Corona Fear Virus and the Forces of Illness

By Bernhard Guenther, Feb 28, 2020
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Corona Fear Virus and the Forces of Illness

By Bernhard Guenther, Feb 28, 2020

[NOTE: The article has been updated on March 23rd]


  • The Fear Program, Frequency Resonance Vibration, and the Immune System
  • The Origin of Microbes, the Forces of Illness, and the Antidote
  • Coronavirus Panic Is A Giant Boost For The Globalist Agenda
  • Coronavirus, Black Magick, Vodoo, And The Occult
  • Wetiko Mind Virus
  • Shadow Work, Alchemy, and Rebirth

There is much to be said about the recent Coronavirus “epidemic” and the origin of the virus – if it’s man-made, a bio-weapon, related to 5G, or just a “natural” mutation – or if there even is a virus, to begin with. This article is not an attempt to address these questions in-depth and the various theories popping up almost daily (and things are changing quickly), but some food for thought from a different perspective in light of the topics already covered on Piercing the Veil of Reality over the years. However, on a basic level, I recommend questioning everything, ESPECIALLY anything by the CDC, WHO, the government and any mainstream media outlets. This should go without saying for anyone who is aware of how the propaganda, control, and disinformation works on a basic 3D matrix level.

Let’s look at it from a general matrix, metaphysical, and occult perspective, keeping in mind past patterns of similar so-called “epidemics” and viruses.

The Fear Program, Frequency Resonance Vibration, and the Immune System

On a basic level, they want to lower the frequency of the collective by instilling fear by any means. The fear virus in the environmental/collective consciousness is more contagious than any disease-virus. On a metaphysical level, fear weakens the aura/protective shield which negatively affects the immune system on a physical level, making one more susceptible to any disease/virus, even just the common flu/cold, hence more “cases” to possibly manipulate the numbers as Jon Rappoport pointed out in his article “Coronavirus Covert Operation” (see below).

Fear makes people act irrational, and then they are easier controlled, willingly giving up freedom, rights, etc. It activates the reptilian brain of pure physical survival instinct (this relates to the dark side of the “prepper mind” as well which may attract that which one is “prepping” for if coming from a place of fear, i.e. self-fulfilling prophecy).

It’s easier to mind control people when they are in a state of fear. People then also start to police each other and keep each other in check. They can even become afraid of each other because of fear of getting infected. They turn into authoritarian followers to the extreme, following all orders, laws, and rules without questioning driven by fear (most people anyway).

They may also want to trigger a social/economic “meltdown”, “shortage”, and travel restrictions to keep “people in check” and then appear as the “saviors” to bring the “cure” (i.e. vaccine), create new systems, regulations, and laws they’ve been waiting to implement anyway but needed a “reason” to do so.

In short, it’s the Hegelian dialect of Problem-Action-Solution. If they’re able to pull through with it and where it’s leading to remains to be seen. A lot is happening on unseen levels and I’m not the person to project either Fear or Hope into the future, the two opposites of the same coin and both are mind traps.

A Timeline of Fear Programs

As we know (the ones who are aware of the hyperdimensional matrix and the mechanics of occult hostile forces), the hidden adverse forces feed off of fear emanating from humans. The fear frequency acts as entry points for hyperdimensional interference and hence people are also easier controlled from occult realms via thought injections and emotional manipulation. All this happens outside any conscious awareness.

So, first of all, check yourself when you sense FEAR creeping in. Reject it from your consciousness. Literally, don’t believe any thoughts of fear or worry. They are not “your” thoughts anyway. This is the most important protection, regardless if the coronavirus is real or not or whatever the agenda is. Remember, their goal is to get you into a state of fear first and foremost as they’ve always attempted throughout the years with other “scary” news, “threats, and “epidemics”.

If you want to get more reliable information about the coronavirus and epidemics in general, I highly recommend the blog of Jon Rappoport. He’s been exposing the medical mafia cartel and “epidemics” for 19 years. I have been following his work for over a decade and he always nailed it each time. His track record speaks for itself.

