Qanon – The Great Awakening: PsyOp or the Real Deal?

By Bernhard Guenther, June 20, 2020
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Qanon – The Great Awakening: PsyOp or the Real Deal?

By Bernhard Guenther,  June 20, 2020


  • Foreword [added 2/6/21]
  • Introduction and Personal Reflections
  • Following the Rabbit and Disillusionment
  • Qanon’s Information and Strategy
  • Trump: The Trickster Archetype And The Art Of War
  • Critical Thinking and Self-Work
  • Project Looking Glass and Occult Chess Games
  • The Great Awakening and Divine Will
  • Doom and Gloom Fringe Conspiracies, i.e. “It’s all a trap!”
  • Non-Duality, Staying Neutral, and Spiritual Bypassing
  • Timeline-Reality Split and Converging Timeline
  • Good Guys in the Government? The Battle of STO vs STS
  • Checkmate: The Achilles Heel of the Matrix Forces and the Deep State
  • Evolutionary Astrology and the Pluto Return of the US
  • Conclusion and Resources
  • Addendum [added 8/15/2020]

Foreword [added 2/6/21]

No other topic – and I’d even say in the entire modern history – has created/attracted so much ridicule and attack from ALL sides as Q-anon. These attacks are coming from every direction – from the MSM [Mainstream Media], the liberal progressive folks, conservatives, the “spiritual community”, the “psychedelic community”, the “yoga/wellness community”, the “truth movement”, the “fringe truthers”, anarchists/Voluntaryists, the alternative media, etc. Pretty much everyone in every demographic I know has written a hit piece or post about Q over the past year.

And especially since January 6th, 2021, there have been even more attacks, mockery, slander, and a full-on witch-hunt against not only anyone who has ever promoted Q, but anyone who even begins to question the official narrative about anything the world is facing right now [Covid, Vaccines, lockdowns, vaccine passports, Climate Change, Voting fraud, etc]. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the status quo and the official story is likely going to just get labeled as a deranged “Qanon Luciferian right-wing conspiracy theorist”.

I’ve written this article about Q in June 2020. The article and my view have been grossly distorted by anyone within these communities mentioned above who started to slander and attack me personally ever since I wrote it. Hit pieces have been written about and I still seem to live rent-free in various “truthers” minds who are very triggered by what they think my views are on Q and Trump. There has been a mass amount of projections and straw man arguments coming mostly from people who can’t understand nuance and get stuck in black and white thinking and either/or lens.

Ever since I started speaking out and writing about “conspiracies” over 20 years ago, I’ve been dealing with these attacks. It’s nothing new and comes with the territory but since I released that article, I’ve received even more attacks than ever before.

I’ve been “outed”, “canceled”, and slandered by a couple of spiritually and intellectually bankrupt“yoga” teachers [most notably, the LA Conspirituality folks.] I’ve experienced attacks/back-stabbing within the “truth movement”, being labeled as “controlled opposition”, and even people who I thought were friends have become two-faced. I’ve experienced a lot of ridicule based on this one article I wrote about this topic.

But the fact remains, that typically these attacks and attempts to ridicule Q and anons as a nonsense conspiracy, calling them “violent white supremacists”, domestic terrorists, controlled opposition, a Psy-Op or Luciferian/Anti-Christ/A.I. trap scenario [for the fringe types] are usually all based on huge distortions, logical fallacies, projections and simply a lack of understanding of the Q material itself.

There are, of course, infiltrations and disinformation in the massive “Q movement” as well, which is what these critics tend to focus upon and are not able to discern from the truth promoting nonsense like “JFK JR. is still alive”, NESARA, QFS, and other stuff that has nothing to do with the original Q intel whatsoever. Some of the fake anons are COINTELPRO agents, others are just useful idiots spreading disinformation based on Click baits which then the MSM uses to try to attack and debunk Q.

As the Q phenomenon grew in momentum, tons of garbage began circulating—including all these so-called “predictions” and so-called “insiders” certain figureheads in the “truth movement” claim to be in contact with—all of which never had anything to do with Q’s actual drops. And yes, there is also an irrational amount of “hopium” and savior projections, as I mentioned in my article below as well. Many anons also don’t seem to be engaged in any sincere self-work but keep externalizing evil as well, hence the importance of BOTH, inner and outer work.

From what I’ve seen and researched over the past two years about Q, there are not many people who have a more nuanced, big picture view of the role Q plays in this collective process of awakening in light of the evolution of consciousness many people are going through right now, as they begin to wake up to the corruption and lies in the outer world/Matrix. Since people are not taking a more nuanced view, they tend to either dismiss it fully or, on the contrary, get overly attached/identified with it.

Some of the very few people who have a more grounded, balanced, nuanced, and most importantly, a very well-researched view on the Q material and phenomenon are David Whitehead, John Paul Rice, Tom Montalk, and Jordan Sather. I had the pleasure to talk to all four of them multiple times and I have followed their work for a while, in particular Tom Montalk’s and David Whitehead’s work. They have been on my podcast several times and I was on David’s Truth Warrior podcast a couple of times as well.

As I mentioned a while back, in my view, Q has already done what needed to be done: helping to kick-start a collective “awakening” process across the entire world. Regardless of what happens next, a great awakening is already here, and more and more people are waking up every day but the road is bumpy it won’t be over any time soon. It all ties into the Pluto return of the US as well.

Laura and I have seen it over the past year increasingly when working with people one-on-one and the online courses we’ve been hosting, engaging in the necessary deep self-work with fellow spiritual warriors. This work has taken way more time and energy than anything else I’ve done before, and it’s also way more effective than trying to convince people via information alone. The only way out is in and through.

For those who still feel that Q is a “negative PsyOp” or “controlled opposition”, I recommend listening to/watching these videos

“Many are attacking this movement at the moment. The charges of “LARP’ & “PSYOP” & “CONSPIRACY THEORY” by both mainstream and alternative media alike have already been put out there for everyone to see. However, having researched “17” (wonder why I have to use that in this video description…) for about a year and a half now along with alternative subjects for over 18 years, I felt that a fair trial should be done.”

– David Whitehead


In one of his videos, Jordan Sather did a good job debunking this “Operation Trust” article that’s been going around in the “truther community” attempting to frame Q as a “Psy-Op” to pacify the opposition by comparing it to a Bolshevik Psy-Op from 1920. Even Alex Jones shared this article so that says a lot already. Lots of logical fallacies and very poor arguments in the article which I spotted myself too [and Tom Montalk as well when we talked about in the podcast mentioned above].

Jordan makes also a good point stating that anyone who writes these Qanon hit/debunk articles never ever sincerely researched ALL the drops [nor has an understanding of how the chan boards operate] but is just poorly cherry-picking trying to fit their made-up conclusions, putting their logic before grammar:

“Q Is A Psy-Op To Make You Passive, Look At Operation Trust!” — Wrong


Another very important point Jordan makes as well is that Q was never about “predicting” anything. It’s not an “oracle” predicting specific events or “prophecy” as the MSM labeled it. So many people believe that Q “predicted events” or that the so-called “Insurrection” on January 6th [which was a false flag operation] was the “storm” Trump talked about. Praying Medic (David Hayes) also made a video about this very misunderstood issue a while back and he wrote about it in his book “Calm Before the Storm”.

That’s also when some people claim that “Q’s predictions failed” [as so many people have said since January 6th], I know I’m talking to a person who has no real understanding of Q and never sincerely researched it [i.e. studying ALL the drops] or they take certain drops literally without decoding them applying Game Theory and Art of War strategy. Or they regurgitate things Q never ever dropped or implied which goes back to the whole disinformation and infiltration part, literally making stuff up for Clickbait hits.

This post by “Narrative Reframes” on Telegram is also well written, making the same point, Tom, Jordan, and I have talked about as in light of a positive PsyOp since not all PsyOps are bad/negative:


“Q is a counter-PsyOp strategy that’s working against threats to National Security.

Study PsyOps and evaluate Q tenets. Q is not meant to influence any particular narrative, it is meant to psychologically counter-narrative influence, cognitively trigger agility, and leverage a psychological posture. The result: QUESTIONS: motivation for detailed research, or investigation.

“Those who have something to hide are most threatened by the truth.”

Why is it labeled a “threat?”

The corrupt geopolitical conglomerates, government “institutions” and certain Officials are seriously threatened by Q for more than one reason.

1. It is subverting their Narrative Warfare strategy and objectives in multiple ways.

2. It is helping millions of normal people (Patriots) as well as those Patriots in Government, the IC, US Military, Fed law enforcement, and critical Industry positions do a really important thing: Identify traitors and corruption from within America and internationally.

Not all officials, government institutions or major corporations are threatened by 17.

In fact, not all IC officials, Intelligence professionals, career Military professionals or federal law enforcement professionals are threatened by Cue either.

The efficacy of Cue:

Countering corrupt narrative warfare influence against YOU, by causing you to stop, question & think, and giving you a reason to investigate.

The People needed a reason to question the control of corrupt and deceitful authority.

A strange digital phenomenon/ anomaly makes people ask themselves lots of questions and is worth investigating.

Creating a reason for you to justify opting for online research over that TV show you’re hooked on and binge watching after a long day at work -> which inevitably led to startling discoveries and uncanny connections -> connections which opposed a strongly established narrative you believed was true – your mind essentially went, WTF is this!? GTFO! <or maybe you’re a cool guy and thought, “interesting, must know more”> but either way, you became motivated to find out, to learn, and investigate further.

So much so, that thousands became OSINT experts to investigate facts and determine the truth based on extensive research that was not “Google” approved.

Deep research ultimately leads you to different historical and more-accurate information (normally buried by Tech oligarchy or purposefully not taught/discussed in globally funded academic institutions intended to educate the masses) you learn to filter for factual information over Big Tech AI “recommended” information and attain a higher level of self-education.

This practice is of self-education in the Information Age, when a goldmine of knowledge exists online if you care enough to learn, and decide to filter information differently than Big Tech AI traditionally does FOR you, will ultimately increase your knowledge, awareness and sense of judgment on the reality of the status quo.

This improves decision-making faculties regarding true-false- ambiguous information, ie: the meaning of many things (ideas, politics, people, laws, events etc) based on your own judgment – and not that of traditional “authorities” like Facebook, Google, Government Officials or other “Leaders.”

The Oligarchy (corrupt conglomerate) has been influencing belief and choices through public education policy and Information Operations (which encompasses Narrative Warfare, Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy, PsyOps etc) for years.

This is the mass-scale publishing of biased meanings regarding facts on huge platforms, publications, news sources, establishing media “authority” – all for the purpose of perpetuating group-think and forced normalization of psychological beliefs to support their ideas – which actually strip freedom, power and finances away from you.

Q is not the enemy here folks, not by a long shot.”

I can only repeat myself again, all of what is happening is beyond Q anyway, hence I’m not waiting for anything. Q is not the savior and nor is Trump. There is something much bigger at works from a Divine perspective. I would never claim to know what that “bigger at works” is since I cannot see with the eyes of the Divine and I’m not “awake” in the true meaning of the word. My view is still partial and subjective as it is for anyone else unless for the self-proclaimed “enlightened” know-it-all ones who believe to have figured it all out.

As I mentioned toward the end of this article: “If it turns out to be “the mother of all PsyOps” and Q/Trump is ushering us into the absolute matrix prison of totalitarian globalist socialist A.I. technocratic control, well, then, I’ll be willing to admit that I was wrong”. Simple as that. Time will tell and we still have a long time to go. I don’t think it’s that black and white and I don’t buy into these nihilistic doom&gloom scenarios which we see in today’s fringe conspiracy/truther community where “everything is a trap”. 

The past year has been extremely revealing, not just about the world but the division/polarization of people because of this one topic about Q even within longtime friends. Ironically, the polarization and attacks are mostly coming from people who dismiss[ed] Q entirely.

But there is also a natural splitting happening which needs to be honored. Old friends/associations go out of one’s life, new ones enter. Without judgment.

I’m grateful to be part of this adventure during these times and grateful to the Divine to be alive during these times. There are only lessons in light of the evolution of consciousness and everything has a teaching function

Bernhard Guenther

Introduction and Personal Reflections

3 months ago [February 2020], I made a lengthy post on Facebook about Q/Qanon and Donald Trump. In that post, I expressed that I was highly skeptical of the Q phenomenon. Basically, I dismissed it as just another external savior program, a clever COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) and PsyOp designed to give people in the “truth movement” false hope and make them complacent by simply asking them to sit back and just “trust the plan”—the plan being that the cabal will be taken out via mass arrests and Trump, the savior, is going to take care of all the problems humanity is currently faced with. Initially, my thoughts about this Trump vs. the Deep State was that it was the usual good cop/bad cop game of controlling both sides; with Q essentially acting as a Trojan horse of the NWO to gain complete totalitarian control over America and the entire world.

Prior to that post, I heard of Q before but I never took it seriously or gave it any attention, just like how I never took Trump seriously. For the record, I never had negative or positive projections towards Trump. He never triggered me. I had a neutral reaction to him and found it amusing how people got so triggered by his tweets and their “orange man bad” shadow projections towards him (from a Jungian perspective). Having said that, when he got elected, I was definitely surprised, as Hilary would have been the much better choice from a globalist NWO matrix perspective. The only reason why I saw Trump becoming president as a potentially “good thing” was because his character did tend to trigger people (especially those on the left) a lot, and in light of “shadow work”, I felt that it provided a great opportunity for healing and transformation. Inspired by this, I wrote an article called  “Donald Trump and the Shadow of America” three and a half years ago.

