Benny Wills – Finding The Silver Lining Amidst Chaos And Division | TCM #36 (Part 1)

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Stand-up poet Benny Wills joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix podcast to talk about recent events, the splitting within the Truth movement, and opposing views regarding Trump and Q, the left vs. right battle on the political spectrum, and the importance of critical thinking and staying open-minded. They discuss the difference between healthy optimism and “doom and gloom” dystopian future nightmare scenarios, how more and more people are waking up, the importance to align with God/the Divine, take risks, and tap into your creative power. Benny also talks about his personal path and finding his deeper calling through his creative gifts and poetry, and more.

In the second hour, Benny and Bernhard go deeper into the apparent friction with the truth movement, the issue and blindspot of self-proclaimed anarchists, socially engineered “racism” via virtue signaling and mind control, propaganda, and double standards. They discuss humility and the importance to change in the process of seeking truth, working with our ideals vs. being grounded in the practical aspects of reality, what true freedom entails, the significance of the true Christ teachings, what walking the narrow path of truth entails, and much more.

You can find Benny’s poetry, videos, and stand-up performances at:


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Recap of what’s happened in 2020 so far from a matrix perspective
  • Being attacked and shamed for not throwing Trump under the bus
  • The views of conservative media seem to make more sense than the leftist MSM
  • The issue of extreme black and white thinking
  • Being attacked/shamed not only by liberals but also within the “truth movement” for giving some validity to Q/Trump
  • The importance of sincere research and applying the Trivium: Grammar – Logic – Rhetoric
  • The possibility of “good guys” in the government, helping to take a stance against the dark/evil forces
  • It’s not easy to debunk Q just as BS or a PsyOp
  • Not jumping to conclusions – everything is way more nuanced
  • Healthy optimism vs, Doom and Gloom dystopian future nightmare scenario
  • Excessive paranoia and negativity in the Truth/Conspiracy “community”
  • More and more people are “waking” up to the matrix control as the Deep State is being exposed
  • The film “Out of Shadows”
  • The splintering of the Truth movement because of nit-picking and “opinions”
  • Benny’s experience working in Hollywood as an actor
  • The bigger picture in light of the evolution of consciousness
  • Benny’s experience as the host MC at Anarchapulco earlier the year
  • Benny’s poetry and spoken word performances
  • The silver lining and opportunity during these times of upheaval
  • Taking risks and leap of faith
  • Divine guidance, timing, and support
  • Orwellian Thought Police and virtue signaling
  • The difference between red (Rep) and blue (Dem) states with regards to the “New Normal”
  • Assisting forces within the “matrix”
  • What does it mean to commit to Truth?
  • Trusting God and the Divine Plan
  • Seeking truth is an organic fluid process
  • What is your relationship to God/the Divine?
  • Future projections of hypothetical doom & gloom scenarios, fear-mongering, and negativity in the truth “movement”
  • Tap into your creative power and take self-responsibility

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • The division within the truth movement
  • The blind spot and black & white thinking of non-statists and self-proclaimed anarchists
  • Defunding the police is a matrix socialist/communist agenda
  • Appeal to emotion fallacy
  • Have protests ever genuinely achieved anything?
  • The CHAZ “autonomous” zone
  • The importance of understanding basic logical fallacies
  • Socially engineered “Racism” via virtue signaling and social mind control
  • White privilege
  • Propaganda and double standards
  • The ability and humility to change in the process of seeking truth
  • Ideals vs. grounded practical reality
  • The fallacy/trap of staying “on the fence”
  • Trump has been asked to run for president. It was not his “egoic” choice
  • Compassion and not taking anything personally
  • There is an obviously desperate attempt trying to get Trump out of power
  • There need to be intermediate steps and changes
  • The misinterpretation of the word “Anarchy”
  • Sri Aurobindo warned of the socialist NWO and also of the reactive Anarchies revolution – two sides of the same coin
  • The far left has no spiritual foundation
  • What is true freedom?
  • Benny’s insights and realizations when reading the Bible
  • Being a slave to you impulses, desires, wounds, traumas and unconscious mechanical conditioned nature is not freedom
  • The significance of the true Christ teachings
  • Christ Consciousness and the US
  • Walking the narrow path of Truth
  • The necessity of a spiritual revolution
  • Darkness before the Light
  • Benny’s new project and course offerings
  • The dawn of the information age and the death of the industrial age

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