Here are a few of his recent articles (he keeps posting new articles and updates almost daily, so check his blog on a regular basis):

Here’s a doctor/pulmonologist addressing the coronavirus scare with some common sense and facts:

However, careful of becoming “obsessed” with this topic as this will be counter-productive from a metaphysical perspective. It’s not about denial and living in a forced New Age bubble of “positivity”. Stay aware “objectively” and informed to a degree without feeding it emotionally (i.e. getting into fear/worry) and then act accordingly, calmly with your intuition, discernment, and reason intact. But also be aware of the basics of the matrix modus operandi for it is nothing new, really.

Fear-based Economy

We have been discussing this topic on the Piercing the Veil of Reality Forum as well and Tom Montalk made an excellent point about that, not only regarding the virus scare and the fear/paranoia frequency but regarding “saturation”, taking in information, and “reality creation”:

“The fear propaganda is an old trick to push 3D solutions to 3D problems while propagating hidden 4D attacks. Often the spiritual/occult damage from the “solution” is worse than the physical problem itself.

One thing I discovered regarding illnesses is that, besides fear drawing it in, anything that programs the subconscious will do so. For example, several times now I’ve gotten sick after looking at a photo of a virus and innocently dwelling on it in a daydreaming kind of way. The alpha brainwave state is very suggestible that way. It’s like a hypnotic command.

Or similarly, thinking to myself “Gee, haven’t had the flu/injury/accident in a while, that’s great!” — then it happens. Why? Well I’m momentarily thinking “flu”, dwell on it in an alpha state, have a positive emotion of “great!” and then forget all about it and go about my day. That’s the exact formula the Manifesting / Secret / YCYOR people use. Occultists say it creates a thoughtform that manifests into physical reality, psychologists would say it’s a form of autosuggestion. Either way, it shows that fear isn’t the only thing that can draw something in.

Another is saturation. If you’re reading coronavirus news and forums virtually every hour of your waking life, you’re saturating your mind with that and plugging into the energy field of others doing likewise, and the whole thing starts unnecessarily bleeding over into your personal corner of reality. Same with getting obsessed with aliens, demons, gang-stalking, etc.

Ironically, the feeling of vulnerability from not being prepared can draw something in if the fear takes on a life of its own (literally), while the peace of mind from having basic security in place can attract more peace and security.

And lastly, another opening can come from severe stress / deep emotional wounds that lead to symbolic illness. If I recall correctly, Rudolf Steiner said that tuberculosis epidemics can be brought on by mass resentment by lower classes against the higher.

Solution isn’t denial, but being informed enough to take rational action while, on the energetic/subconscious front, staying focused on ideals like peace, wellness, and empowerment.”

Tom Montalk


No mask can protect you from the Fear contagion

With regard to basic “commons sense” protection and boosting the immune system, I don’t do anything differently than what I’ve always been doing, virus scare or not. Periodically, I boost my immune system with supplements (without depending on them) such as buffered Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Zinc, Magnesium, colloidal silver, Chaga, and Oregano Oil. There are many other supplements, herbs, and obviously a healthy organic diet (and fasting) helps as well.

However, most importantly, it’s about stilling the mind and nervous system regulation to stay embodied and grounded. Receiving sunshine on a regular basis, walking barefoot in nature, daily Chi Gong, a consistent meditation practice, breathwork as well as Yoga, and/or other embodiment practices are natural ways to boost the immune system, calm your nervous system and get out of your head. All these practices will also help to strengthen your most important protective shield: your aura.

The Origin of Microbes, the Forces of Illness, and the Antidote

Keep in mind that from a matrix perspective, this whole coronavirus “epidemic” is way beyond the virus itself (and there are questions to be asked if it actually is a “real” epidemic) but the main intention is to infuse the fear frequency into the population for that will weaken your “protective” shield and create entry points for that what you are afraid of (not just illness.)

So, the most important attitude is to reject fear and any “suggestion” of the illness or anything else you may be afraid of. In fact, you can take care of your physical health as much as you want with all kinds of supplements, vitamins, food, etc., but if there is still fear or it is driven by fear, there will be entry points for the illness to come in.