I have not paid much attention to Trump or politics since then. As followers of my work know, I have never played the “political game”. I don’t tend to identify with any side of the political spectrum, I have never voted, and I don’t identify with any nation, either. In short, I was never a statist and never believed in supporting a system of government to make choices for the people. On the contrary, I saw any form of government as a control mechanism of the matrix based on an illusory choice within the left-right paradigm. It was obvious to me that both parties, Republican and Democrat, were two sides of the same coin. In fact, I looked down at politics as being “unspiritual” and just a waste of time. To me, everyone in the government was just a pawn of the matrix forces, to varying degrees, and these pawns were on both sides of the left/right spectrum. I very much aligned with the ideology and principles of Anarchism and Voluntarism, looking down at or dismissing/rejecting any form of government/statism, “rulers”, and outside “authority”.

Followers of my work also know that I tend to focus more on fringe, occult, esoteric and spiritual topics—along with psychological, somatic, and esoteric self-work as well. I support the idea that in order for there to truly be a change in the world, we must first take full self-responsibility for our inner life—as above, so below. This means that rather than getting caught up in the consciousness of the “victim”—where we believe that we are helpless to the negative circumstances in our lives and which keeps us focused externally, fighting evil and trying to get the world to change for us—we must take responsibility for the life and world that we create around us and be the hero of our own lives.

Trying to change the external without dealing with their internal landscapes leads many well-meaning people to engage in mechanical activism and get caught in the trap of the “revolutionary mind”, as their activism turns into a representation of the trauma and division they carry within themselves. I also wrote about in the past about the necessity to transcend duality and not get caught up in the Divide & Conquer agenda on the 3D matrix level. My work also dives deeper into the 4D hyperdimensional aspect of the matrix and other relating topics. All of my work is published on my website here at I’ve lost count how often my work has been taken out of context and distorted by people, projecting ideas into me and my work I never said nor implied, engaging in all kinds of straw man arguments and projections. But that’s a different story.

I’ve also mentioned numerous times that my work is a reflection of my level of being and my own process of inner work as well. I openly share my emotional and spiritual process, the lessons I’ve learned, and I reference my own journey in light of the topics that I cover, never taking myself out of the equation in this process of awakening and seeking truth. Several times over the past two decades, I have shared how my perspective changed about a few things I thought to be true in the past, owning up to my past errors in judgment and seeing my own limited perspective at the time. I’ve repeated numerous times and in essays that I’m not, nor do I claim to be fully “awake” in the true meaning of the word. I’m not (yet) enlightened nor do I claim that I am omniscient and can see with “the eyes of the Divine.”

Seeking truth is a fluid, organic process for me; and I know it takes a combination of inner self-work, spiritual work,  and outer work (research). I’m interested in truth—whatever that turns out to be. In other words, my ability to perceive reality is constantly changing as my own consciousness widens, and this process will lead me to change my mind when it’s necessary that I refine my opinion and views on various topics. I stay open-minded—but with a healthy amount of skepticism. I like to embrace this mystery we call life and surrender to the unknown. My trust and faith is in the Divine and the Divine only.

Following the Rabbit and Disillusionment

As Qanon started to gain more steam, I started to look deeper into it. I’ll admit that when I first heard about it, I never took the time to sincerely research it, but was just going by my past views and beliefs that I had about it and what I perceived as “red flags”. I even said to a friend, who gave more credibility to Q, that I “intuitively” felt that it was a full-on PsyOp. I was very sure about this and had already made my mind up about it.

The main reasons why I dismissed Q as an external savior PsyOp was because of all the “lists” that were popping up all of a sudden on FB and social media around February/March earlier this year; right when the plandemic started. There was talk about immediate “mass arrests”, “10 days of darkness”, complete shut down of the internet, that celebrities who were being accused of pedophilia were being put on “house arrest”, the rescuing of thousand of children from secret underground bases, the promise of releasing suppressed technology (zero-point free energy), full UFO disclosure, free money (NESARA), cures for thousands of diseases (including cancer) as well as numerous other predictions that were supposed to happen soon, especially in April.

There was also talk that the lockdown—that we were told was because of COVID—was done purposely so the “white hats” (good guys in government) could go ahead and arrest the cabal globally, and if we just stayed indoors while they did this, no one would get hurt. I perceived all this talk about the “white hats” vs. dark hats as a silly Hollywood-like script meant to distract us from the bigger Work that we were really here to do. It seemed like Q morphed into some sort of bizarre hybrid; a New-Age/Right-Wing/Patriot movement. Even David Wilcock jumped on the Q bandwagon as well; although his predictions of what was supposed to happen in April didn’t seem to materialize, much like other predictions we have gotten from him in the past. Along with these lists of everything that was supposed to happen, I would see Q slogans like “Trust the Plan” and “WWG1WGA” (where we go one, we go all). I never took the time to research or verify the source of these lists (neither did most of the people who just reposted these lists on FB without questioning)  and from my perspective at the time, it seemed as if the Q phenomenon had taken a life of its own.

Here’s what I wrote on my FB post 3 months ago:

This whole Q/Qanon/white hats thing could be the perfect COINTELPRO type/controlled position operation, a psy-op, literally telling people that all this virus scare and draconian measures, economic meltdown, including possible mandatory vaccinations are done for your better good. Just sit back, do nothing, and everything will be done and saved for you. Don’t resist, don’t speak out. The “good guys” behind the scenes are working tirelessly taking away all the “bad guys”. You don’t have to take any responsibility because evil is only “out there” and we will protect you from it and “remove it” for you and then shower you with gifts (no debt, free universal income, cures for all diseases, free energy, etc….(from those lists going around)).

And on a basic level, the government saving you? No government will ever be able to give you freedom, just more control, and regulations, maybe a “prison upgrade”. There is a LOT of externalization happening tying into the good old savior programs as if we’ll live in peace, love, and light after the “cabal has been removed”. All your “problems” will be solved. From what I’ve seen, there is zero self-responsibility in the Qanon movement, nothing about basis psychological/spiritual/somatic self-work to actually BE the change. Evil is being externalized in a very oversimplified, almost dogmatic Christian/biblical fashion.

After writing this, something inside of me internally kept nagging at me. So, I started to do my research and looked into it more deeply. Initially, I will admit that I was being biased from the get-go and I was consciously (and unconsciously) looking for information that would correspond and support the opinion I already made up about it. I “researched” hoping that I could gather resources to debunk Q as a PsyOp as it would confirm my already existing beliefs and so-called “intuition” about Q. Basically, I had a confirmation bias, so I was cherry-picking through information to find pieces that would fit my already formed conclusion. I put my logic (conclusions) before grammar (research)—a big mistake that operates as a faulty foundation when it comes to critical thinking. I also had triggers around Q-anons, which I labeled as a type of cult.

Before even looking into Q, I allowed my own ignorance and initial perceptions and assumptions to make up my mind about it. I judged Q-anons as appealing to the lowest common denominator and typical right-wingers who loved their Guns, God, and Country. It was way too “American” for me (having grown up in Europe) and seeing the US flag all over the place also turned me off from it. I also had a trigger around many of Qanons being Christians and citing the bible. While I appreciate Esoteric Christianity and the core teachings of Christ, I thought there was a dogmatic religious spin to the whole Q movement. I also never could stand patriotism either since I was not a statist and looked at any form of patriotism as a disease that keeps us in separation consciousness.

But something else happened within me as I observed myself going through this process. I was afraid of finding out anything about Q that went against my initial conclusions and assumptions—I was afraid of being wrong. In other words, my ego and my pride got involved. I realized that if there was any validity to Q and Trump potentially being a force of “good”, then I’d have to re-examine my own long-held beliefs around government and everything else I mentioned above. In short, I was battling with cognitive dissonance and because of that, I wasn’t being objective.

So, I contacted my friend and colleague Tom Montalk from to invite him to the Cosmic Matrix Podcast again, so I could get his views on the topic of Q and Trump. We recorded the podcast at the end of March, a week after my attempt to debunk Q on FB. The most fascinating part of Tom’s view on Q and Trump was when he shares his in-depth research and conclusions about it; which is found in the second part of that podcast. It’s episode #30. I highly recommend listening to it HERE.

If you know Tom Montalk and his work (spanning well over 20 years), then you know that he carries a lot of trust with people for the depth of his research he does and the quality and integrity of his work. Listening to him laying out his research into Q and Trump was the beginning of a process of disillusionment where I had to face the possibility that my initial conclusions about Q could be wrong. It was a very humbling experience. I had to admit to myself that I made judgments and assumptions about the whole Q phenomenon without having done more in-depth, balanced research into it. I recently listened to that episode again and hearing it, with all that I’ve learned about Q since then, I am shocked at how right on the money Tom was with his research. It was funny to listen to myself, as I can tell I was hoping Montalk would align with my pre-existing beliefs and would debunk Trump/Q completely—confirming my own bias. I can hear how I was struggling with cognitive dissonance as my beliefs were challenged.

It was very humbling to listen to it again and good (bitter) medicine for “The Work.” The information he offered and the names he named all ties into what is coming to surface now regarding the whole Russian collusion scandal (which is also known as Obamagate/Spygate). Tom also mentioned that Trump is known to be an avid student of “The Art of War”, and that his “no fucks given” ego-trickster personality works in his favor as it helps him confuse the forces he’s up against from a strategy perspective. It also very much confirms the Uranian/Trickster aspects of his natal chart, which my wife Laura wrote about as well.

Thanks to Tom’s research and insight, I realized that there is way more to Q than I originally thought. I realized that the information I had been judging, like these “lists” which were based on Q’s drops, was information that been misinterpreted by the masses, as Q’s words were taken out of context or simply made up into whole new theories which took a life of their own. Most of the things that have been sent around on these memes are nothing Q has actually said or even implied, as the ideas originally posted were often taken out of context and exaggerated. It’s like Tom Montalk said on the podcast: “People feel like it’s Christmas all of a sudden and they make up wish lists” of all the changes that they want to see happen in the world.

Qanon’s Information and Strategy

Since my podcast with Montalk, I started to research the original Q drops further. There are a lot (currently at 4473+ drops). Initially, it is not easy for the average person to be able to comprehend and interpret the Q posts accurately. Sometimes in the posts, Q is being very direct and to the point, and other times he speaks in various symbolic, computer, and military codes. It took me some time reading these posts to first understand the “language”. The words he says are often proposed as questions to the reader, the wording precise, and oftentimes symbolic, the dates/time/names of his posts are very important as well.

I can see now what Tom Montalk suggested: that whoever Q is, there seems to be very strong evidence that it must be someone close to Trump, within his administration, or within the military intelligence community. It also seems like whoever Q is, they have certain occult [hidden] powers and are working with psychic tools as well, in the likes of Remote Viewing and Looking Glass technology. These are all well-known operations that have existed for a long time, which I will speak more about later in this essay.

Most importantly, as I was digging deeper, I did not see Q presenting himself as a savior or stating that everything would be just done for us and that people on their own had projected this into whoever Q is. Yes, Qanon has the slogan “Trust the Plan”, but if you haven’t actually looked into Q posts this statement can be easily misunderstood as just “sit back and do nothing”—which is what I initially read into it as well. There are numerous examples where Q mentioned that it’s important for people to educate themselves, rise up, and speak up about the topics he addresses. Most of all, I can see that Q is helping to educate people and bring awareness to certain topics that may be well known in the truth community—but are not spoken about at all in the mainstream narrative.

In fact, a lot of his drops are questions to make the reader think for themselves, to send them where to look to do their own research, encouraging them to connect the dots so they can see the corruption that is happening in the world for themselves. Q knows that they need the support of the people, as well, in order to create major changes within the “system”, and that support often comes through the people who support “American patriotism” as this freedom/independence they are seeking for America does tend to go against the typical globalist agenda.

Even if we aren’t American nor do we want to identify as patriots, it’s important we not throw out the baby with the bathwater when researching Q as we may come across parts of it that are different from our own belief systems, like I did myself. Personally, with the research I have done on it, I no longer see Q as a classic right-wing Republican or alt-right movement, nor do I see Trump as a classic “Republican”.

“The real problem Q faces is getting the general public on-board as well. It requires a complete narrative switch, and in order to do that, in order to usher in “The #GreatAwakening,” you have to systematically take down every single support structure those who profit off the Cabal’s narrative have put into place over the course of decades.

“We’re talking politicians, we’re talking the media, we’re talking overseas banking, we’re talking pharma, we’re talking criminal organizations, we’re talking human trafficking, we’re talking about CIA operated nations and military bases – we’re talking about a systematic purge of evildoers from the face of the earth. Think about it from President Trump’s perspective: if Hillary and Obama and so many others really are the criminals Q says they are, and you already have all the evidence you need… what would stop you from acting on it?

Put simply: you need to get the public on-board. And you need to do it in a way that’s publicly accessible to all, and undeniable. You need to shake the great bulk of the American population awake, and disabuse them of any lingering vestiges of the narrative that’s been fed to them by The Cabal for years, and years, and years.

