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In this last Cosmic Matrix episode for 2019, Laura and Bernhard discuss the true meaning of the winter season as opposed to the consumerist version of Christmas. They reflect on their personal lives and how the practice of meditating on death teaches you how to live. Furthermore, they discuss the importance of grieving, the collective death anxiety that we are experiencing lately, the western’s world obsession with youth, and how matrix distractions keep us from going inward, letting go, and facing death in ourselves and within our own lives. In the second part, Laura and Bernhard share their personal experiences with death. They discuss the after-death experience, how souls can get trapped in the “Bardo”/life after death realm, earthbound spirit attachments, what it means to sincerely commit to spiritual work, the top regrets of terminally ill people right before they died, as well as their forecast for the coming year and the bigger picture energies they see us dealing with next year and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • The commercialization of Christmas vs. the true meaning of Winter
  • The Matrix Control System creating an inversion of the natural cycles
  • Winter is the season of hibernation, introspection, reflection, letting go
  • Nostalgia and Melancholy
  • The ego’s judgment of “good” and “bad” experiences vs. soul lessons and initiations
  • Personal reflections of Bernhard and Laura
  • Relationships and self-work
  • Intellectual understanding of your issues/wounds/trauma vs. healing them on an embodied level
  • True spiritual growth is not a self-development program
  • Meditating on death teaches you how to live
  • The collective death anxiety
  • Any fear you have has its root in the fear of death
  • Most people live in a constant state of fear unconsciously
  • The illusion of control and security
  • Becoming comfortable with death
  • The ego’s self-centeredness and our self-interest
  • The importance of grieving
  • The pressure of mainstream Christmas
  • Astrotheology and Christmas
  • Letting go and setting intentions
  • Projection, attraction, and relationships
  • Meditation and realizing the “horror of the situation”
  • The difference between perceptions and feelings
  • Shadow Projections and lack of emotional intelligence in the “Truth Movement”
  • Matrix distractions (social media, smartphones, etc.) and death anxiety
  • The western world’s obsession with youth and fear of death
  • Use the winter season to go inward and take stock of the past year
  • Gurdjieff’s The Last Hour of Life

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Laura’s experiences with death and grief
  • We can souls get trapped in the Bardo realm through our attachments and inability to grief properly
  • Death is a liberating experience
  • Spiritual esoteric self-work is essentially a preparation for death
  • The after-death experience and the spirits of trauma
  • Understanding the nature of our minds
  • The mind/ego fears death
  • Death, soul essence, and rebirth
  • The degeneration of the mind of young people (matrix program)
  • The matrix mechanics of life inversion
  • Death, lost souls, and earthbound spirit attachments
  • The work of Elizabeth-Kubler Ross who has worked with dying patients
  • The top regrets of terminal ill people right before they died
  • The exercise of contemplating/meditating on death
  • Respecting the elders and older people
  • Staying young is an internal attitude which implies using your mind and keeping learning and being creative
  • Whatever you have suppressed in your life will have to come up at some point
  • True sincerity of committing to spiritual work will result in tough grace and challenging initiations
  • Crossing the threshold of no return when engaging in deep spiritual work
  • The bigger picture energies and “forecasts” for the coming year and beyond
  • Anger projections are increasing based on the collective “death anxiety”
  • The necessity of a collective “grieving process”
  • Gender confusion targeting children
  • The connection between transhumanism, transgenderism, and veganism from an asuric occult matrix perspective
  • The alchemical process of the unification of the inner male and female has become distorted in the matrix and turned into physical gender/confusion/mutilation, resulting in gender wars
  • We haven’t approached the darkest hour yet: The dark night of civilization
  • Inner alignment with the Divine and sincere self-work is most important in the coming years

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