Essentially, any fear you have is rooted in the fear of death which keep you from truly living and that is exactly why the matrix occult forces want to keep you chained to fear: it diminishes your divine power, essence, creativity, and freedom, essentially keeping you in a frequency prison out of your own manipulated/conditioned “free will”:

It is impossible to truly love life as long as one fears death. This can be constantly corroborated when observing human reactions. The more a person lives with gusto and joy, the less he or she fears death. The more people shrink in fear from death, the more they cling to life, not because they enjoy life or because they are dynamically related to it, but in order to avoid death. Such people really do not live at all. .[…]

Every aspect of living follows this principle. If you desire health in a spirit of fearing sickness, you prevent health. If you fear the aging process, you prevent eternal youth. If you fear poverty, you prevent abundance. If you fear loneliness, you prevent real companionship. If you fear companionship, you prevent self-containment. So it goes on and on…”

– Eva Pierrakos

Another question to ask would be: where do germs, microbes or viruses come from before they manifest in physical form, i.e. from a metaphysical occult perspective? Sri Aurobindo and the Mother give some interesting insights about the forces of illness, the origin of microbes, and how to protect oneself from the perspective of Integral Yoga:

There are in the physical atmosphere, the earth-atmosphere, numerous small entities which you do not see, for your sight is too limited, but which move about in your atmosphere. Some of them are quite nice, others very wicked. Generally these little entities are produced by the disintegration of vital beings – they pullulate – and these form quite an unpleasant mass. There are some which do very fine things. I believe I narrated to you the story of the little beings who tugged at my sari to tell me that the milk was about to boil and that I had to go and see that it did not boil over. But all of them are not so good. Some of them like to play ugly little tricks, wicked little pranks. And so most often it is they who are behind an accident. They like little accidents, they like the whole whirl of forces that gather round an accident: a mass of people, you know, it is very amusing! And then that gives them their food, because, in reality, they feed upon human vitality thrown out of the body by emotions and excitements. So they say: just a small accident, it is quite nice, many accidents!..

And then if there is a group of such small entities, they may clash with one another, because among themselves they do not have a very peaceful life: clashing with one another, fighting, destroying, demolishing each other. And that is the origin of microbes. They are forces of disintegration. But they continue to be alive even in their divided forms and this is the origin of germs and microbes. Therefore most microbes have behind them a bad will and that is what makes them so dangerous…The microbe is a very material expression of something living in a subtle physical world and that is why these very microbes that are always around you, within you, for years together do not make you ill and then suddenly they make you fall ill.

– The Mother, from “Integral Healing”

Attacks of illness are attacks of the lower nature or of adverse forces taking advantage of some weakness, opening or response in the nature, — like all other things that come and have got to be thrown away, they come from outside. If one can feel them so coming and get the strength and the habit to throw them away before they can enter the body, then one can remain free from illness. Even when the attack seems to rise from within, that means only that it has not been detected before it entered the subconscient; once in the subconscient, the force that brought it rouses it from there sooner or later and it invades the system.

When you feel it just after it has entered, it is because though it came direct and not through the subconscient, yet you could not detect it while it was still outside. Very often it arrives like that, frontally or more often tangentially from the side, direct, forcing its way through the subtle vital envelope which is our main armour of defence, but it can be stopped there in the envelope itself before it penetrates the material body. Then one may feel some effect, e.g. feverishness or a tendency to cold, but there is not the full invasion of the malady. If it can be stopped earlier or if the vital envelope of itself resists and remains strong, vigorous and intact, then there is no illness; the attack produces no physical effect and leaves no traces.

– Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga IV

The feeling of illness is at first only a suggestion; it becomes a reality because your physical consciousness accepts it. It is like a wrong suggestion in the mind; if the mind accepts it, it becomes clouded and confused and has to struggle back into harmony and clearness. It is so with the body consciousness and illness. You must not accept but reject it with your physical mind and so help the body consciousness to throw off the suggestion. If necessary, make a counter-suggestion, “No, I shall be well; I am and shall be all right.” And in any case call in the Mother’s Force to throw out the suggestion and the illness it is bringing.

By suggestion [of illness] I do not mean merely thoughts or words. When the hypnotist says, “Sleep”, it is a suggestion; but when he says nothing but only puts his silent will to convey sleep or makes movements of his hands over the face, that also is a suggestion. When a force is thrown on you or a vibration of illness, it carries to the body this suggestion. A wave comes in the body — with a certain vibration in it, the body remembers “cold” or feels the vibrations of a cold and begins to cough or sneeze or to feel chill — the suggestion comes to the mind in the form, “I am weak, I don’t feel well, I am catching a cold.”