You have to understand: the Cabal’s goal has always been death, destruction, division,  chaos, and control. If Trump was to just send in the military to arrest these criminals, there would be immediate chaos – only furthering the Cabal’s goals. Riots, looting, insurrection – even possible civil war – make no mistake, that’s the stranglehold the Cabal has had over the minds of so many Americans. How else do you get hordes of men and women to dress up as genitalia and march against Trump? It’s a total demoralization. It’s absolute brainwashing. And it needs to be reversed (at least among a certain percentage of the population: a “tipping point” if you will) before the real work can begin.”

[NOTE the part  about Riots, looting, insurrection, considering this article was written in July 2018]

– from “Who is QAnon? An Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon” by Neon Revolt

Most of all, everything that Q has talked about and the intel he has dropped is nothing new for most of us that have been researching the Deep State/NWO for a while. Q confirms much of what I have uncovered over the years as far as what is happening in the world on a basic 3D matrix level. What Q does do is bring way more awareness to these topics that often just get dismissed and labeled as “conspiracy”. He brings awareness to these topics on a mass scale—and that alone is no easy feat. Yes, it may just be the “tip of the iceberg” for many of us more seasoned veterans within the “truth” community (and obviously Q is not addressing every issue) but a lot of this will be new information for the average American who is just starting to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. It’s important to ease people into these topics as well, as more and more people are waking up to the many layers of corruption happening in the world as they start to see through the lies and hypocrisy of the official narrative that we are being sold.

Empire is rapidly losing its preferred state of invisibility. Open talk now of deep state, shadow government, globalist agendas etc. Millions of ordinary people beginning to recognize that empire exists and is our common hidden enemy – not each other. Soon, it is going to be even more fatally exposed. This has forced a shortening of their timeline. Hence, we see, empire has gone all-out on international destabilization tactics in the guise of controlled ‘radical groups’. Old trick.

In reality, nothing whatsoever to do with equality, racism, police, justice etc. That is a TOTAL DECEPTION. The façade is organic grassroots movements demanding social justice in the face of systemic prejudice. Completely false. Parroting absurd empire control slogans only causes further harm. The real purpose (higher up the chain of command) is the orchestration of worldwide social disorder – via covert agent provocateurs and conditioned chumps – with the eventual goal of introducing the apparently peaceful solution of imperial socialism. This is EVIL. Don’t feed into it.

The vast majority of humans are GOOD. We are not the problem. Need we reiterate that every African, Asian, and European soul is equal in the eyes of God and in the hearts of all rational humans? We KNOW this. What we are witnessing is the end phase of classroom earth’s teaching in good and evil. We are being tested. Honesty and courage needed. We must seek the truth like never before; at home, at work, in the grocery store, with friends and family, everywhere. The truth about covid, race, education, gender, sexuality, ecology, history, spirit, morality, God.

Become ADEPT in discerning and telling truth. No need to preach. Sow seeds skillfully. There are times for zeal and power, and times for subtlety and diplomacy. A time to speak and a time to listen. Together, in truth, in God, we will overcome this supernatural evil. REMEMBER, we wrestle NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES. Eph 6:12. Not figurative. Literal. TRUTH.

– Neil Kramer

I think the vast majority of people have over-simplified Q’s drops and project a lot into him (savior projections) and with that, comes a lot of expectations; like these “mass arrests”. But if you read the drops yourself, you will see that Q has repeatedly made clear that this is a long slow process for there are various forces at work behind the scenes—which the general public has very little knowledge or understanding of. Various puzzle pieces need to be put into place and Q/Trump also seems to apply Game Theory (look it up) in a high-level real-life chess game. Like in any chess game, you can’t go right for the King/Queen right away (the king or queen, in this instance, being major players within the “deep state”) but you need to position your other players first and think about your long term strategy, constantly observing, and responding to the moves of your opponent.

That type of strategic approach, combined with an “Art of War” mentality, and alongside possible remote viewing/looking glass abilities turns it all into a highly complex, multi-dimensional, occult chess game. Most of us won’t fully comprehend the moves being made unless we begin to study what is happening for ourselves by paying attention to the Q drops, looking at how it corresponds to the news (both the mainstream media propaganda and independent news sources) and verifying the moves being made for ourselves by connecting the dots with all these puzzle pieces.

Q is obviously very aware that the enemy is checking out his Intel drops, as well, and there have been many drops purposely “planted” by him with disinformation or just addressing them [the Deep State/Cabal] directly, letting them know that he knows what they’re doing. In a recent drop, he even mentioned: “Not all posts are meant for Anons.” The “anons” referring to the anonymous users who are the people who follow his posts on 8chan. Besides all the chess moves needed to put the right “players” into key positions while getting rid of “servants” of the cabal within the government (which would be a necessary foundation for any changes to actually occur), there are immense legal implications to what is happening as well. What we are seeing is a long process to get indictments for key players in the inner circle, which would only be the first stage to a trial and any potential prison sentences.

There is also another reason why there won’t be mass arrests any time soon, nor will the cabal be fully exposed within a few weeks or months. From the viewpoint of the evolution of consciousness, the collective consciousness is not yet ready to handle the complete exposure of the darkest shadows and evils of humanity. You can’t expect people to go from A to Z without being introduced to the corruption that has taken place in various stages. It’s like approaching basic self-work, trauma work, and shadow work: the psyche will not reveal more than you can handle. This is also a metaphysical law that we must adhere to collectively. The psyche, be it individually or collectively, has its own timetable in alignment with Divine Will.

You cannot force the process. Forget about people like me, you, or anyone who is already aware of all the topics that Q is hinting at—it’s the general public that needs to become more aware and open to these topics. The collective needs to catch up. The truth is learned – never told. Consider it like the 100th Monkey Syndrome; when “the storm” really starts, the public needs to be mentally prepared to see and accept it. This can only occur if the groundwork has been laid first. This process may take many years.

Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.
Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves.
Only when people see the truth [for themselves] will people understand the true nature of their deception.
Seeing is Believing.
Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth.
It had to be this way.
This is not another 4-year election.

– Q Drop #4461, 13 June, 2020

After months of looking into Q, dealing with my correlating personal inner process and disillusionment that I mentioned above, I have to admit that I was wrong about my initial assessment where I assumed that Q is a full-on PsyOp. I can see now that even what I claimed to be my “intuition” was off, as well, and that it wasn’t intuition speaking, to begin with, but my own bias and ignorance which I mistook for an “intuitive knowing”. After all the research and observing I have done since then, I cannot ignore that there is a strong case for the validity of Q. There is a strategy, even wisdom, and, yes, a “plan” behind it—but it does require our participation as well. Think Art of War meets Game Theory meets Remote Viewing/Project Looking Glass. In short, as of now, I don’t think that it’s purely a PsyOp anymore, and I get that this will trigger many people. But for me, discovering the truth (whatever it may turn out to be) is much more important than being liked.

I think it’s important to get out of this black and white thinking as well. That’s the problem I see on both sides: there are people who just try to debunk Q (as I did) as a full-on Psy-Op and, on the other side, there are people who put all their faith in Q as the “savior of the world”. In my current view and research, Q/Trump do play an important role but it is just one piece of the puzzle and of course, they will have their “imperfections”, as well. We cannot just expect that Q will just take care of everything we see as “evil”, to say the least. I’ve seen people debunk Q just because he doesn’t address 5G or because Trump is allegedly in cahoots with the Zionists (more on that later). It’s easy to fall into these cherry-picking and black and white thinking fallacies. It’s way bigger and way more nuanced and complex in light of the evolution of consciousness.

This doesn’t mean that I’m now a “Trump the savior”/Qanon now, let alone am I now a “right-winger”. I’m still open to being wrong and perhaps it does turn out to be the mother of all PsyOps—with Trump and Q leading us to the ultimate totalitarian matrix control set-up—but as of now, I have not much evidence for that either. In the end, only time will tell the truth, and we are all along for this journey into the unknown while we watch the mystery unfold.

Trump: The Trickster Archetype And The Art Of War

Many people are very trigged and put-off by Trump’s personality, his behavior, and what he says. For the most part, the “orange man bad” image has been created and fuelled by the corporate Leftist MSM (mainstream media). From a Jungian perspective, many of these projections are mechanical shadow projections of people who are using Trump as a target for all their unhealed wounds (especially wounds relating to the father/authority), and they never could admit that Trump is actually right about some things. Their own moral superiority and cognitive dissonance would never allow it, nor do they have the humility to observe their own inner process when relating to him, and apply basic shadow work.

You must see it all with compassion though because all of this constant anti-Trump bashing is primarily a product of all the lies and brainwashing the mainstream media (in particular CNN, NYT, MSNBC) has subjected the public to over the past 4 years, which has created many NPCs and SJW’s who aren’t capable of individual thought outside of their “programming”, a type of brainwashing which often started for them in the (also corrupt) left-leaning education system. Most people who run the “anti-Trump” program are self-identified as left-leaning, liberals, or democrats, and they are not interested in truth but only interested in making Trump look bad at any cost. All of this couldn’t be a better example of negative shadow projections—on steroids—and those who tend to hate him will engage in all sorts of logical fallacies to justify their projections.

Also, Trump is far from stupid or just an idiot, which is mainly what they paint him as in the mainstream media. It seems very likely that he has read and applies the “Art of War” by ?Sun Tzu—which Tom Montalk talked about in my recent podcast interview with him, mentioned before. I believe that, contrary to what the media portrays, the things Trump says are not merely just “accidental” or “impulsive”—it just seems to the masses this way. He embodies the Trickster archetype. Looking at his astrological natal chart, he has Sun (basic ego/id) conjunct Uranus conjunct North Node (destiny, soul purpose) in Gemini in the 10th house (the public house). It doesn’t get any more TRICKSTER than that; Uranus being both the ruling planet of Aquarius and also responsible for sudden changes, which is what manifests as this “Trickster” energy, as well.

Gemini’s are infamous for having 2 sides to them, and you can see that Trump is “trolling” people, especially people on the left—ON PURPOSE—and there is a STRATEGY behind that purpose. In other words, he has his public persona but is a ruthless negotiator behind the scenes. He also has Pluto and Mars in the 12th house in Leo, giving him the necessary psychic power/strength to withstand all these massive projections he receives from millions of people. A “regular” person would literally just disintegrate and possibly die under that amount of pressure, psychic attacks, and projections by his enemies and all the people who literally hate him and want him dead. These aspects of Pluto and Mars in the 12th house point to power on a metaphysical occult level, even psychic abilities as well; which may be unconscious, for the most part. Occult simply means hidden in this context, nothing “evil”.

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.
Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.
Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots.”

? Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Does this mean he’s perfect and the ultimate savior? No, he has his personality defects, as we all do, unless you are “enlightened”. It seems what is painted as his narcissism and his seemingly big “ego” serves him well to play this role; as you would need a very strong sense of self to be in the position he’s in and deal with the forces he’s dealing with. From watching his interviews, I can tell he is far too “emotional” to be a sociopath/psychopath (as he’s being accused of), as opposed to the slick, “eloquent” and “nice” Obama with his “mask of sanity”—who is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. Trump does know what he’s doing behind closed doors, yet he intentionally plays this Gemini trickster role out in the public so that people UNDERESTIMATE him.

He has to play “the game” like this because he is surrounded by sharks. That’s why you can see that he applies the Art of War and plays “the game” in a way that the vast majority have no clue about, nor do they have the ability to comprehend such a way of being unless they studied and apply this type of strategy (in the business world) themselves. We only see a fraction of what is really going on here. There are many things Trump has already done that strongly suggest that he’s a threat to the globalist NWO, which is why the media/left are in full-on panic mode.

Most of the more important moves he makes are underreported by the MSM or, at best, are only mentioned vaguely as a side note; such as when  Trump cut ties with the WHO, his efforts in combating human trafficking, and how he is possibly taking control of the FED,  among many other things. You can see that his administration has been very busy “behind the scenes” putting all the necessary players in the right positions, as the reason that structural changes never happened, to begin with, is because the government is infected with allies to the deep state and the globalist agenda. As Q says, the swamp runs deep.

A lot of chess pieces are being moved behind the curtain, but just as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (which astrologically, is what brought this all to a head) are slow-moving planets, this is a long process we are in for as well. That’s why there is such an increasingly intense pushback by the cabal and hostile forces working through the left with all the PsyOps they have been running since January this year; first starting with COVID, the killing of George Floyd, BLM, ANTIFA, protests, riots/looting, defunding the police, etc.

All of this madness is connected with them trying to interfere with the upcoming elections, at any cost, so he doesn’t get a second term and the cabal can install again one of their guys into power again. If you’d have told me that I would have discovered this just a few months ago, I would have laughed into your face for the reasons I mentioned at the beginning. Now, after researching it myself more in light of current events, I can see the underlying hidden threads, and this has given Q and Trump way more validity, in my eyes.

Before I started digging into all this, my biggest red flag was Trump’s support for Zionist Israel. I’ve been very outspoken against Zionism and saw it as the major control force over the US and the world. Now after understanding the “game” a bit better now, in particular Trump’s strategy, I realized that nothing is as it seems on the surface or as it may be on “face value”. For anyone accusing Trump of being a Zionist puppet, I suggest getting out of this isolated tunnel vision, black/white thinking, and try and see the bigger picture here. We must be careful of the “cherry-picking” fallacy and focusing on one single aspect of this without attempting to see/understand the whole picture.

