The Ascent and Descent – Suffering as a Catalyst for Awakening | The Cosmic Matrix Podcast #2 (Part 1)

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Everyone is suffering to varying degrees. Do we have to suffer and what is the way out? In this episode, we explore the role of suffering in light of the process of awakening, its teaching function, and how to catalyze suffering into deeper healing. We look at the process of the ascent and descent from a soul evolutionary perspective, the importance of meditation and embodiment, how to transmute pain and negative emotions, how pathology has become normalized in official culture/modern society, and many other topics.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Satprem on the Ascent and Descent
  • Suffering as a Teaching Function and Catalyst for Awakening (Bernhard’s and Laura’s personal experiences)
  • Fake Niceness and Facing Death
  • How to catalyze your suffering into deeper healing
  • The disease of comparison and what other people think of us
  • Avoidance of pain creates more suffering – The importance of feeling what we don’t like to feel
  • Modern distractions from feeling – Head-centric existence
  • Meditation and body-scanning
  • Transmuting negative emotions
  • Trap/illusion of fear
  • Many people suffer but don’t know that they are suffering because of armor/buffers/masks
  • Psychopaths (no conscience)
  • Pathology normalized in society/official culture
  • Importance of developing true compassion and empathy
  • Real/correct meditation brings up the shadow and suppressed emotions before true bliss/love can manifest within – everything needs to come up that is in the way of accessing/anchoring the Divine within
  • Radical self-responsibility
  • The trap of victim/blame consciousness and self-pity
  • Feeling emotions vs. identifying with them
  • Tuning into the suffering of the world/collective
  • Mind trap of analysis-paralysis or thinking yourself through the process
  • Empaths – what is yours, what is not yours?
  • Importance of boundaries
  • Initiations and the purpose of suffering from an esoteric perspective
  • Divine Grace and Tough Grace
  • Suffering in relationships as a catalyst for awakening and strengthening the relationship, accessing higher levels of love
  • Hope and fear – two sides of the same coin
  • Loneliness on the Path
  • Warrior attitude from the Shambala perspective

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Occult Forces/hyper-dimensional Interferences on the Path towards Awakening
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Laura’s and Bernhard’s personal experiences
  • Importance of Meditation
  • Issues with a vegan diet in light of occult attacks/interferences
  • Corruption of spiritual teachings
  • Importance of being grounded and embodied
  • Problem with over-sensitivity when used as an excuse/cop-out
  • Rejection vs. integration
  • Yogic consciousness
  • Bernhard’s experience of self-exorcizing an entity
  • Laura’s experience of counteracting occult attacks
  • Limitation of Psychological Work
  • Teaching Function of occult forces
  • How to deal with people used as portals (Agent Smith syndrome)
  • New Age fallacies
  • What is true compassion?
  • Organic Portals – Soulless Humans
  • Bodhisattva, Wanderers, and “Star Seeds”
  • Conscious reincarnation based on level of Being/soul individualization
  • The Sunlit Path
  • Addiction to Suffering
  • The true meaning of Service to Others
  • The vision of the Great Eastern Sun
  • Aspiration and Sincerity

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[Intro and outro music clip by Seeded Vision; Cover art: “Rebirth” by Virus69]

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