A suggestion is not one’s own thought or feeling, but a thought or feeling that comes from outside, from others, from the general atmosphere or from external Nature, — if it is received, it sticks and acts on the being and is taken to be one’s own thought or feeling. If it is recognised as a suggestion, then it can be more easily got rid of. This feeling of doubt and self-distrust and hopelessness about oneself is a thing moving about in the atmosphere and trying to enter into people and be accepted; I want you to reject it, for its presence not only produces trouble and distress but stands in the way of restoration of health and return to the inner activity of the sadhana.”

– Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga IV

There is a general suggestion in the air about catching dengue or influenza. It is this suggestion that is enabling the adverse forces to bring about symptoms of this kind and spread the complaints; if one rejects both the suggestions and the symptoms, then these things will not materialise.”

– Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga IV

Note: Just like now there is a “suggestion in the air” (fear) of catching the “coronavirus”.

Sri Aurobindo writes further:

That is how illnesses try to come from one person to another — they attack, by a suggestion like this or otherwise, the nervous being and try to come in. Even if the illness is not contagious, this often happens, but it comes more easily in contagious illnesses. The suggestion or touch has to be thrown off at once. There is a sort of protection round the body which we call the nervous envelope — if this remains strong and refuses entrance to the illness force, then one can remain well even in the midst of plague or other epidemics — if the envelope is pierced or weak, then illness can come in. What you felt attacked was not really the physical body, but this nervous envelope and the nervous body (pra ?nakosa) of which it is an extension or cover.

They [the forces of illness] first weaken or break through the nervous envelope, the aura. If that is strong and whole, a thousand million germs will not be able to do anything to you. The envelope pierced, they attack the subconscient mind in the body, sometimes also the vital mind or mind proper — prepare the illness by fear or thought of illness. The doctors themselves said that in influenza or cholera in the Far East 90 per cent got ill through fear. Nothing to take away the resistance like fear. But still the subconscient is the main thing. If the contrary Force is strong in the body, one can move in the midst of plague and cholera and never get contaminated. Plague too, rats dying all around, people passing into Hades. I have seen that myself in Baroda.”

The Mother elaborates:

Question: When Sri Aurobindo says that illness comes from outside, what exactly is it that comes?

It is a kind of vibration made up of a mental suggestion, a vital force of disorder and certain physical elements which are the materialisation of the mental suggestion and the vital vibration. And these physical elements can be what we have agreed to call germs, microbes, this and that and many other things.

It may be accompanied by a sensation, may be accompanied by a taste, also by a smell, if one has very developed subtle senses. There are these formations of illness which give a special taste to the air, a special smell or a slight special sensation.

People have many senses which are asleep. They are terribly tamasic. If all the senses they possess were awake, there are many things they would perceive, which can just pass by without anyone suspecting anything.

For example, many people have a certain kind of influenza at the moment. It is very wide-spread. Well, when it comes close, it has a special taste, a special smell, and it brings you a certain contact (naturally not like a blow), something a little more subtle, a certain contact, exactly as when you pass your hand over something, backwards over some material… You have never done that? The material has a grain, you know; when you pass your hand in the right direction or when you pass it like this (gesture), well, it makes you… it is something that passes over your skin, like this, backwards. But naturally, I can tell you, it doesn’t come like a staggering blow. It is very subtle but very clear. So if you see that, you can very easily…

Besides, there is always a way of isolating oneself by an atmosphere of protection, if one knows how to have an extremely quiet vibration, so quiet that it makes almost a kind of wall around you. But all the time, all the time one is vibrating in response to vibrations which come from outside. If you become aware of this, all the time there is something which does this (gesture), like this, like this, like this (gestures), which responds to all the vibrations coming from outside. You are never in an absolutely quiet atmosphere which emanates from you, that is, which comes from inside outward (not something which comes from outside within), something which is like an envelope around you, very quiet, like this — and you can go anywhere at all and these vibrations which come from outside do not begin to do this (gesture) around your atmosphere.[…]

Yet, even in less serious cases, each one of you individually has around him something which instead of being this very individual and very calm envelope which protects you from all that you don’t want to receive… I mean, your receptivity becomes deliberate and conscious, otherwise you do not receive; and it is only when you have this conscious extremely calm atmosphere, and as I say, when it comes from within (it is not something that comes from outside), it is only when it’s like this that you can go with impunity into life, that is, among others and in all the circumstances of every minute…