In order to understand Q and/or Trump, we must first do our due diligence and conduct our own unbiassed research as we look into it ourselves, and this thorough research is a logical necessity before we can reach any conclusion. This will take time and energy alongside the sincere desire to know the truth rather than just find more information that will just confirm our already pre-existing conclusions and biases. That will also require a sound understanding of current politics and what is actually happening on the world stage. I had to re-educate myself, as well, since I ignored the political sphere for so long. The truth is, there is nuance to all aspects of reality and we must be willing to see this. Here’s an interesting article on Trump’s character and strategy which also addresses the Zionist question. Read this entire article for context: “About Trump “

I also highly recommend reading “Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now”

Critical Thinking and Self-Work

By now, you may ask why I haven’t yet shared more about Q’s drops/intel and attempted to lay it all out to prove that it is not a PsyOp but the real deal and that Trump is indeed a force of good helping us to “drain the swamp”. But my intention here is not to convince you, nor do I feel that it’s my “role” to lay it all out for you. There are many Q researchers who do play that role who you are welcome to research yourself, and they have been documenting this for a much longer time and much better than I could in this essay. I will link to some resources of Q researchers at the end of the article.

My intention with this article is to show my personal process of what it was like to have my perspective and mind change when new information that challenged my pre-existing beliefs and biases presented itself. I hope for others who are finding themselves in a similar process will be given some food for thought and reflection about how to “seek truth” and be able to reflect on their own biases, belief systems, cognitive dissonances, etc.

Most importantly, we must learn not to dismiss something without having done more in-depth and objective research into it ourselves. There is one thing I can say for sure: anyone who dismisses Qanon as just as PsyOp on face value (based on the assumptions I had at first as well) has likely not done any sincere research into it themselves but it most likely just cherry-picking their information they seek, holding onto their confirmation bias, consciously or unconsciously.

The question I ask the readers who are willing to admit they are doing this: are you willing to look into it without having any attachment to what you will find out, without wanting what you find out to be a certain way but to sincerely find out the truth as it is—not as you would like it to be? One truth that does not fit our already pre-existing beliefs may cause our entire perception of reality to have to change, so this process is much easier said than done. As I mentioned before when I started to look into and research Qanon with the intention to debunk it myself—I can see now that I already carried a pre-existing bias. Yet, the deeper I dug into it, the more I had to come face-to-face with my own cognitive dissonance as many of my past beliefs were challenged. I realized what David Whitehead also encountered when he started researching it (from his recent podcast):

“It’s not as easy to debunk Q as you think. It’s not as easy to just say it’s Bullshit.”

On a basic level, it comes down to applying the basics of critical thinking and the Trivium: Grammar – Logic – Rhetoric. The most common fallacy is to put one’s logic (conclusions) before grammar (research). It really just comes down to the fact that we must sincerely research something before making any conclusions about it. We can see this in many people who have opinions about topics they haven’t sincerely researched themselves, who make hasty conclusions about the little information they have learned, cherry-pick through information to suit their already formed biases, or merely skim through books/articles and don’t read the entire work and references.

This lazy way of applying the mind oftentimes results in distortions and in throwing out the baby with the bathwater or mistaking the bathwater for the baby. Since nothing is black and white, discernment is the key to watching our own conditioned biases which filter/distort the information we receive from the outside/inside constantly, and often unconsciously. There are numerous logical fallacies all of us can fall into if we don’t understand them; the basic and most common fallacies being strawman arguments, ad hominem, appeal to emotions, the Texas sharpshooter/cherry-picking, middle-ground fallacy, etc.

However, besides learning how to think critically, we also need to engage in sincere self-work to calibrate our “reading instrument” (the Self) as this holds the key to our perceptions and how we organize reality. We all have subjective blind spots and biases based on upbringing and cultural/social conditioning. We also have our triggers, shadow, projections, as well as childhood wounds, and traumas that form the [unconscious] subjective filter/lens/belief structure that we view the world and others through. For example, there is a strong psychological correlation between people hating on Trump (Trump Derangement Syndrome TDS) and “Daddy Issues” (issues with the father archetype and authority). Anyone who seeks truth needs to always keep their own biases in mind and make efforts to calibrate their perceptions accordingly, along with doing the inner work to clean the filter/lens which they see the world through so they can become more objective.

Dislodging these programs and unconscious tendencies that we use to lie to ourselves takes tremendous work and effort. It is often said that lies to the self are the hardest to detect, and most people do not want to uncover the lies they tell themselves to begin with. Without the intention to see the ways we lie to ourselves, this process will likely never happen, because, without the conscious intention to detect our own lies, there is no chance. Detecting the lies we tell ourselves also includes emotional intelligence and embodiment; as our shadows and unresolved trauma will show us that we can’t trust our feelings and emotions 100% all the time.

“In order to understand the interrelation of truth and falsehood in life, a man must understand falsehood in himself, the constant incessant lies he tells himself.”

– Gurdjieff

We can often mistake triggered emotional responses for “intuition” or “resonating with the truth” because there is a part of us which is not wanting to see the truth because it is far too painful. So we protect our ignorance and make justifications for it, at any cost. It ties also into the very over-simplified and easily abused saying of “take what resonates and leave the rest.” What resonates may be something that already confirms our pre-existing biases, and what does not resonate may be things that are true but are difficult and painful for us to face. I have addressed that topic in more depth in my article “The Difference Between True and False Resonance.”

Much of what we feel in immediate reaction to certain information can merely be our own mechanical and conditioned responses; which has nothing to do with the information or situation at hand. We may simply be challenged when these pre-existing beliefs and the identity and self-image we have formed out of them are presented with information that goes contrary to what we have decided is the truth about who we are and how the world is. This mechanism is also known as cognitive dissonance. This work never stops and we need to adjust our view of reality as new information, realizations, and insights come in. This process can feel like a death/rebirth process as layers of personality structure we tend to identify with shatters as well.

Seeking truth doesn’t result in an endpoint of “knowing it all”, and knowledge is a continuous process that expands and changes as the world around us changes too. It is tightly connected to the sincere inner work we are engaged in and our spiritual practice, which helps us sharpen our intuition as well. Every good psychic I know is both intuitive AND objective. In fact, accessing TRUE psychic abilities takes a very high level of objectivity, to begin with.

It’s important to observe our internal processes and how deeply programmed we are, and the friction that occurs inside when we are presented with information that contradicts our long-held beliefs. When confronted with this new information, many people are not able to handle this friction, and leap to denying what is being presented to them without looking first into it, or engage in black and white thinking and throw the baby out with the bathwater, because piercing through that conditioning can be very painful and vulnerable.

It must be noted that in the term from the Vedic prayer “from Darkness to Light”, darkness means ignorance. When we will not open ourselves to new information, we stay ignorant, when we are not willing to look into a certain topic because it challenges our pre-existing beliefs, we are choosing ignorance. A fundamental ingredient to “The Work” is the humility necessary to admit to ourselves that we have been wrong about some things that we previously thought to be true. When faced with knowledge, we must let it shine on the ways we have been ignorant in the past. Avoiding this process of vulnerability can result in rationalizations in order to be “right”.

Once you let the internal programs break down and work through the discomfort of accepting information that contradicts what you have believed most of your life or what most of the world believes, then you truly raise your consciousness/awareness. This process is not to be mistaken for the blind belief of anything that comes down the pipeline, but it’s also important that we’re not overly skeptical and judge things that we haven’t sincerely researched first. Hence, we must decide what our true intention in life is.

If we decide that “the Greater Work” is our intention, we must be able to notice when we put our professional ambitions, our ego/self-image/public image first, as the self-interested considerations of the ego-personality or the need to be “accepted” and “liked” can often get in the way of us seeking truth, as all aspects of life are interrelated and what we do in the world is a reflection of our intention in life, regardless of how much people try to compartmentalize these areas. Other factors like the “General Law” [hyperdimensional Matrix] and occult forces working through people [Agent Smith syndrome] are crucial to understanding as well, as there are multiple ways that we can be vectored away from this path; which adds even more complexity to the journey as well.

In light of applying critical thinking and conscious self-work, you most likely won’t be able to be entirely objective about the information I have presented if you have any triggers around Donald Trump. If he rubs you the wrong way, annoys you, or even disgusts you to the point of possibly hating him (as the vast majority of the left seems to do), then anything possibly positive about him or anything true about Qanon will be dismissed because of your triggers and projections, especially if you also believe the MSM distortions and the image they’ve created of him.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article,  I didn’t have positive or negative projections towards him, hence it was easier for me to see past the image of him that has been created. My triggers were around Qanon and with regards to the “external savior” program, along with my own cognitive dissonance that had to be faced when I was presented new information that went against my already pre-existing biases and beliefs.

Project Looking Glass and Occult Chess Games

As I mentioned before, there is a massive timeline shuffling going on in Q’s posts so they cannot be understood in a purely linear fashion. There are plenty of examples of Q making drops with certain announcements of what is going or will happen— a year or several years before it happens. Meaning, what he predicts didn’t happen at that date he posted it nor shortly after, but sometimes even exactly one/two years later around the same month/date. In my view, this is the main reason why people keep misinterpreting the drops which results in false predictions which then people see as evidence for Q being nonsense or just a PsyOp (which I did as well). Moreover, Q also seems to be very aware of the moves of the enemy. Below is an example of  Q drop he posted on May 13th, 2020 [#4230], reposting a drop he made on May 12th, 2019 [#3332].

As you can see in the drop posted above, Q announced on May 19th, 2019 that he reposted:

Treason doesn’t play well in the end

Followed by his drop from May 13th, 2020, exactly one year later:

This is only the start.

If you have kept up with and educated yourself of what is currently going on politically (not just through the corrupted Fake News MSM), you know that #Obamagate gained a lot of attention in mid-May with unrefutable evidence that the Russian collusion and accusations against Trump were completely fabricated and based on lies which also ties into the unmasking of General Flynn. It was definitely a “BOOM WEEK”. The documents that have emerged show that not only people in the Obama administration were involved in this hoax but Obama himself as well (including Biden) or that he was very aware of it at the least in an attempt to impeach Trump. Obamagate is a topic on its own and there are obvious reasons why the corporate leftist media of the cabal (in particular CNN, MSNBC, and the NYT) has tried to ignore it and ridicule it. But the facts speak for themselves as more and more is being revealed currently.

Here’s another one when Q mentioned that riots are being planned back in June 2018 [#1585] which he reposted in June 2020 [#4427]:

These are just two of many other examples that hint at some sort of Remote Viewing capability/Project Looking Glass technology. Q also hinted at Project Looking Glass back in November 2019 [#3585]:

I’ve been familiar with Remote Viewing and Project Looking Glass since the late 90s when I first looked into it. I encourage you to do your own research on this one, but here are some interesting resources related to Q: 

An interview with ex-Navy Seal Bill Wood who was employed to assist with classified programs like Project Looking Glass in the mid-90s. In a nutshell, Looking Glass technology enables one to view future timelines with the help of supercomputers to indicate possible future outcomes. Keep in mind that the interview with Bill Wood on Project Camelot was before 2012. I recommend listening to the last 30 minutes:

A few quotes from the interview:

“Very smart people began to figure out that something big was coming up. Something that made it so all the possibilities of all the future scenarios of any choice, any possibility that was fed in and observed through the looking-glass inherently ended up in the same future and no decision and no possibility changed past a certain point.

That’s the big secret. It coincides with December 21st, 2012. So at that point, all possibilities lead to the same timeline. What sends everybody that has all of the information that knows everything into a blind panic, the people that know everything about looking glass that have gotten all the reports and all the information the elites of the world, probably figured out that that was the end of the game nothing could be manipulated beyond that point.[…]

The timelines will contract to one inevitable thing. There is an inevitable event. It’s being forecast, it’s been predicted, it’s been fed to us. However, they don’t actually have control over what happens. They only have control over the reaction, and it seems that no matter what they try to do to cause their desired reaction—it’s going to have an opposite effect.

If I would have to give it a name, it would be “the awakening process”. It’s an evolution of consciousness, that cannot, will not be stopped, and no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation. Eventually, it all resolves down to us all learning the truth and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built, that keep us knowing massive volumes of information…Now at first, I thought it was the end of the world. But now, I see it is the end of their world.”

I remember researching Remote Viewing back in the 90s and I also came across similar information: that the psychic remote viewers were not able to look past 2012 or whatever happens after 2012 cannot be altered anymore.

What Bill Wood talked about over a decade ago and found out in the 90s sounds very similar to what Q has been saying repeatedly: there is “The Great Awakening” here and “Nothing can stop what’s coming”. I can admit, that these slogans used to trigger me and they were one of the reasons why I dismissed Qanon as a PsyOp at first. As I mentioned at the beginning of this essay, to me this sounded like a message with the intention of making people complacent and inactive; that they simply had to back and “trust the plan”, not take any self-responsibility and just let Q and Trump “save the world”.

When looking at it like this from the superficial surface, all of this does sound like a classic PsyOp savior program and a very silly one too. Yet, after the further research, I’ve done, and connecting all the dots myself, I don’t believe it’s a full-on PsyOp, nor do I think Trump and Q are the saviors of the world, either. This is a dual and active process, and Q and Trump as just players in this Divine Play, as are you and I, and everyone who is alive on this planet during these times. 

