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How do places and spaces that we live and visit affect us on an energetic level? Bernhard and Laura explore the topic of “environmental consciousness” and how the energies of the collective impact us in this episode of the Cosmic Matrix Podcast. They discuss the various aspects of the environmental consciousness that surround us, how the energy of the land, the people on it, different cities, the energy within our home and how anything external can affect us in invisible ways. They begin by defining environmental consciousness, how it often is a reflection of collective internal states as well, how trauma can impact the energy of a city, places that have impacted by war, and how to transmute the energy of the environment around you. They also share some personal experiences with the “heaviness” of Germany and European cities, how the energy of the people around us or who we live with impacts us, the current coronavirus scare and fear frequency in the collective consciousness, and more.

In the second part, Laura and Bernhard share signs that the place/space you live in may not be good for you and how to counteract it, the importance of being discerning about who you live with, and how to somatically tune into your body to make the right decisions. They discuss the difference between the true Self and the wounded/conditioned parts of ourselves that we may mistake as the true self, how substance abuse can open portals and infect a place/space, how to find a place that will balance your individual inner energies based on the elements (water, air, earth, fire) or based on polarity (yin/yang), how frequency vibrations, thoughts, and thought-entities and how collective suggestions affect us and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Announcement of a new online course: Shadow Work, Trauma, and Occult Forces
  • What is environmental consciousness?
  • Sri Aurobindo’s insights into the environmental consciousness from an Integral Yoga perspective
  • Who is the “I” that is affected by the “outside”?
  • It’s not about becoming overly concerned/paranoid about how places/spaces affect us but about who we respond to it
  • The external energy we tune into and affect us can also reflect out internal state, hence shadow work is key
  • The energy of the land & the energy of people surrounding us
  • The Elements of Nature, Universal and Cosmic Forces
  • Resiliency and how to work with external energies
  • We attract or are attracted to places/people that we need for our soul growth
  • Importance of embodiment – your body responds first
  • Laura’s and Bernhard’s experience of visiting Germany
  • The environmental consciousness of Munich/Germany relating to history and the suppressed guilt and trauma of the German people
  • There is no such thing as the “perfect” place in the world
  • From a STO (Service to Others) perspective: We are not here for vacation but where we are needed the most
  • The place that works for you may change based on your inner development and soul trajectory
  • Trauma changes the energy of a place, especially war and genocide
  • Nature Spirits and the Elementals
  • High energy places and vortexes can be supportive but also brings up your “stuff”
  • Escapism and looking for the utopian place
  • New Age Ceremonies and Black Magic rituals can “pollute” a place with dark energies
  • Consistent meditation in your space can change the energy of the space and create a protective field
  • How to choose the right place for you, how to work with the energy of a space and how to change it
  • Laura’s experience of transmuting the energy of a place
  • The environmental consciousness of mass events, concerts, bars, nights clubs, parties, any places with big crowds
  • How the environmental consciousness affects our thoughts, desires, actions, and impulses
  • Willings vs Will
  • The Coronavirus and fear frequency in the environmental consciousness
  • Whatever comes in from the “outside” can only affect us if there is a corresponding “entry point” and frequency/vibration within

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Signs that the place/space you live in is not good for you and how to counteract it
  • Being discerning with who you live with (roommates, housemates, partner, etc.)
  • Making boundaries is limited for the body constantly absorbs energies and experiences
  • The true Self is the ultimate place of protection
  • What is the true Self?
  • The inner contradictions, conditioning, and wounding
  • The Trap of Identification
  • Emotions/feelings are just visitors – don’t identify with them
  • Not deciding from the Head – your body knows!
  • Trauma response mistaking as intuition/gut feeling
  • The fear of making “bad” decisions and being indecisive
  • Intention, patience, and divine support
  • Doing “mini-grid” work with your surroundings
  • Handing it over and surrendering to the Divine
  • We are transducers of high energies
  • Creating a meditation “sacred” space in your home
  • Calling on Divine Help
  • Connecting to the elements of nature
  • Consuming drugs and alcohol can affect the space and open portals in a place/space with entities coming through
  • Yin(feminine) and Yang(masculine) energies of cities, places, and spaces
  • Finding a place to live to balance your inner energies based on the elements (water, air, earth, fire)
  • Somatic self-inquiry
  • The necessity for self-discipline
  • A question to be asked fo people who travel a lot: “Am I trying to run away from something that is actually inside of me?”
  • Excerpt from The Mother on external influences and suggestions
  • The individual consciousness and how energies mix within people
  • Vibrations, thoughts, and thought-entities
  • Collective suggestions affecting us
  • How we are affected (especially as children), conditioned, and even traumatized by the thought forms and emotional states of our caretakers and people close to us
  • The vital beings (occult hostile forces) of the vital world affecting humanity feeding off of certain vital vibrations

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