyle determines your health. So that needs to be taken into account, ESPECIALLY when people claim to say “My….died because of smoking”. Question is what was his/her lifestyle and emotional/psychological health, to begin with? What kind of tobacco was he/she smoking?

Smoking tobacco is not for everyone, so I’m not here to promote it for everyone. It may work for some but not for others. This article is mostly for tobacco smokers, who are dealing with guilt/shame and are literally being treated as “outcasts” at times. Truth and Knowledge is the antidote to all that.

In short, the anti-smoking propaganda is based on lies and very corrupted science. There is also a HUGE difference between natural additive-free organic tobacco and commercial cigarettes. Commercial cigarettes are filled with hundreds of added chemicals that shouldn’t be in there, to begin with. I could never smoke a regular commercial cigarette (like Camel, Marlboro, etc.). That’s like drinking a coke as opposed to water to me.

My clothes and house don’t smell at all and I smoke at home. Most of the time, I smoke one or two a day, other times maybe five at the most. Sometimes I don’t smoke at all for a few days or when I travel and there is no “craving” or “nervousness” either. I’m not a chain smoker, never have been. People who don’t know me or even some of my coaching/bodywork clients (who come to my place) have no idea that I smoke and when I tell them, they are very surprised because I “look so healthy” as they tell me and can’t believe that I smoke.

I also have helped some of my clients who were struggling with quitting smoking to work through the conditioned fear, guilt and shame they took on regarding smoking, especially here in California, which has really become a fascist state when it comes to smoking. I’m probably the only bodyworker/coach (I’m aware of) who encourages his clients to smoke if they feel drawn to it and I just educate them about what to smoke and the lies we’ve been told, and how it can be actually beneficial for them. That has boosted some of my clients’ health in more ways than helping them to quit based on the social conditioning and the guilt/fear they have taken on because of it. This guilt/shame programming and BELIEF that smoking is bad can actually cause disease. After I work on clients, doing body/energy work, I smoke tobacco to clear myself and the room. I find it more effective than just smudging with palo santo (which I use as well) or sage.

So again, when it comes to health you need to look at many aspects and your whole lifestyle which goes beyond smoking or not smoking.

Now, from a “common sense” perspective, people should ask themselves, why is the government so concerned for our health when it comes to smoking, considering that we are being polluted with all kinds of toxins (chemtrails, fluoride. GMOs, etc.) on a daily basis and burgers at McDonald’s still don’t have graphic scare images (like on tobacco pouches) of obese people with diabetes on them?

Why this excessive anti-smoking propaganda with billboards all over the city “warning” us that “smoking tobacco will kill you!”? Quite the fear program.

Well, it all becomes clear when learning about the truth and the actual benefits of tobacco. For one, smoking tobacco helps to think clearer, increases memory, supports cognitive functions and essentially critical thinking….and the government is certainly not interested in that. Ironically it also protects the lung from pathogens and makes the body more resilient to disease, viruses, epidemics, and plagues. In fact, those employed in the collection of bodies during the Great Plague in 1666 (killing about 100,000 within a year) frequently smoked tobacco to avoid catching the plague. It was known and common knowledge that smoking tobacco served as protection from the plague. Smoking pure tobacco may actually also DECREASE the risk of lung cancer (see articles/resources at the end of the article).

Body collectors smoking tobacco to avoid catching the plague (1666)

It may follow that smoking tobacco can also possibly protect one from the effects of pollution and chemtrails and whatever else they spray on us. This would then make also sense from a Matrix perspective and the global anti-smoking tobacco agenda/propaganda based on completely distorted “science” (by design) and basically just fear-mongering with the purpose of taking away another “defense” by demonizing a highly effective and powerful medicine plant.

Yep, hard to believe but ever since I deprogrammed myself from the guilt-program regarding smoking and uncovered the truth and embraced tobacco, even more, I literally haven’t gotten sick once whenever there was a cold/virus going around (while most of my non-smoking friends did). Again, that maybe not attributed to tobacco alone but it’s interesting to note.

Tobacco IS a medicine plant and has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people. One of the main reasons the natives and shamans use and smoke tobacco (not only in ceremony but on a regular basis) is because it serves as a protection for psychic/hyperdimensional attacks/interference. I can absolutely attest to that out of experience. Some years ago when I was going through a rather intense period of hyperdimensional warfare I wasn’t able to eat for a week and I just drank water and smoked a lot of tobacco. It helped me to stay grounded and centered and fighting off attacks.

