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In the 11th episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast, Bernhard talks to Tom Montalk about his research and experiences, diving deep into various occult, fringe, metaphysical, and esoteric topics. Tom shares his insights into the mechanics of the hyperdimensional matrix working through us and how humanity is being farmed for “loosh” energy by occult hostile forces, the matrix in light of current events, their end-game agenda and potential future scenarios, the timeline-reality split, and the current state of (and blind spots) of the “truth movement”. In the second part of the interview, Tom also dives deeper into UFOlogy, discerning alien disinformation, the push for disclosure, the key differences between positive and negative higher density beings, emotional management and how to deal with triggers and negative emotions/thoughtforms in light of soul evolution and entity interferences, true reality creation, what it takes to truly transcend the matrix control system and understanding its teaching function, and much more.

Tom (Montalk) is a fellow truth seeker on a quest to expose the dark and empower the light. His primary goal is to help others arm themselves with knowledge to better fulfill their evolutionary potential. After studying physics and electrical engineering for four years, he left college to pursue more independent research. His interests include spirituality, quantum and scalar physics, alienology, alchemy, gnosticism and hermeticism, forbidden history, and composing music. His website is


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Tom’s childhood and how he started his work and research
  • The Matrix Control System is a school, prison, and farm at the same time
  • The corruption of the Demiurge; the Matrix code
  • Etheric and astral energy manipulation by negative occult beings
  • The Matrix works through us via thought injections and projections
  • The link between spirit, soul (enteric and astral body) and the physical body
  • Thoughtform pollution feed entities and keeps the matrix in place
  • The Matrix is an etheric energy farm for negative aliens/entities via etheric feeding tubes (Dr. William Baldwin’s work)
  • Humanity is not on top of the food chain
  • The Matrix in light of current events, and the bigger picture
  • The apocalypse – unveiling
  • Increase of learning lessons and catalysts via polarization and friction
  • Increase of the dark and matrix forces stepping up their game
  • Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the three forces of evil manifesting in current times
  • STS predator-prey dynamic: the unholy alliance between the evil and the naive/ignorant/sheep who support the matrix agenda without their awareness
  • Catalyst potentials for awakening
  • Positive and negative end-game scenarios
  • The Timeline-Reality split and the splitting of humanity
  • The 4th density shift
  • The blind spots of the “Truth Movement” getting stuck on 3D conspiracies, focusing on symptoms but not causes, hence don’t have access to real solutions
    “Truthers” with lack of self-work/self-awareness and lack of understanding of higher occult/esoteric/metaphysical laws and the hyperdimensional matrix become like pawns on a chessboard, feeding the Divide & Conquer matrix frequency
  • The trap of emotional thinking
  • The trap of the intellect when driven by ego, wounds, and shadow (lack of embodiment/self-work)
  • Importance of emotional intelligence and intuition
  • Transcendence through intuitive thinking
  • Importance to expand your field of research beyond 3D conspiracies
  • Think deeper and harder and use intuition as your compass – don’t just read and regurgitate
  • Analyze your motivations and root assumptions and beliefs
  • Engage in shadow work and self-work to light subconscious beliefs that distort your perceptions
  • Pay more attention to the impulses of spirit: heart, insight, revelation, wisdom, creativity
  • Recognize the role that thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the subconscious play in shaping reality

In Part 2 (only for members – longer than part 1) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • The UFO community/movement, disclosure, and discerning alien disinformation
  • Politics and UFO disclosure (Obama, Clinton, Trump)
  • Achilles heel of 4D STS forces: Wishful thinking
  • Different fractions within the Deep State/Shadow government with different agendas
  • Everything we see happening is related to the alien agenda as we move towards 4D
  • Break-way civilization in direct contact with aliens
  • Potential negative future: negative aliens providing technology will be hailed as saviors of humanity (ties in the alien savior program in the New Age movement)
  • Positive aliens do not intervene because they respect free will and understand that we are not ready for any official contact but we need to learn the lessons ourselves, i.e., evolve to a much higher level of being
  • Humanity tempted by high-tech (as they already are) can easily take the bait from 4D STS aliens – trojan gift: trap of agreement (deal with the devil)
  • Another possible “Garden of Eden” scenario furthering “the fall” via temptation – the completion of the fall of man from his true state of being is the end-game agenda of negative 4D STS forces
  • Genetic hybridization of human and alien
  • Acclimatizing/testing humanity to the alien presence
  • Any disclosure would only be a partial disclosure and a distortion of the truth
  • Alien/human hybridization supported in the New Age UFO Movement
  • How do positive forces act, who are they, and how do they help us?
  • Positive forces respect free will and your soul lessons
  • How do we ask for help from positive forces? Do you really need help, or are you just lazy and coming from self-pity, ego, your shadow, insincere motives?
  • Importance of alignment with the Divine
  • Traps of agreement with negative forces
  • Tom’s personal experiences with making contact with negative forces unknowingly and resulting in alien abductions
  • Importance of asking for protection before sleep since sleep is a very vulnerable state which negative forces take advantage of.
  • Praying to or channeling “ascended masters” and other deities can result in entrapment of agreement with negative forces
  • The trap of will-power and rituals to make contact with beings or trying to “create reality” – black magic
  • Negative forces target our emotional wounds, traumas and shadow aspect
  • True Reality creation in alignment with the Divine vs. black magic in alignment with negative forces (through your shadow aspects, ego, wounds, etc.)
  • The key to reality creation is cleaning up your internal state which will be reflected externally
  • Emotional Management: How to Deal with Triggers and Negative Emotions to stop feeding Matrix forces and counter-acting Hyperdimensional interferences
  • Real emotions vs. false emotions
  • Higher love vs. lower states of love
  • Importance not to repress emotions nor project them externally but transmute them internally
  • The link between repressed emotions, thought forms and false beliefs
  • The self-perpetuating feedback loop of triggers, reactive emotional behavior creates negative loosh energy which occult hostile forces feed off of and target
  • Nightmares and dream hacking to create negative loosh energy, induced by negative entities
  • Manipulation of other people to push/trigger our subconscious buttons, wounds, and traumas
  • Distortion of the New Age “Reality Creation” concept
  • How to deal with triggers and transmuting negative emotions into positive emotions
  • Many entities we feed and feed upon us are our own thought-form projections having become a “life form” due to our emotional triggered reactions
  • Dark energy spots at specific locations created by negative entities
  • Whatever the dark forces do, they need your permission, agreement or resonance from you in interfere/attach
  • What Tom has been up to lately: music, physics research, alchemy, Fulcanelli, the philosopher’s stone
  • Importance of spiritual and physical preparation for the times to come without getting into paranoid/fear-based survival thinking

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