Otherwise if there is something bad to be caught, for example, anger, fear, an illness, some uneasiness, you are sure to catch it. As soon as it starts doing this (gesture), it is as though you called all similar vibrations to come and get hold of you. What is to be wondered at is the unconsciousness with which men go through life; they don’t know how to live, there’s not one in a million who knows how to live, and they live like that somehow or other, limping along…”

In short, inner peace, calmness, quietude, immobility (zero-point non-reactive consciousness) while rejecting any suggestions/thoughts of fear are the antidote and most important aspects to reject any germs, viruses or microbes from entering while drawing in the [Divine] Force from above – all of which will strengthen your aura (protective shield) and as a result, your immune system. We may not always succeed in rejecting any external influence, hence we need to take care of ourselves on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Yet, FEAR is the one contagion that spreads faster than any physical virus, hence it needs to be rejected first and foremost.

Check out our recent podcast “Facing Our Fears in Times of Great Turmoil”:

Facing Our Fears in Times of Great Turmoil | TCM# 29 (Part 1)

Coronavirus Panic Is A Giant Boost For The Globalist Agenda

To summarize, the coronavirus (fake, real, natural or engineered…whatever) is just the means for the next stage of the matrix’s lockdown attempt. All that the PTB need and want is for the masses to react with fear and panic, swallowing their lies and reacting accordingly in the aforementioned classic Hegelian Dialect of Problem-Reaction-Solution.

This is already happening. So, understand that the PTB have only as much power as people give them, believe them and project authority on them. At this currents state of the “evolution of consciousness” the vast majority of people are deeply conditioned authoritarian followers, mind-controlled, reactive, fearful, and easily emotionally manipulated by government and media, so they go along with the “program” and don’t’ question the official narrative which we also see in people still trying to vote for a “savior” as they buy into the illusory left-right political circus, trapped in duality. It’s the ongoing external savior program.

On that note, even the hyped and hailed leftist savior Bernie Sanders is pro-vaccination, in particular targeting children. In his own words: “I think obviously vaccinations work….I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree but the difficulty is if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines that could kill that child and that’s wrong.”

In contrast, interestingly Trump actually voiced concerns about vaccinations and even aligned with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s views on the danger of vaccination (which prompted outrage from the “establishment” who calls Kennedy Jr. a “vaccine conspiracist”.)

(P.S. I’m not a statist, hence I don’t support nor care for any political side/candidate.)

Besides the obvious goal of implementing enforced mandatory vaccinations, James Corbett lays out five items/goals of the globalist agenda in his recent article “Coronavirus: “Cures” Worse Than the Disease”:

Here are five items on The Powers That Shouldn’t Be’s wishlist that are being delivered on a silver platter as people scurry around panicking about coronavirus:

  1. Unprecedented surveillance and control of the population
  2. A blank check for Big Pharma and the WHO
  3. An excuse to implement medical martial law
  4. An excuse to crack down on the internet
  5. Precipitating economic crisis

I recommend reading the full article HERE.

If they are able to go through with it all and how it all manifests remains to be seen….but it all depends on the reaction of the masses.

“There is no better way of manipulating perception than to trigger the survival mechanism.”

– David Icke

Coronavirus, Black Magick, Vodoo, And The Occult

Going a bit deeper with the Coronavirus scare and artificially created crisis/epidemic, the Powers That Be (PTB) behind the scenes (not your official puppet “representatives”) understand occult and metaphysical laws very well like Black Magic magicians and sorcerers of the dark side

As I mentioned above, the PTB (vessels for the occult hostile forces) attempt to create their desired reality THROUGH us. This is nothing new and has been going on for thousands of years. It’s the ultimate mind control for they understand the metaphysical consequences with regards to “reality creation”. It also ties into the Hegelian Dialect of Problem-Reaction-Solution, for they need the willing consent of the masses, i.e. their “free will” to go along with it even if it’s manipulated “free” will, i.e. creating traps of agreement according to the occult law of agreement.