The Great Awakening and Divine Will

The main reason why I see things differently now is not solely because of all the research I’ve done into Qanon and the current events behind the scenes on the political level and the 3D perspective, but because of the spiritual lens, I see things through, especially related to the work of Sri Aurobindo. Once I was able to look at things from a much bigger viewpoint, in light of the evolution of consciousness that has been mapped out within the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, a bigger, deeper, and a more comprehensive picture in the context of Q and Trump emerges.

Followers of my work know that I’ve referenced Sri Aurobindo’s work a lot over the past few years in my articles and podcasts. If anyone is new to my website or is not familiar with his work, I recommend listening to the podcast “Sri Aurobindo: The Last Avatar” and reading my essay “The Necessity to Surrender to the Divine and Spiritualize the Being”

Sri Aurobindo’s main message was that “Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth’s evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process.” We are currently in an intensified Time of Transition which many other esoteric schools of thought and teachings have hinted at as well. It always gets darkest before the light comes in; as the hostile forces that had a grip on earth for a long time don’t want to give up their power that easily.

We’re in the midst of the classic archetypal (Q would say “biblical”) battle between Dark and Light; which is taking place on an occult hyperdimensional level along with on the physical level as well; however, the Divine will always succeed in the “end”. The truth is, “we” are not really in control of this journey, we are just along for the ride. Perhaps the “big secret” Bill Wood stumbled upon in Project Looking Glass that “nothing can stop what is coming” is related to Divine Will. As Sri Aurobindo pointed out:

Always indeed it is the higher Power that acts. Our sense of personal effort and aspiration comes from the attempt of the egoistic mind to identify itself in a wrong and imperfect way with the workings of the divine Force. It persists in applying to experience on a supernormal plane the ordinary terms of mentality which it applies to its normal experiences in the world. In the world we act with the sense of egoism; we claim the universal forces that work in us as our own; we claim as the effect of our personal will, wisdom, force, virtue the selective, formative, progressive action of the Transcendent in this frame of mind, life and body.

Enlightenment brings to us the knowledge that the ego is only an instrument; we begin to perceive and feel that these things are our own in the sense that they belong to our supreme and integral Self, one with the Transcendent, not to the instrumental ego. Our limitations and distortions are our contribution to the working; the true power in it is the Divine’s. When the human ego realises that its will is a tool, its wisdom ignorance and childishness, its power an infant’s groping, its virtue a pretentious impurity, and learns to trust itself to that which transcends it, that is its salvation.

The apparent freedom and self-assertion of our personal being to which we are so profoundly attached, conceal a most pitiable subjection to a thousand suggestions, impulsions, forces which we have made extraneous to our little person. Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, influences in universal Nature. The self-abnegation of the ego in the Divine is its self-fulfillment; its surrender to that which transcends it is its liberation from bonds and limits and its perfect freedom.[…]

The only free will in the world is the one divine Will of which Nature is the executrix; for she is the master and creator of all other wills. Human free will can be real in a sense, but, like all things that belong to the modes of Nature, it is only relatively real. The mind rides on a swirl of natural forces, balances on a poise between several possibilities, inclines to one side or another, settles and has the sense of choosing: but it does not see, it is not even dimly aware of the Force behind that has determined its choice. It cannot see it, because that Force is something total and to our eyes indeterminate.

Behind this petty instrumental action of the human will there is something vast and powerful and eternal that oversees the trend of the inclination and presses on the turn of the will. There is a total Truth in Nature greater than our individual choice. This apparently self-acting mechanism of Nature conceals an immanent divine Will that compels and guides it and shapes its purposes. But you cannot feel or know that Will while you are shut up in your narrow cell of personality, blinded and chained to your viewpoint of the ego and its desires.

For you can wholly respond to it only when you are impersonalized [embodied] by knowledge and widened to see all things in the self and in God and the self and God in all things. The state of ignorance in which you believe that you are the doer of your acts persists so long as it is necessary for your development; but as soon as you are capable of passing into a higher condition, you begin to see that you are an instrument of the one consciousness; you take a step upward and you rise to a higher conscious level.”

– Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga

The Mother (Sri Aurobindo’s partner) talked about the anti-divine forces having a grip on earth but that Divine Will succeeds at last:

“There is always a spiritual test before being able to attain the next stage of power. Each time you have to make progress, you have to undergo an examination. When Divine manifestations take place, they have also to pass through great difficulties and sufferings as a result of oppositions of dark and anti-divine forces which have had a hold upon earth since the creation. Those dark powers always oppose the new Lights because they do not want to give up their grip on the earth and sometimes their hostility even takes the form of war on earth, but in spite of all obstructions the Divine Will succeeds at last.

– from “Words of The Mother – Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother”

We’re possibly in that time right now—in the eye of the needle—where the Supramental Consciousness [Sri Aurobindo’s term] is now anchoring itself into humanity. The earth must change at an accelerated rate with this process; and because of these changes it will bring up everything from the shadows as well; as there will be much resistance from the dark forces who oppose the anchoring light, which is what the Mother hinted at as well. “Nothing can stop what it’s coming” could also mean that “No one can interfere with Divine Will”. This divine will/intervention will result in a “great awakening” for all of humanity. “Trust the plan” in light of the Divine means to trust the Divine Plan and align with Divine Will i.e. “GOD WINS” in the end.

Yet, as I mentioned already, this is still a very long process. We are at the completion of a long cycle, and it will take time for these Saturnian elements of the world to disintegrate as they have been built over many centuries – even thousands of years. The great awakening Q talks about is just one stage and certainly not a full-on awakening in terms of all of the world becoming fully awake, enlightened, spiritualized all at once. Q’s role is in guiding the general public in becoming “awake” to more of the 3D aspects of the matrix control system, revealing “the man behind the curtain” and all of the corruption which has been hidden from the general public, and the knowledge and information which has been suppressed.

However, I also still think people project too much into Q as well (similar to positive projections people have on “spiritual gurus” or anyone they put on a pedestal). This great awakening is happening does require our participation. It requires self-responsibility with conscious spiritual activism and most importantly, it requires sincere self-work in order to align with Divine Will otherwise you will tumble under the waves of change. This is not about just waiting for Q/Trump or anyone for that matter to “drain the swamp” and “save the world”. That may be the blind spot of many Qanon “devotees”. Much much more is needed than just trusting Q and it depends on you as an individual and the changes you make internally and what you make of those changes in your life and in the world.

We cannot divide the spiritual and physical any longer, and we must make our material/3D reality a reflection of our internal world. All aspects of the world are related, and I see far too many “spiritual people” ignoring their basic physical needs, material life as well, basically using their “spirituality” to take a complete bypass to the more practical aspects of their lives and livelihoods. In short, the real “Great Awakening” is a much bigger and longer process that goes way beyond what Q talks about; but he (they) plays a role in this current stage of the evolution of consciousness under the guidance of the Divine.

As I wrote in “Embodying the Warrior Archetype in Service of the Divine”:

…all lies need to be revealed, within yourself and in the world. No one is excluded from this process. No steps can be skipped. The process of the evolution of consciousness entails making the darkness conscious, as this expansion encompasses a widening on all levels as we become aware of ALL. There is no ascending spiritually without descending into matter (the body karma) first. It’s an internal and external process, as they are one and the same. Don’t just wait for a “Great Awakening” and “mass arrests” without being willing to face your own “stuff” as well. Shadow work is the name of the game during these end times; thus the Divine will be testing our sincerity, humility, and integrity as we face ourselves during these “end times”…and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

I have had to ask myself this question when doing this deeper research in light of the evolution of consciousness: could it be true that Qanon and Trump are also vessels for this Divine Will Sri Aurobindo speaks about, despite their imperfections; as it is often in spite of these imperfections that Divine Will succeeds. The divine uses anything it has available to achieve its aim, and this can even include our blinds spots, wounds, and the problems of our lives. In spite of our infections, sometimes even through our imperfections, paradoxically, that divine will is finding a way to come to the front and act through us, as potential transducers of higher energies.

Hardly any of us can see with the “eyes of the divine”, but this divine will acts through our own lives in ways which we can, at best, only see in retrospect. And what we are seeing happening on the world stage right now, the result is yet to be seen. But most of us can at least agree that this is a time of epic change, a death/rebirth process. The world will indeed never be the same, from this point forward. And what we align with decides the course of this journey. If we align with God, or a higher power, we will align with the Divine plan. 

What people see in Trump as egotistical defects may actually be beneficial considering his role and task from a Divine perspective. The trap I see is the black and white thinking (fallacy) of “Trump the Savior” and “Trump is a Lightworker sent by God” vs. “Trump the vile arrogance narcissist who can’t do anything right”. Perhaps he can be both, like how none of us are all good or all bad but a mixture of the two.

I recently read the chapter “The Divine and Undivine” by Sri Aurobindo in his master-work “The Life Divine” which has helped me clarify what I mentioned above. I highly recommend reading the whole chapter (and the entire book). Here’s an excerpt:

“[…]There is then no real division or limitation of being, no fundamental contradiction of the omnipresent Reality; but there does seem to be a real limitation of consciousness: there is an ignorance of self, a veiling of the inner Divinity, and all imperfection is its consequence. For we identify ourselves mentally, vitally, physically with this superficial ego-consciousness which is our first insistent self-experience; this does impose on us, not a fundamentally real, but a practical division with all the untoward consequences of that separateness from the Reality.

But here again we have to discover that from the point of view of God’s workings, whatever be our reactions or our experience on the surface, this fact of ignorance is itself an operation of knowledge and not a true ignorance. Its phenomenon of ignorance is a superficial movement; for behind it is an indivisible all-consciousness: the ignorance is a frontal power of that all- consciousness which limits itself in a certain field, within certain boundaries to a particular operation of knowledge, a particular mode of conscious working, and keeps back all the rest of its knowledge in waiting as a force behind it.

All that is thus hidden is an occult store of light and power for the All-Consciousness to draw upon for the evolution of our being in Nature; there is a secret working which fills up all the deficiencies of the frontal Ignorance, acts through its apparent stumblings, prevents them from leading to another final result than that which the All-Knowledge has decreed, helps the soul in the Ignorance to draw from its experience, even from the natural personality’s sufferings and errors, what is necessary for its evolution and to leave behind what is no longer utilisable.

This frontal power of Ignorance is a power of concentration in a limited working, much like that power in our human mentality by which we absorb ourselves in a particular object and in a particular work and seem to use only so much knowledge, only such ideas as are necessary for it, — the rest, which are alien to it or would interfere with it, are put back for the moment: yet, in reality, all the time it is the indivisible consciousness which we are that has done the work to be done, seen the thing that has to be seen, — that and not any fragment of consciousness or any exclusive ignorance in us is the silent knower and worker: so is it too with this frontal power of concentration of the All-Consciousness within us.

In our valuation of the movements of our consciousness this ability of concentration is rightly held to be one of the greatest powers of the human mentality. But equally the power of putting forth what seems to be an exclusive working of limited knowledge, that which presents itself to us as ignorance, must be considered one of the greatest powers of the divine Consciousness. It is only a supreme self-possessing Knowledge which can thus be powerful to limit itself in the act and yet work out perfectly all its intentions through that apparent ignorance. In the universe we see this supreme self-possessing Knowledge work through a multitude of ignorances, each striving to act according to its own blindness, yet through them all it constructs and executes its universal harmonies.

More, the miracle of its omniscience appears most strikingly of all in what seems to us the action of an Inconscient, when through the complete or the partial nescience — more thick than our ignorance — of the electron, atom, cell, plant, insect, the lowest forms of animal life, it arranges perfectly its order of things and guides the instinctive impulse or the inconscient impetus to an end possessed by the All-Knowledge but held behind a veil, not known by the instrumental form of existence, yet perfectly operative within the instinct or the impetus.

We may say then that this action of the ignorance or nescience is no real ignorance, but a power, a sign, a proof of an omniscient self-knowledge and all-knowledge. If we need any personal and inner witness to this indivisible all- consciousness behind the ignorance, — all Nature is its external proof, — we can get it with any completeness only in our deeper inner being or larger and higher spiritual state when we draw back behind the veil of our own surface ignorance and come into contact with the divine Idea and Will behind it. Then we see clearly enough that what we have done by ourselves in our ignorance was yet overseen and guided in its result by the invisible Omniscience; we discover a greater working behind our ignorant working and begin to glimpse its purpose in us: then only can we see and know what now we worship in faith, recognise wholly the pure and universal Presence, meet the Lord of all being and all Nature.

As with the cause, — the Ignorance, — so is it with the consequences of the Ignorance. All this that seems to us incapacity, weakness, impotence, limitation of power, our will’s hampered struggle and fettered labour, takes from the point of view of the Divine in his self-workings the aspect of a just limitation of an omniscient power by the free will of that Power itself so that the surface energy shall be in exact correspondence with the work that it has to do, with its attempt, its allotted success or its destined because necessary failure, with the balance of the sum of forces in which it is a part and with the larger result of which its own results are an indivisible portion.

