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Randy Maugans joins Bernhard Guenther on this episode of the Cosmic Matrix Podcast. Randy shares his early experiences, leading him to create OffPlanet radio, his views on the truth movement, alternative media, and the rise of technology. They discuss the early days of “truth-seeking”, the external savior program, shadow projections and lack of basic psychological self-awareness on Social Media and in the “Truth Movement”, the paranoia program, the importance of Discernment, organic “inner” technology vs. A.I. and Transhumanism, and more.

In the second part, Randy talks about the meaning of the eye of the needle relating to 2020 as a window of opportunity, the timeline-reality split, the new cycle initiated by the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the lesson of integrity. Furthermore, Randy and Bernhard talk about the importance of shadow work and taking self-responsibility; they discuss trauma and healing, the ET/ UFO/disclosure topic, the current state of UFOlogy, why more people are “losing it” and disintegrating, the trauma and the predator concept from an archonic/metaphysical perspective, and much more.

“I have spent my adult life seeking the truth about “what’s out there”, as a result of two (known) childhood “contacts” with “something” I could not explain. OffPlanet Radio (formerly “Exotica”) is the natural outgrowth of my interests in the areas of the paranormal, technology, and communications…the “future” caught up with me. The journey is physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental…we are drawn into a very human battle with forces that seem beyond our comprehension…or ARE they? “They” haven’t won, but have awakened sleeping giants who do not accept the proposition that we were thrown headlong into a malevolent universe. Humans can choose to be victims, or choose to be empowered…humans can remain blind, to their peril. We speak, we act in accord with the words of the great Master, Yeshua: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

– Randy Maugans


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Randy’s childhood, UFO experiences, being part of mind control programs, sexual abuse, and healing journey
  • The external savior program
  • The truth is out there…It’s inside you
  • Hidden truths in the Bible and esoteric Christianity
  • The rise of alternative media, the “truth movement”, and podcasts, especially around 2012
  • Alternative media has become “mainstream”
  • Discernment is more important than ever in this age of information overload
  • The early days of “truth-seeking” before there was YouTube and Social Media
  • Big alternative media outlets like Gaia are not very discerning with the information they put out
  • The Truth Movement, the Tech Industry, and the over-saturation of information
  • Social Media focused on emotional content, bypassing our conscious mind
  • More and more people are “losing their shit” online because of information overload
  • Social Media and the pavlovian dog response
  • Social Media Algorithms and Mind/Emotional Control
  • Armchair activism and head-centric existence
  • Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe Speech
  • The illusion of hope via savior-externalization
  • Shadow projections and lack of basic psychological self-awareness on Social Media and in the “Truth Movement”
  • The rise of awareness and how technology has first empowered us
  • There importance of speaking out despite surveillance
  • The installment of the paranoia program
  • Paranormal surveillance/scanning, alien abductions, and Telepathy
  • The externalization of technology has disconnected us more from our “inner technology”
  • Transhumanism/A.I. going back to the super soldier program
  • The positive and negative aspects of A.I.
  • The head/brain is only a receiver not the originator of consciousness and thoughts
  • The obsession with youth and the physical body serves as an “entry point” to accept transhumanism
  • Our “organic technology”, connecting with our soul essence (soul embodiment) will over-ride any form of A.I. and 5G interferences
  • Developing Psychic protection via esoteric/spiritual embodiment practices
  • The adaptability of human biology to defend ourselves
  • The trap of fear and paranoia regarding 5G, chemtrails, etc.
  • The Matrix Divide and Conquer frequency
  • Exposing certain COINTELPRO individuals/groups without falling into the trap of shadow/anger projection

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • 2020: The Eye of the Needle
  • Compression cycle: Everything is being pushed and is intensifying
  • The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn initiating a new cycle
  • A window of opportunity
  • Certain people (wanderers, indigos) are being activated to step up to their mission
  • Formation of soul groups and small movements
  • Building foundation, Capricorn the “slow builder”
  • Lessons of integrity and the shadow side of Capricorn
  • The end of the materialism of the past/old world
  • The importance of shadow work and taking self-responsibility is heightened more than ever
  • Randy’s experience of sexual abuse/trauma and healing/discharging himself from the “victim status”
  • Trauma and the predator concept from an archonic/metaphysical perspective
  • Importance of taking ownership of yourself and not allowing yourself to be victimized
  • Trauma is being stuck in a cycle of time of the past
  • There is no such thing as greater or lesser trauma
  • Nobody can heal you, even though someone can facilitate to help you heal yourself, but only you can heal yourself via taking full ownership and self-responsibility
  • The Matrix Trauma Installment Program over successive lifetimes
  • What is the end of the game?
  • The bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness
  • The trap of over-simplistic reductionist thinking
  • What is Truth?
  • Are aliens “us” in the future?
  • The illusion of time
  • ET experiences and time/space manipulation
  • ET/UFO Disclosure has already happened
  • The controlled narrative of UFOlogy and the UFO community
  • ET/Alien contact experiences and screen memories
  • The trap of identifying as star seeds, indigos or wanderers
  • The Timeline-Reality Split and the Splitting of Humanity
  • The importance of reconnecting with the natural world
  • More and more people are “losing it” and disintegrating
  • Some people are not ready for occult knowledge
  • Co-creating a positive timeline
  • Max Igan’s “download” experience
  • Quality over quantity and taking responsibility for what information we put out
  • Conscious conversations vs. scripted interviews on podcasts

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