They are putting spells on the population, resulting in self-fulling prophecies vie FEAR and BELIEF. So, what we see now with this completely artificially created massive fear frequency in the collective regarding the “virus” many people are actually getting sick and developing symptoms because of the SUGGESTION and manifest them in their own bodies even though there is not an objective threat. As I mentioned in my article, Fear damages the aura and energy body, lowers the protective energetic outer layer of the body (and the immune system on a physiological level) which in turn creates entry points for the suggestions to come in and manifest. This goes way beyond the over-simplified New Age idea of “Law of Attraction” and way beyond just having “negative thoughts” (One of the new age distortions about “reality creation”).

So, if you feed into and believe the virus scare you are potentially creating disease/illness, not only potentially in yourself but in others as well via thought projections (which act like psychic attacks on occult levels), and help them manifest the reality they want to in order to further their agenda.

Interestingly, I came across this paper called “VOODOO Death” on the “US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health” (ironically), talking about “spells or sorcery or the use of “black magic” men may be brought to death.” It ties into what I mentioned above and deeper occult control and manipulation of the masses.

It also ties into the concept of “Stalking” from a hyperdimensional perspective:

“[…]The aim of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors – made predictable because they have been programmed to respond to cues of conditioning[…]The primary object of Negative stalking is to persuade through strongly influenced, but not robotic, behavior patterns, the Free Choice of the targeted CONSCIOUSNESS to align with negative higher-density existence. Because, in the Long Run, the object is the “eating” of functioning units of consciousness by the negative hierarchy, with Free Will intact! It is not good food otherwise!

And this is where physics comes in again… because the CONSERVED ELEMENT OF TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS is the irreducible value of Free Will. The mind of the subject must retain Free Will which distinguishes consciousness as such. ??The instant the negative polarization is chosen as a result of true prerogative of Free Will, the “subject” immediately becomes functionally a “part” of the higher-dimensional entity responsible for having induced the choice in the first place, regardless of the deceptive means employed, or the persuasive misrepresentations used in conditioning the terms through which the fateful choice is made.[…]”

– Michael Topper, The Positive and Negative Realms of Higher Densities

Wetiko Mind Virus

With regard to the panic of the masses, it’s not the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a psychic hive mind epidemic with masses of people infected with the wetiko virus. You cannot reason with anyone who is fully infected by the fear/wetiko virus, in fact, they will attack you for simply questioning the official narrative.

“People or groups who have fallen asleep and are under the thrall of the psychic epidemic are then “unconsciously” dreaming, that is, acting out their unconscious in fully embodied form, in contrast to being awake. The type of person ripe for falling prey to the wetiko infection is usually one whose strings are pulled and manipulated by others, who follows a life path dictated by others and is unaccustomed to think for themselves. Not in touch with their inner guidance, they project authority outside of themselves and become very suggestible to the agreed-upon consensus opinion of the dominant pack. When we give away our power, there is always someone bearing the authority of “the State” who is more than happy to accept our offering, feeding the insatiable will-to-power of the shadow, which becomes collectively mobilized.

Masses are veritable breeding grounds for psychic epidemics. Though using individuals as its instruments, evil needs the unconscious masses for its genesis and proliferation on the world stage. In a collective psychosis, people literally stop thinking for themselves and let others think for them, like sheep (or “sheeple”) who just follow wherever they are being led, even if it’s off the nearest cliff. Losing touch with their own discernment and ability for critical thinking, the “mass man” becomes part of the mindless herd and falls prey to “group-think,” whose members co-dependently enable each other to uphold their shared version of the wetiko world.

Once the office of “perception management,” largely through the corporate mainstream media, convinces a critical mass of people of a particular viewpoint, there is a consensus or agreement that is reached among the masses as to what is objectively true. The agreed-upon version of reality takes on a weight and momentum of its own and thereby becomes the established dogma of what is collectively imagined to be really happening. Like a religious truth, it is irrationally believed like an act of faith by its card-carrying members, even if overwhelming evidence points to the contrary.

Anyone who doesn’t buy into the arbitrarily established story is marginalized and demonized, and called either crazy, a conspiracy theorist, or even a terrorist (“You’re either with us or you’re with the enemy”). Such a group consensus about the nature of reality gets increasingly hard to sustain as time passes, however, as, like a house of cards ready to collapse at any moment, its vision of the world is based on the fundamental error of not being true. Strangely enough, people under the collective enchantment of wetiko become fanatically attached to supporting an agenda that oftentimes is diametrically opposed to serving then own best interests. This is an outer behavioral reflection of the inner state of being under the sway of the self-destructive wetiko parasite.”