Behind this limitation of power is the All-Power and in the limitation that All-Power is at work; but it is through the sum of many limited workings that the indivisible Omnipotence executes infallibly and sovereignly its purposes. This power to limit its force and to work through that self-limitation, by what we call labour, struggle, difficulty, by what seems to us a series of failures or half-baulked successes and through them to achieve its secret intention, is not therefore a sign, proof or reality of weakness, but a sign, proof, reality — the greatest possible — of an absolute omnipotence.[…]”

– Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book Two, Part I, Chapter IV: The Divine and the Undivine

Doom and Gloom Fringe Conspiracies, i.e. “It’s all a trap!”

There is something I’ve seen coming up more and more in the “conspiracy/truth movement”. There is a certain “doom and gloom” approach with “future scenarios” – that everything is a trap of the matrix, the earth is just a prison we need to escape from, everything is all of a sudden a deception, the grand puppet master is playing us from all sides, Q is an A.I. program designed to enslave humanity, Trump is the antichrist, soon we’ll be under full transhumanist/AI control, reincarnation is soul harvesting by negative aliens, the tunnel of light after death is a trap, etc. People are just glued on the internet getting into all kinds of fringe stuff without realizing that there is an amazing opportunity right now.

At some point, it also becomes a mental mind-fuck with all these future projections of what people think is going to happen and a lot of it is a fear program itself which only serves the matrix forces, ironically, including a lot of paranoia/fear about 5G, vaccines, chemtrails, etc. projected into the future. While much of it needs to be definitely looked at with concern and spoken about, there is a lot of exaggerated negativity, paranoia, and fear-mongering at the same time, even more fear-mongering than what’s coming through the MSM. I’ve already written about the trap of getting lost in the fringe conspiracy rabbit hole in my essay “Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life“.

Over the years, as I deepened my spiritual practice and took full responsibility for my life – my physical, emotional, psychological, and material foundation – I also stopped following a lot of fringe stuff because most of it was about blaming “matrix forces” for everything and something just didn’t sit right as I realized there is something much bigger happening in the “positive” sense even though it may look “dark” right now. I’ve also stepped away from some of the views I held in the past, or “refined” them in light of the ongoing process of Awakening, truth-seeking, and the Apocalypse (which literally means “Unveiling”.)

Besides staying aware and making the darkness conscious, it is important to watch what we tend to over-focus on (getting stuck in “the mud”) and especially what we project into the future. This doesn’t mean to spiritually bypass, take the New Age pill and live in a solipsistic love and light bubble of denial/ignorance, but the war is THROUGH our own minds and part of the occult matrix agenda is to create their desired outcome through us by getting into this “everything is a trap” or “doom/gloom” mindset.

I’ve observed this unhealthy “obsession” in many people who are into conspiracy and fringe stuff. The same people also don’t seem to have a spiritual foundation, let alone engaged in any sincere self-work and the emphasis is on SINCERE or they don’t even have their basic life necessities together (finances, livelihood, stable home) i.e. a physical foundation that is necessary before even getting into any spiritual work, and tend to blame “The Matrix” for their hardships based on the matrix poverty/scarcity program (ironically). It reminds me of what David Whitehead mentioned in one of his recent podcasts (posted at the bottom):

“The average person out there that’s out there just posting on Facebook and doing YouTube videos is barely capable of running their own personal lives let alone leading an entire resistance to an actual successful elimination of the very very deeply criminal elements that have risen up in our society.”

– David Whitehaed

There is something to be said about lacking healthy optimism, inspiration, faith, and spiritual vision in this day and age for there is always a silver lining. Besides doing research without cherry-picking or black and white thinking but with a more nuanced approach, there needs to be a spiritual foundation and insight (which goes beyond the mind to comprehend) so we develop a practical spiritual vision grounded in the material world with self-responsibility in light of the evolution of consciousness and Divine Will to anchor the Light right here, right now, without trying to escape anywhere.

There are positive STO forces at work right now too, helping and assisting us, working in mysterious ways and not everything that seems good is automatically the “false light” and deception. Yes, discernment is necessary but if it’s infused with paranoia and lack of embodiment and spiritual insight it will lead you astray. Moreover, you will never know the whole truth and may just get stuck in head-centric mental analysis paralysis.

There is a lot happening right now on multi-dimensional levels and I certainly don’t have all the answers nor would I ever claim to know it all. So, I’m all up for entertaining all kinds of ideas and fringe conspiracies as I’ve always done but I also see that this is not healthy for many people because it gets them into a paranoid doom/gloom state that distracts them from focusing on their lives, relationships, their own healing, creativity, power, abundance, and beauty in and around them, their TRUE essence in order to use this opportunity, participate and co-create a new world beyond just focusing on conspiracy/fringe information that we’re all “doomed” and getting trapped in blame/victim consciousness.

“Bringing spirit into matter means that we must address our basic 3D stuff, as much as spiritual people/“conspiracy” people alike try to avoid this area of life deeming it “unspiritual” or too “matrix” for them. This means figuring out your finances, your livelihood, doing a budget, getting out of debt, finding a secure home, as this is the fertile ground necessary to get into deeper emotional/spiritual work.

I see way too many people in the spiritual/truth community who completely neglect their physical/material/financial life. This leaves them ungrounded and out of touch with the ground that they walk upon, the world they live in, and the physical reality that surrounds them. Dealing with your basic 3D stuff will ground you into the truth of your current life situation more than anything else will.

Especially if you live in America right now, which is going through a Pluto return in the 2nd house. Big Karmic lessons around the material world are happening in the 2nd house for us all, which is all about resources, finances, the material world. Reality checking your financial and material life is the spiritual journey that most “spiritual people” need to take and often avoid because they’re terrified about going down that road and seeing and dealing with what’s there.

We cannot take a spiritual bypass on this part of our lives as it’s the ground that we walk on, it’s the physical reality that we are dealing with. It will serve as much of an embodiment process as any other self-work we do if we can get really grounded about our financial situation and what’s going on in our material reality.

You cannot ascend without descending into matter first. We must spiritualize the 3D world, we cannot deny or escape it. It is the earth that we walk upon. It is what’s there. It is our present life situation. It is as much of our karma as anything else.”

Laura Matsue

There is an interrelationship between nuanced complexity, paradoxes, and cognitive dissonance in these times we’re in:

“It’s going to be a wild year – and the dissenting people on the planet right now need to be valued. Most of the dominant narratives are heavily infiltrated and not necessarily in a way you can “see” unless you have the eyes to see. As a general rule, anything you have previously thought to be “crazy” should be carefully considered and researched as possible Truth.

Adding to this, the ability to hold paradoxes is paramount for many people. As humans learn to let go of Guru/Savior complex and hold space for the awareness of multidimensionality, and the truth about Soul Missions: someone may be a dislikable human [if you hold that perspective] and still be here carrying out very important light work: a training in multidimensional awareness is well under-way.

For those who are ready to hear this: yes that means Donald Trump. I do not believe in “saviors” so I am not in that camp, but I am able to hold space for complexity. Cognitive Dissonance is what occurs when you interact with new truths, as they register for your being while being asked to navigate an old identity formed around previously held belief systems. Both attempting to exist simultaneously is what creates the dissonance, thus resulting in confusion.

Have compassion for yourself, and give up projecting emotions wildly onto other people. Everyone needs to become self-responsible to one degree or another, it’s actually the only way we will ever be able to truly unify without codependency, trauma bonding, or leaving room for interference. Interdependence is only possible when we break out of the drama triangle. I stand firmly in alignment, always, with personal sovereignty, free thought, truth, and collective trauma healing through awakening to the upside-down nature of what has taken place.”

– Astera Ilhiana Magdalena

Non-Duality, Staying Neutral, and Spiritual Bypassing

There seems a lot of confusion in spiritual circles where people try not to “choose a side” and claim that it is their “non-dualistic” approach to reality, relating the higher spiritual truth that “All is One”. There is the truth that we should learn how to be objective and see the darkness in the light, and the light in the darkness. I’ve written about the necessity to transcend duality and not getting caught up in Divide and Conquer separation consciousness. But the dualistic view of the world all gets very paradoxical the more you analyze it. Yes, All is One, and All is an expression of the Divine, and even “evil” is the Divine, expressing itself in the dark side of reality, and it can never be separated from the Divine as I’ve written about before. Even Q mentioned the Divide & Conquer trap in a recent drop:

On a surface level, the Divide & Conquer agenda is obviously real, and ironically this is exactly what the media tries to impose on us through their propaganda as well as they want to keep us divided by race, class, religion, sex, anything. This is an extreme form of “separation consciousness”, but we also need to be careful not to use our understanding of the concept of “divide and conquer” as a spiritual/philosophical bypass. We do this when we use the idea of being “neutral”  or the oversimplification of the idea “we’re all one” or taking an intellectual understanding of “non-duality” to basically pretend we are enlightened and pretend we are “above” certain elements of the world and void of making choices in our lives.

Even if you truly rest in a state of non-dual awareness, which is really just a state of objectivity where you are embodied and connected to the divine, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to choose a side to align with or make choices. In fact, aligning with Divine Will will most likely make you choose the side of truth and justice. Also, as is told of the role of the bodhisattva, the point is not to escape the world but to be in the world yet not of the world. Meaning, you take the spiritual knowledge you have gained, you go back into the world [similar to the concept of “The Wanderer”] and then, act from that place to make choices in your everyday life. There is no “transcending” what happens on a 3D level because it is the material world that we must spiritualize; we are not meant to transcend/escape it. Non-dualistic thinking especially doesn’t mean non-action.

We also have important choices to make with where we act from, and we must analyze whether we’re are operating in our lives consciously or unconsciously (mechanically), as it is a necessity to reject and destroy the anti-divine forces [as Sri Aurobindo called it] for there is a war of dark and light happening right now on both physical and occult (unseen) levels. These forces act through us as the Predator/Wetiko mind virus which has infected humanity. It attempts to compel us to make choices that do not align for our highest good, especially when we act from old trauma and mechanical patterns.

There have been a lot of distortions in spiritual teachings that have been misapplied and misappropriated and served as a spiritual bypass for people, and non-duality is the perfect way out of not having to consciously engage with the changes we are now facing. We still have choices to make now and these choices will determine the new world that we are about to enter. You can still choose a side without identifying with it. As of now, I do choose a side: I support Trump, Qanon, and the Patriots, because I can see it all in light of the bigger picture perspective of the evolution of consciousness and the important role they both play in this current stage of “the great awakening”.

This awakening goes much more beyond Trump or Q itself, and it does include all of us. Yet, keeping in line with this idea of choosing a side but not identifying with it, this does not mean I identify myself as a Qanon now or as a Republican nor does it mean that I agree with everything Trump is doing. I know my own journey is beyond just this part of it too. I’m certainly not sitting back and “waiting” for a mass awakening or any mass arrests. In fact, I have no attachment to the outcome of Q/Trump’s agenda, in whichever way it may manifest. I keep focusing on my work with healthy positive optimism, the work on myself, and the work I’ve been doing for years and keep doing for others Sincere self-work is the ultimate key in this day and age to align with the cosmic changes in this time of transition without getting stuck on blaming any “external” forces.

I mentioned in our podcast about the warrior archetype that I also started to appreciate the true American Patriot spirit, especially during these times. I can see how this is really about freedom and standing up and defending the constitution, and the values that America was founded upon in order to protect themselves from the corruption of the Deep State/Cabal. It’s something I would have never thought I would say or believe (in fact, quite the opposite) just a few years ago. I can see now that I had too much of a black and white view regarding Statism vs. Anarchism. I also think we need to be careful not to engage in spiritual bypassing during these times and realize the importance of what we align ourselves with and the choices we make. The new earth we are building will require our participation. Essentially, this process goes way beyond “making America great again” or any political side/agenda.

People say we need to get out of this left vs right paradigm and not “take sides”. I would have agreed to that in the past. But this time, this approach of taking the “middle way” or just “sitting on the fence” to be spiritually or philosophically “correct” or “diplomatic” can easily turn into spiritual bypassing for there are other forces at work who take advantage of people staying “neutral” and silent. Essentially right now, on occult levels, this is not about the classical left vs. right political paradigm. This is about ignorance vs truth, the anti-divine hostile forces vs. the divine forces, STS vs. STO – whatever name you may want to give this collective battle of Dark vs Light.  This is the time to make a choice and everyone will be eventually forced to make a choice – not by some outside authority but via inner alignment.

“There is a choice to be made very shortly, and it would be preferable if all of the people of this planet understand the choice that is to be made. It will be difficult for many of the people of this planet to understand what this choice is because it is a choice that they have not considered. They have been much too involved in their daily activities and their confusion and their desires of a very trivial nature to be concerned with an understanding of the choice that they are very shortly to make. Whether they wish to or not, whether they understand it or not, regardless of any influence, each and every one of the people who dwell upon planet Earth will shortly make a choice. There will be no middle area. There will be those who choose to follow the path of love and light (truth/knowledge) and those who choose otherwise.

This choice will not be made by saying, “I choose the path of love and light,” or “l do not choose it.” The verbal choice will mean nothing. This choice will be measured by the individual’s demonstration of his choice. At the time at which each of you incarnated, my friends, each of you was aware that certain lessons, hitherto unlearned, were to be the goals for achievement in this incarnation. If it seems to you that your entire incarnation within this illusion has been a series of difficulties of one particular type, then you are almost certainly aware in some manner of one of your lessons. As you can see, these lessons are not to be avoided. They are to be learned.”

