The Warrior Archetype, Divine Grace, and the Plutonian Process | TCM #34 (Part 1)

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In this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast, Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue discuss the importance of activating the warrior archetype and engaging in conscious activism during the coronavirus crisis. They discuss the new Orwellian regulations creating more “Agent Smiths” policing each other, the contact tracing apps, the Plandemic film and censorship, fiery compassion/blind compassion, and the trap of spiritually bypassing during times when we need to be speaking up and how it’s necessary to reject the anti-divine forces. They also speak about the Pluto process and how it makes us “anti-fragile”, war-time leaders vs peace-time leaders, and the Divine Grace/Christ Consciousness they see anchoring in the US right now.

In the second hour they dive much deeper, giving examples on how to work with this Plutonian evolutionary process and how this Pluto return will be affecting the USA via the second American revolution. They also discuss Trump’s astrology chart and his “trickster” archetype, the Q phenomenon and Spygate/Obamagate, the strategy behind Q’s drops involving the Art of War, Game Theory, Remote Viewing, and how the collective consciousness needs to catch up with what is being exposed, i.e. humanity is not ready yet for full “disclosure/exposure”, and how this all relates to the Saturn Pluto conjunction and mass corruption being exposed.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Personal reflections on the current collective energies around the COVID “pandemic”
  • Balancing self-care with staying informed
  • Orwellian regulations in California and Los Angeles
  • People starting to police each other: Agent Smith syndrome
  • Orwellian slogans of “the new normal” are pathology normalized
  • The political agenda behind the COVID pandemic
  • The apparent difference between Democrat and Republican states in response to COVID
  • Tracing Apps now being implemented on smartphones
  • Leftist media propaganda and social media censorship
  • The censorship of the film “Plandemic”
  • More and more people are awaking to what is really going on
  • The trap and spiritual bypass of “neutrality” and “non-dual awareness”
  • Conscious activism and the warrior archetype
  • The right use of anger
  • Fiery compassion vs. blind compassion
  • Different levels of Being within humanity
  • Know your boundaries!
  • You cannot wake up others by logic and facts alone
  • Cognitive Dissonance, external consideration, and strategic enclosure
  • Only “give” when it is “asked” for
  • Corruption in spiritual teachings, the New Age, etc. about all this where people can fool themselves to have “transcended duality”, including the distortion of “non-violence”, resulting in passive resistance, pacifism
  • The necessity to reject and destroy the anti-divine forces
  • A bigger transformation is happening
  • The concept of anti-fragile (vs. being fragile and robust)
  • The Plutonian process of becoming anti-fragile
  • New opportunities arising out of the process of destruction
  • The necessity for shocks in light of the evolution of consciousness
  • The trap of over-sensitivity and the need to pull yourself up without excuses with a warrior attitude
  • Being completely honest with yourself and facing the lies you are telling yourself
  • War-time leaders vs. Peace-time leaders
  • The spiritual awakening of the USA and Divine Intervention

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • The four ways of how Pluto affects our lives based on evolutionary astrology
  • Pluto helps to free us from what is holding us back even if the process is not comfortable, to say the least
  • Three ways of how to react to the Plutonian process
  • The importance of full surrender and non-resistance to the (inner) evolutionary process without bargaining
  • We are very contradictory beings
  • Do you really want to awaken or just be “happy in your dream state”?
  • Our collective and personal choices are very important in this moment of time, affecting our trajectory for decades to come
  • Pluto works on occult (hidden) levels
  • The Pluto return of the USA and the second American revolution
  • Trump’s astrological natal chart, current transits, and his role in the evolutionary process
  • Trump and the trickster archetype applying the art of war
  • Why are the left and globalists so hell-bent trying to get Trump out of power?
  • The Russian collusion hoax
  • Attempts of trying to impeach Trump and Divine Intervention
  • According to Sri Aurobindo, the Divine is using any “suitable” human vehicle for “its” work despite any personality/ego defects.
  • Trump’s character and a strong sense of self give him the necessary power/strength to withstand all these massive shadow projections he receives from millions of people. His natal chart reflects that as well.
  • The trickster archetype flips things into its opposite
  • Popularity, shadow projections, and haters
  • People who never put themselves out there (the “peanut gallery”) usually hate on/attack people who put themselves out there (Berne Brown)
  • Don’t take feedback from everyone. Who is in your team and who can you trust? The meaning of true loyalty
  • A new appreciation for the true American Spirit and Patriots
  • The ideological trap of utopian anarchism
  • The leftist denial of Obamagate vs. the facts
  • The humility and ability to say that “I was wrong” 
  • Being open-minded, willing to change for we never truly “know” the whole picture; embracing the mystery
  • Bernhard’s process of looking deeper into Q and the raw data (Q drops)
  • A lot of distortion and misinterpretations of what Q supposedly said and “predicted” with over-exaggerated lists of “mass arrests”
  • The occult technology aspect of Q, possibly using Remote Viewing or an “Operation Looking Glass” technology
  • There is a strategy behind Q’s drops involving Art of War, Game Theory, chess moves (you don’t go for the king right away), and Remote Viewing technology
  • This is not about sitting back and just “trusting the plan” but requires our active engagement
  • The collective consciousness needs to catch up with what is being exposed, i.e. humanity is not ready yet for full “disclosure”
  • The Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn relates to government corruption being exposed in stages Obamagate and Spygate
  • Trump’s stance on vaccination
  • Not throwing out the baby with the bathwater
  • Don’t just focus on what is wrong and information but be creative and productive in your own process and purpose

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