– Paul Levy, Dispelling Wetiko – Breaking the Curse of Evil

Shadow Work, Alchemy, and Rebirth

Shadow work is the name of the game during these times as the volcano is erupting and no amount of food, vitamins, masks or moving your assets/money into gold/silver/bitcoin/cash/.., social-distancing, (nice Orwellian touch….no pun intended), self-isolation or whatever you try to do (or “they” tell you to do as you obey) externally to “protect” yourself from (disease or economic meltdown) will “save” you in the long run for the world is changing big time and it won’t just get back to “normal” in a few weeks. Sure, use common sense and take care of yourself and each other on a practical level without feeding into the fear frenzy. But it’s not about getting attached to either Hope or Fear.

This about Death and Rebirth and facing the shadow of yourself (personal) and of the world (collective) for both are interconnected and cannot be separated. The old needs to die before the new can be reborn. It’s an inner alchemical process. As we examined earlier in the article, there is definitely an agenda at works here, producing an artificial crisis and faux pandemic to further the globalist NWO agenda. However, from a higher perspective of the Divine and the evolutions of consciousness, so-called “evil” has its purpose as a trigger to awaken us and face that which have looked away from for so long. It is the Kali Yuga, after all, the dark age of ignorance and pure materialism. The shadow needs to be faced and transmuted in order for the supramental consciousness to anchor itself and spiritualize matter and humanity, the alchemical marriage of the inner male and female – body, mind, and spirit.

This IS an opportunity for alchemical transformation but it is also an internal job for the outside will always reflect the inside. The mud and forces of the unconscious and the underworld are rising up; all that you/I/we have suppressed (fears, wounds, and traumas) is coming to surface, begging to be integrated, healed, and transmuted so we can ascend to a higher state of Being while transforming the world as frequency anchors. In fact, the supramental consciousness of the Divine is also descending, stirring up the shadow of the collective to be transmuted into Light. This is not an over night process. There is a long road ahead of us and disillusionment is part of the process. As the Mother (and Sri Aurobindo) prophesized, we are approaching the Dark Night of Civilization. The collective Dark Night of the Soul. A necessary process for the outer reflects the inner, as above, so below. The only way out is in and through.

Again, this is an amazing opportunity for the ones answering the call seeing through the veil of reality and what lays ahead.

This alchemical transformation will also give birth to new opportunities, creativity, and abundance but it must be rooted in integrity and sincerity, and ultimately a spiritual foundation and aspiration embodied and grounded in the body as conscious transducers of the Divine Force.

“The change of character brought about by the uprush of collective forces is amazing. A gentle and reasonable being can be transformed into a maniac or a savage beast. One is always inclined to lay the blame on external circumstances, but nothing could explode in us if it had not been there. As a matter of fact, we are constantly living on the edge of a volcano, and there is, so far as we know, no way of protecting ourselves from a possible outburst that will destroy everybody within reach. It is certainly a good thing to preach reason and common sense, but what if you have a lunatic asylum for an audience or a crowd in a collective frenzy? There is not much difference between them because the madman and the mob are both moved by impersonal, overwhelming forces….

Whenever contents of the collective unconscious become activated, they have a disturbing effect on the conscious mind, and contusion ensues. If the activation is due to the collapse of the individual’s hopes and expectations, there is a danger that the collective unconscious may take the place of reality. This state would be pathological. If, on the other hand, the activation is the result of psychological processes in the unconscious of the people, the individual may feel threatened or at any rate disoriented, but the resultant state is not pathological, at least so far as the individual is concerned. Nevertheless, the mental state of the people as a whole might well be compared to a psychosis.”

– Carl Gustav Jung

Our evolutionary task is to become spiritual warriors, becoming fearless in facing darkness (within and without) and teaching ourselves that we can heal ourselves, as individuals and as a species. In doing so, we permanently seal off the energetic entry points in our auric field which these occult forces tag into and siphon our life force from and break free from the Matrix’s system of control. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we can use the forces of darkness to anchor and hold an even more brilliant light.

By healing ourselves, we heal the world, anchoring the light and supramental consciousness onto this reality. This is the current journey that humanity is being called to take.

Are you ready to answer the call?

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