– Hatonn

At the same time, it is about being a spiritual warrior and not acting from hate but “destroy [the anti-divine forces] with love” as Sri Aurobindo alluded to. He also warned of the trap of a passive complacent form of spirituality.  Again, it’s all very paradoxical. The mind cannot fully grasp it and each situation is specific. As Neelesh said in the podcast about Sri Aurobindo’s work: “A rigid rule cannot be applied” and Sri Aurobindo also mentions that throughout his written work. The mind can easily justify and distort spiritual “higher truths” and over-generalize them, even making a dogma out of them.

“Many modern day “teachers” and “gurus” tell us “Since there is only One Being which permeates all things, all we have to do is see everything as only light”, and that will transmute the darkness, and we will “create our own reality of light.”

Such a statement ignores the fact that the statement “God is One” describes a reality that is a higher level from which our own “mixed being” manifests. The man who assumes that he can become like God at this level just by thinking it, ignores the facts of Being vs. Non-being which outrays from “God is One” at a level of existence that is clearly several levels above our own. Evil is REAL on its own level, and the task of man is to navigate the Cosmic Maze without being defiled by the Evil therein. This is the root of Free Will.

Man faces a predicament as REAL as himself: he is forced to choose – to utilize his knowledge by applying it – between the straight path which leads to Being, and the crooked paths which lead to Non-Being.

Human beings are required to discern between good and evil – consciousness energy directors – at every stage of their existence in this reality. Because, in fact, they must understand that God is consciousness and God is matter. God is good, and God is evil. The Creation assumes all the different properties of the many “Names of God.” The Cosmos is full of Life-giving and Slaying, Forgiveness and Vengeance, Exaltation and Abasement, Guidance and Deception. To attempt to assume God’s point of view and “mix everything” at this level, results only in STAYING at this level. Therefore, human beings must always separate God’s point of view from their own point of view and the fact that all creation assumes the divine Names and Traits.”

– Laura Knight, The Secret History of the World

Timeline-Reality Split and Converging Timeline

This is a time to actually take a side and not staying on the fence. We are at a choice point now. Eventually, we will be forced to make a choice anyway, as the more we resist the harder it will get to ignore the waves of changes that are coming in and cannot be stopped. I recently had a series of prophetic dreams that also confirm what I’ve written here so far and it aligns with what Q also mentioned [in light of Divine Will], which is that “nothing can stop what is coming”. I shared about this in my previous article “Prophetic Dreams, Visions, And The Waves Of Change”.

In that article, I also mentioned that during this intense collective process and the consecutive “waves” washing over us, we may indeed experience a more apparent “Timeline-Reality Split” with people riding the wave and experiencing a new reality and some who resist by holding on to the “old world”. The asuric hostile forces will try and usher us into a “New Normal”, which is more a totalitarian version of the old normal, as the agenda of the Cabal/Deep State and 4D STS occult hostile forces of the matrix intensifies.

The virtue signaling and false morality of the Democrats and the far left has become the perfect vehicle for these asuric occult hostile forces to act their will through, as they try to maintain total power and hope for complete take-over in one last battle cry and trauma installment program on all of humanity. This split may not be that obvious to some, as everything is still interrelated and all is ONE, however, one’s level of Being, soul embodiment, and the values one aligns oneself with will also be what determines which “personal reality” each one of us may experience—which is beyond the ego’s control, but in the hands of the Divine depending in our individual soul lessons and what we have done with our lifetimes up until this moment.

Looking at it in light of Divine Will and that “nothing can stop what is coming” (also confirmed by Project Looking Glass); Divine Will overrides all opposition and succeeds at last, as the Mother said. However long it may take, we may already be experiencing a Timeline-Reality Split. We can see it with people getting more and more triggered and more coming up from the collective shadow than ever before, as the polarization and splitting increases.

There is an artificial attempt of the Cabal/matrix forces to “Divide and Conquer” in the deepest way possible; and yet there seems to be a deeper cleansing process at work at the same time, with many people leaving our lives, which is make space for new connections, as we experience the outer world change as we all collectively shift into this new timeline/reality. There is a massive “adjustment” and “timeline shuffling” happening, which is beyond anyone’s control nor do we have the comprehension to understand while we are in it. However, eventually, it will all converge to one timeline—similar to the prophetic vision this young man had which I shared about in this article. Yet, again, this is a long process, extending way beyond anyone’s current lifetime, in my opinion.

“What we are witnessing right now is the biggest trauma-based mind control experiment the world has ever seen. If you can traumatize people and get them disconnected from their body and emotions, you can disconnect them from their true self/essence/infinite creative potential. The only chance they have left to change the timelines right now is to turn humanity into a bunch of soulless out-of-body zombies, or into an animal state where most of the time that human is only guided by primary emotions like fear, hunger, lust, and thirst. When functioning in states like this, humans are much easier to brainwash and control.

The fact that the cabal (or whatever you want to call the occult hostile forces who control the people in power) are attempting such an extreme experiment shows us how desperate they have gotten.

Never let anyone or anything disconnect you from your heart, your emotions, and your spirit, as that is the primary aim of these forces who are hostile to the human spirit and our human family. Remember to take any still moments you find during this time of transition to connect to your true self, as your relationship to God/Source/Emptiness/or whatever you would like to call this stream of infinite consciousness is the most important one of your life. The more we can align with forces larger than our small personality self, the easier we can live our lives in alignment with God’s will. It is God’s will we are seeing being enacted on the world stage right now. It is a type of divine intervention, although, to many, that may not become obvious to them for years to come.

There IS a great awakening happening here, and this is a long journey because it is the *collective* consciousness that must be raised. We may not see the impact of these times for decades to come. In the meantime, our biggest work to do is to align with these larger cosmic forces that are guiding us and ride the wave of these timelines shifting. As we become God-sourced beings, rather than finding refuge in materialism, or the temporarily and constantly changing world, the madness, the illusions, and the chaos, samsara, we can lift others up as well as we help those who are just waking up learn how to ride the wave too.”

Laura Matsue

Good Guys in the Government? The Battle of STO vs STS

The battle of Dark and Light also ties into the battle between 4D STO [Service to Others] and 4D STS [Service to Self] forces, the divine forces (STO) vs. the anti-divine Forces (STS) on multi-hyperdimensional levels. Tom Montalk made a point in the aforementioned 2nd part of the podcast I had with him, referencing that the “good guys” or “white hats” within the government and military may also have support and guidance of the 4D STO (Service To Others) forces. In other words, the Divine works in mysterious ways—even within the government.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this essay, the idea that change could happen through the system/government or that there is anything “positive” or any “good guys” within government is not something I aligned with at all previously, especially from the perspective of being anti-government/anti-statist and having had more an affinity with the Anarchist/Voluntaryist ideology in the past. However, this very limited black and white view has already changed ever since I read “The Human Cycle: The Psychology of Social Development” and “The Ideal of Human Unity” by Sri Aurobindo. I wrote about in my article “The Necessity to Surrender to the Divine and Spiritualize the Being“, chapter ‘The Battle of Dark vs. Light from an Integral Yoga Perspective’ –> ‘The Socialist Centralized-State, Anarchism, and the Ideal of Human Unity’ –> ‘The Blindspot of Anarchism and the Mental Fortress’.

I refer the reader to read that chapter in my aforementioned article to get a better understanding of what I’m hinting at, for the context of understanding why we’re not even close to the collective consciousness, as a planet, to being ready to live without “government”—in light of the evolution of consciousness and the transition that we’re currently in.

There are different stages that need to happen in first, in light of this evolution of consciousness, which leads towards a bigger “great” awakening. I think many of us “truth seekers” or anyone who has committed to the spiritual path can often have too many preconceived ideas on what the journey is supposed to be/look like and then throw out babies with the bathwater because it doesn’t look like how our small personality self wanted it to look. Since we don’t see with the eyes of the divine, we often don’t know the best way forward or what the next step is.

I recommend reading “The Human Cycle and The Ideal of Human Unity by Sri Aurobindo, as it has completely revolutionized my past views on this topic, which I can see now came more from a very over-simplistic black and white anarchist/anti-statist “screw politics and order-followers”, “no rulers” and “all governments suck” perspective. As I can see now, that was coming from my own bias, ideals, and limited understanding at the time.

In short, we can’t just jump from A to Z, into some sort of idealized form of utopian non-authoritarian/voluntaristic society—no matter how the intellect may justify and rationalize it philosophically. We are just not there yet. There are stages of the evolution of consciousness, with various key moments/shocks along the way. One of those key moments is happening now.

It’s interesting to note that Sri Aurobindo also warned of the rise of a socialist centralized-state/one world government 100 years ago in his writings where he mentioned the danger of globalism which would result in the individual losing all freedom under this globalist socialist control—which is the agenda of the [occult] asuric dark/hostile forces to begin with. They will use any means necessary to regain complete control over humanity so they can turn it into an Orwellian future where even having an original thought is a thought crime (look at how much the left polices other people’s opinions and free speech already). He was predicting the socialist New World Order which the Cabal/Deep State is currently in full force desperately trying to maintain, as the corrupted nature of the Left/Democrats is used as vessels fo the matrix occult forces to maintain their power. All assets deployed and they want to regain control by any means necessary.

This agenda is currently carried out via the Left/Democrats and their Soros sponsored assets BLM and ANTIFA with their underlying Marxist-communist-socialist ideology and it’s just the beginning. Even the UN recently gave their official support for ANTIFA. That says it all right there as anyone who has done their homework knows that the UN is the public mouthpiece for the NWO globalist agenda and always has been.

“The process by which the world-State may come starts with the creation of a central body which will at first, have very limited functions, but, once created, must absorb by degrees all the different functions of a centralized international control, as the State, … has been absorbing by degrees the whole control of the life of the nation, so that we are now within measurable distance of a centralized socialistic State which will leave no part of the life of its individuals unregulated.[…]

A centralized world-State would signify the triumph of the idea of mechanical unity or rather uniformity. It would inevitably mean the undue depression of an indispensable element in the vigour of human life and progress, the free life of the individual, the free variation of the peoples. It must end, if it becomes permanent and fulfils all its tendencies, either in a death in life, a stagnation or by the insurgence of some new saving but revolutionary force or principle which would shatter the whole fabric into pieces.

– Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle and The Ideal of Human Unity

Reading that book and getting deeper into Sri Aurobindo’s work—combined with my ongoing inner process—has helped me to see the role of Q/Trump topic more objectively and explore the role that the US has in all this, as far as its impacts on the world stage. Now I see things in a whole different light than I had considered before. I definitely do not see Q as the ultimate miracle (i.e. savior), nor do I believe that everything will be just done for us and evil will simply be eradicated from the earth, and to believe that is childish and naive, to say the least. No, Q/Trump is just one piece in the puzzle and it’s all just a grand play on the 3D level of this reality; yet on a higher level, I can see the Divine Force/Will at play here, which does not act according to our human expectations or logic and Q/Trump may as well be the “new saving revolutionary force” at play shattering it all into pieces as Sri Aurobindo alluded to.

Checkmate: The Achilles Heel of the Matrix Forces and the Deep State

The Achilles Heel of psychopaths and the dark anti-Divine forces of the Deep State (on a 3D and 4D level) is wishful thinking. Meaning, the psychopath will never ever feel remorse or give up, he/she will lie, cheat, and pull any trick in the book (or not in the book) to manipulate and control the people around them. Even if they have literally no chance of winning, they will not be able to admit it to themselves or anyone. They will still try and believe that they will not get caught. They will try to achieve their aims against all odds until there aren’t any more tries left. They never believe they will lose.

Going back to what Bill Wood revealed about Project Looking Glass and the inevitability of the end of the global control game played out by the Service to Self [hostile forces/Deep State] global control/game—if they know all this is going to happen, why do they keep fighting? Wood knows the answer and confirms the wishful thinking blindspot of the psychopathic elite:

“Because they are insane. And beyond being insane, they have literally deluded themselves into believing that they can somehow manage to get away with what they are trying to get away with. There is a distinct lack of reality in that way of thinking.”

And he adds:

“What we’re experiencing right now is two master chess players sitting at the board and one of them looks down at the board and sees that he’s in checkmate in seven moves and he looks across at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it too so there’s no getting out of it at this point.  The loser can only prolong the game. Both players know the game is over. It’s only a matter of time before he does this and then you’re forced to do this and then he’s forced to do this and eventually checkmate.”

However, this is a very long process. Trump is certainly not going to take care of it all and end their game nor will it be over in a few years of even decades. As I’ve mentioned before, to expect that Trump, Q, and the Patriots are just going to eradicate all “evil” with all the savior projections is not only naive but doesn’t even make sense in light of the evolution of consciousness for the “Great Awakening” is beyond anyone’s control and goes far beyond exposing the cabal and a few “bad guys”. There are infinite variables that come into play which can only be understood from the viewpoint of the Divine and it certainly is not an intellectual understanding.

But the supramental power does not obey our logic or morality; it sees far into space and time, and it does not try to do away with evil in order to save the good, nor does it work through miracles; it frees the good that is within the evil, applying its force and light on the dark half so it consents to its luminous counterpart. Wherever it is applied, the immediate effect is to touch off a crisis; that is, to place the shadow in front of its own light. It is a stupendous evolutionary ferment.”