I also mentioned it in this article about my experience, working with a Shibibo Shaman/curandero in the Amazon:

“Interestingly, while the curandero cautioned me against smoking marijuana, he highly recommended that I should smoke more tobacco. He said it helps the healing process and serves as a protection from psychic attacks from hyperdimensional forces. He knew very well that humanity is not on top of the food chain. Native Americans have used tobacco for thousands of years as medicine and for protection without any cases of cancer relating to it. The over-the-top anti-smoking propaganda in the modern world is a topic on its own. However, most people don’t question any of that.

There may be a completely different reason to discourage people from smoking tobacco through fear, guilt tactics, and corrupted science that has nothing to do with “caring for our health”, especially in light of the “topic of all topics”. Most people fall into the fallacy believing that “smoking causes cancer”. Nope. The question is: WHAT is one smoking? Pure organic additive free tobacco or commercial cigarettes, for example? A careful study of this topic shows that the whole anti-smoking campaign is indeed based on lies, propaganda, and corrupted science. It’s also interesting to see how marijuana is being promoted as completely harmless for the most part and tobacco is more and more demonized. What is really going on?”

– from Reflections on Ayahuasca, Psychedelics, Marijuana, and a critical look at the Psychedelic Movement

Now the BIG irony about cannabis being hailed as the amazing medicine plant (which it is and can be) and tobacco being demonized, showed itself in another experience I had. A few years ago I was visiting San Francisco, staying at a “conscious community” which has a rule of “no tobacco smoking allowed”, but cannabis is ok to smoke (this seems to be the general rule in most “conscious communities”). Since I’m very sensitive to energies, I couldn’t help noticing (sensing) how this big house was infested with entities, most likely due to people blowing open their minds with cannabis and psychedelics on a regular basis (it was a “Burner” community of some well known visionary artists in that scene) and the one MEDICINE PLANT that would actually help to get one grounded and protect one from entity interference and even clear the space was forbidden to smoke. It’s quite the irony and It shows how even so-called “conscious” people are hijacked by the Matrix-program that tobacco is bad/evil.

And that’s really what it is. The anti-tobacco propaganda IS a Matrix program, demonizing a beautiful and quite effective medicine plant that not only has physical and cognitive health benefits (for some people who are drawn to it – again, I’m not implying it’s for everyone or that everyone “should” smoke it) but it also, and especially, serves as an energetic protection from occult hyperdimensional forces/entities who are really behind the anti-tobacco lies and propaganda (for obvious reasons if you understand the implications in light of the “topic of all topics”, the hyperdimensional control of humanity), working through their human puppets in office and official corrupted “scientific” medical establishment. It has become so normalized and accepted that even most self-proclaimed “truth seekers” and “aware and awake” folks fall for it, never question and never research it sincerely, beyond what official culture, the government or the WHO (World Health Organization) tells us (which ALWAYS needs to be questioned).

It becomes clearer by the day that the increasing anti-smoking propaganda is full-on Matrix programming and even ties into the negative (hyperdimensional) occult realm agenda. People start to police each other too. A while back I was at 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica, sitting on a bench to roll up a smoke. I lit it up and from ACROSS the street a woman comes over telling me that I’m not allowed to smoke here, confronting me with a very angry voice. I asked her if she’s a cop. She said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s illegal.” I had no idea that I wasn’t even allowed to smoke tobacco in a public open place outside to begin with. I was about to give her a piece of my “mind”, but my friend just pulled me away since there was no getting through her anyway, a completely mind-controlled authoritarian follower. Poor woman, so angry too.

It was also interesting (but actually not surprising) to read that Sri Aurobindo (of Integral Yoga) used to smoke tobacco till the later part of his life, even after he experienced Nirvana/Samadhi and Enlightenment and it clearly didn’t have any ill effects on his health or spiritual practice, but, I might say, it actually has benefited him as an ally as well, especially considering that he went through his own intense battles with occult hostile forces.

Another interesting data is from David Hawkins’ book “Power vs. Force” – testing tobacco based on kinesiology (muscle testing):

“The failure to eradicate certain diseases or find their cure is often due to the fact that reason is its own limitation. False answers often preclude searching for true causes. For instance, it is current dogma that tobacco causes cancer; our research, however, revealed that organically grown tobacco tests kinesiologically strong, whereas commercial tobacco tests weak. Tobacco was not noted as a carcinogen before 1957, but it does so now as the result of chemicals introduced into its manufacture at that time.”

Here are the articles and resources exposing the anti-smoking propaganda and going deeper into the health benefits of smoking tobacco:

For anyone who is looking for a good tobacco source. I order organic whole leaf tobacco and grind it myself from this tobacco farm (no, I don’t work for them nor do I get any commission. It’s also not an affiliate link) You can order it online. It’s excellent, pure and organic.

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