– Satprem

“The changes we see in the world today are intellectual, moral, physical in their ideal and intention: the spiritual revolution waits for its hour and throws up meanwhile its waves here and there. Until it comes the sense of the others cannot be understood and till then all interpretations of present happening and forecast of man’s future are vain things.

– Sri Aurobindo

Evolutionary Astrology and the Pluto Return of the US

Looking at what is currently happening (and has been building up) from an evolutionary astrological perspective adds another angle or “bigger picture” perspective beyond the political 3D manifestations. This is a topic on its own, but I just want to mention it here briefly to show that there is indeed a more cosmic “plan” and a bigger process that needs to happen and cannot be stopped. It ties into the Pluto return of the US. From 2019 to 2025, the US will experience its first Pluto return, which means Pluto returns to the place in the natal chart it occupied when America was born.

That is an intense transit, to say the least, and what gave it more karmic weight was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that happened in Capricorn in January 2020. Renowned astrologer Michael Lutin talked about it in more depth in episode #20 of the Cosmic Matrix Podcast “Astrology, Occultations, and the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction”. Laura and I also went into more depth about the current Plutonian energies, how they affect us individually, and the Pluto return of the US in episode #30 “The Warrior Archetype, Divine Grace, And The Plutonian Process” (especially in part 2.)

Michael Lutin already wrote about the Pluto Return of the US back in 2006, 14 years ago, predicting much of what we see happening now:

In the years 2023–25, the final stages of the Pluto return and the Capricorn effect will reach a climax. Some astrologers believe that an empire lasts no longer than one Pluto cycle, and by 2025 this cycle will be played out. And no matter how you look at it, the U.S.A. is an empire. Just as the British Empire began enduring sunsets after the fledgling colonies won their independence, our turn may be coming.

The Pluto return of 2025 will demand a redefinition of the United States and create the ultimate identity crisis. We will have to put ourselves on the line, as we did in the 1770s. The period of turbulence that lies before us all in America is not God’s wrath or the work of radical Muslims, and it has nothing to do with the hole in the ozone layer. It is a necessary and inevitable step in the evolution of this country that will result in a reworking of the Constitution in the last half of the 2020s.”

Pluto is the slowest moving planet, orbiting the sun in 248-year cycles, taking an average of twenty years through a single sign:

Pluto is the most powerful planet in astrology, ruling death, rebirth, and transformation. Known as “the destroyer”, it ends a movement or generation and begins a new one when it moves from sign to sign. It reflects the struggles, passions, and metamorphoses of each generation. Existing in the farthest reaches of our galaxy, Pluto helps us to achieve the pinnacle of spiritual advancement. With volcanic eruptions, it destroys anything out of alignment with truth. The birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, or a bad accident are all reflective of Pluto’s intense lessons, leaving us bare to face our truest selves.

Broader events like war, crisis, and the overturning of governments push us to experience the same Plutonian lessons as a collective. Archetypically, Pluto is the shaman and Vajra master who requires wholehearted commitment to lead us to realization. We must dedicate ourselves to our spiritual growth, finding courage to look inward and leap into space—beyond concept, judgment, or fear.

Pluto will help us to break out of our cocoons and step into the unknown. Whether we’re hiding behind obsessions, addictions, power struggles, or toxic relationships, Pluto makes sure we abandon these illusions of safety, surrendering to the fires of self-awareness. At that point we will master the wisdom of Pluto – letting go, relaxing with uncertainty, and opening to change and transformation.

– Juliana McCarthy, The Stars Within You – A Modern Guide to Astrology

My wife Laura Matsue who is a writer, astrologer, and intuitive coach gives a deeper insight into how the Pluto return of the US is affecting the country and the population:

“The Pluto return of the US in Capricorn is transiting thought the 2nd house of the US natal chart and will likely demand a complete restructuring of Government (Capricorn) and the values (2nd house) that America was founded upon. This will also mean a restructuring of the financial sector as well. The way we will get there will be a typically Plutonian way: through destruction, transformation, and facing corruption and shadows. While there will be turbulent times economically, there is also the potential for great growth. We may see a Phoenix-like comeback for America as a player on the world stage. If we learn our Pluto lessons, we will surely come out this stage much more “anti-fragile” in the area it impacts. Meaning, the states as an economic power may be a force to be reckoned with after this period is over.

For many of us living in America, we may have some deep money work to do. We will have to face our 2nd house issues, face our debts, and face our relationship to money entirely. If we have been a slave to money and exhausting ourselves just to get by, we may have to reevaluate the way we live our lives. It could also swing the opposite side of the pendulum, where people become completely “anti-materialistic” in an attempt to “abolish capitalism” and drive us into a socialist future.

Since Pluto is a painfully slow-moving planet, this is a long game that we will see play out over the next decade or so. This Pluto transit, on a psycho-spiritual level, is demanding that we call on our deep well of inner resources in order to become self-sufficient in how we make a living. Many of us, out of pure necessity right now, may use this Plutonian opportunity of rebirth to become truly “self-made” in the area of finances. Though it may be hard work at first, now is the time to become financially independent. We are being asked to identify: what is it truly value in life? Leading our lives from those inner values is a big Taurus lesson (ruler of the 2nd house.)

America itself has swayed far from the values it was founded upon. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Family, freedom, and being able free to practice spirituality without fear of persecution. What we may see is a resurrection of these traditional values in the United States was founded upon. As America strengthens its power by breaking down what is not working, we will see a new America about to reborn, a modernized version of traditional America that all but the true patriots of America have long forgotten.

– Laura Matsue

In a nutshell, this Pluto return is about a major death/rebirth process for the US and can be linked to the “2nd American Revolution”. Pluto rules the underworld. A 2nd house Pluto transit is shadow work in action in the material world and it will be painful. It brings up everything from the shadows to be looked at, destroyed, and/or transformed. Anything that is not aligned with Truth will and must disintegrate. It’s similar to Kali energy, who is the all compassionate mother who acts as the destroyer of our illusions: good and bad: We will see her coming out in her fullest form during these end times of the Kali Yuga. She has a big job to do.

So, we can see all that is currently happening in the US as a necessary process of destruction/rebirth from the viewpoint of evolutionary astrology. Although Pluto is a slow-moving planet it is extremely destructive in its wake. There won’t be any immediate “mass arrests” soon, and the people involved in this government corruption will have karma to face and evolutionary choices to make at each junction. We will be able to break many karmic cycles over the next few years and what unfolds out of this process will depend on us and the choices we make as a collective as well.

There is way more going on and everything is going by plan, a much bigger plan neither you, I, nor Q, Trump, or anyone for that matter has any control over. We all have our part to play in this process and there will be evolutionary tests and leaps to make. Much of this transit will bring up your stuff as well, anything you have suppressed/repressed, avoided looking at, old wounds, traumas, the lies you have been telling yourself, your shadow—all of it needs to come up out of the dark and be transformed for the Divine to anchor its light in the name of Truth, Love, Beauty, and Gnosis/Knowledge.

In other words, we also need to engage in the necessary inner work to ride the waves of change and become what we are destined to become at some time in our evolutionary future: a spiritualized divine gnostic being as Sri Aurobindo foresaw. We’re still at an intermediate stage of this adventure of consciousness, yet it’s a pivotal moment, a crucial step of crossing the threshold to a new world that wants to be born.

Godspeed and may God be with you.


I’m ending this essay with a video by David Whitehead which I highly recommend watching. He is making very similar points about Q that I’ve addressed in this essay and he seems to have gone through the same process as I did. I imagine many people who are finding themselves reading it have gone through something similar as well.

“Since we’ve been wound up in all these spiderwebs as a collective and as a human family for so long – so many lies so much deception, so much programming. Decades and decades of generational programming, even to the point of programming you on a cellular level and a psychological level subconsciously. You don’t just jump out of that and then suddenly a free world appears in front of you. It takes a process. It takes a fight and we are gonna need some help from upstairs. We are gonna need some help from within the system.

The average person out there that’s out there just posting on Facebook and doing YouTube videos is barely capable of running their own personal lives let alone leading an entire resistance to an actual successful elimination of the very very deeply criminal elements that have risen up in our society. You can’t just do that. It takes all of us but it’s also gonna take some people on the inside that have had changes of heart or Who’ve been there from the inside trying to fight the best they can for a long’s gonna take intelligence operations to try to drop the information to the public so that the public can awaken a lot faster than they otherwise would we’re just listening to people like me”

This is the most epic battle of our times. We need to see what’s going on here and look through it and study all the angles and that means you’re gonna have to make mistakes. You’re gonna have to go down avenues that you aren’t comfortable with. You’re gonna have to challenge your preexisting belief systems. You gonna have to open up your mind. You’re also gonna have to remain skeptical but in a healthy sense.

You’re gonna have to put on the detective hat and that is not easy to do because it’s easier to just go along with what makes you feel better. Most people just believe what makes them feel better. They don’t actually try to go for the truth because the truth is often frightening. So we have to find a way to unify on those fronts and go on these go on these explorations. There’s nothing wrong with exploring these things if you have an interest in it and something about it piqued your interest or even triggered you, it’s important to go follow up on it and see what’s what…but whatever it turns out to be (If Q is a PsyOp or real), you can’t just cherry-pick information on the surfaceIt’s not as easy to debunk Q as you think. It’s not as easy to just say it’s BS.

– David Whitehead

So, is Qanon the real deal or just another Psyop in the history of COINTELPRO PsyOps? As I said throughout the essay, as of now I don’t see it as a PsyOp but give it more validity as the “real deal”. If it turns out to be “the mother of all PsyOps” and Q/Trump is ushering us into the absolute matrix prison of totalitarian globalist socialist A.I. technocratic control, well, then, I’ll be willing to admit that I was wrong but something tells me it’s not going to be that bleak and dark. Yet, only time will tell. I have faith in and trust the Divine.

However, I think most of us can agree and see that there is a deeper and greater awakening happening, with or without Q/Trump—and nothing can stop that from happening. In fact, you can’t stop it because it has already started, and you and I and all the Qanons are just along for the ride. How long it will take depends on our willingness to surrender, answer the call, align with Divine Will, as we all learn how to ride these great waves of change into an unknown world that has yet to be seen.

[ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Special thanks and love to my wife Laura Matsue for helping me edit this essay and for her invaluable feedback, support, and insights.  Also special thanks and gratitude to Tom Montalk and Neelesh Marik for their insights and help to get me started. It’s been quite a process for me to write this piece.]



David Whitehead invited me to be on his Truth Warrior podcast show. It was a great chat. For over 2 hrs we talked about Q, Trump, self-work, the path of seeking truth, the evolution of consciousness, martial arts, shadow work, suffering, how to use these times for transformation, being anti-fragile, and much more…


ADDENDUM (8/15/2020):

Talking to Jordan Sather on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast a few weeks ago, as well as having talked to David Whitehead again recently, and having watched Tom Montalks’s latest interview on Q and Trump has confirmed everything I’ve written about in my article above and also helped me to connect more dots and get more clarity around the Qanon topic in my ongoing research.

However, the biggest realization is that, at this point, I cannot take anyone’s opinion/view about Qanon seriously unless they have done sincere in-depth research on the topic first, which will take many hours. I have found that the majority of people do not seem interested in doing this but rather want to formulate an “opinion” on something they haven’t even sincerely researched. This is an error in critical thinking to put conclusions about a topic before you’ve even done your in-depth research. Imagine a scientist would say, “I haven’t done any trials or experiments on this hypothesis but here are my conclusions already and I’m not changing my mind.” This is the kind of attitude that most people approach Qanon with who intend to debunk it right off-hand.

Or, even worse, they take on the view/opinion by the Mockingbird MSM spreading nonsense and lies about Qanon.

Because as I realize now after having researched it myself for the past five months in depth—there is a lot to get into. And after spending hundreds of hours researching it myself; I still feel I only just scraped the surface as there are new realizations and “aha” moments every day. For the most part, Q’s intel confirmed the research I’ve already done over the past two decades already seeking truth—including uncovering the extremely dark shadows of humanity pertaining to the ritualistic abuse of children, child trafficking, and elite pedophile rings (which not only includes rape but goes even further into the torture and ritualist killing of children, mostly pre-teens.)

There are many misconceptions and projections about Q (and Trump) going around and I would say the large majority of it is coming from people who never really did the proper research themselves. I can understand this critical error, because I did the same at first, as I shared in my Qanon article above. Now, five months into it, I can clearly see that in order for anyone to understand Q (and even Trump) they will have to go through all the data Q posted since Oct. 2017, i.e.: the “drops” from day one—in sequence, and then going back to verify new drops with past drops [Future proves Past]—NOT just cherry-picking the Q drops or random quotes from memes they’ve seen. This is a lot to get into at 4.6k drops+ at this point. It is important to then do back-up research to take the lead/intel, and seek information to answer the questions by Q to connect the dots (Q uses the Socratic method.)

The Socratic method is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals. The alternating asking and answering of questions is used to force critical thinking, the analysis of ideas, and the examination of underlying presuppositions. The Socratic method leads to hypothesis elimination; better hypotheses emerge by steadily identifying and eliminating weak ones or ones that lead to contradictions. Typically, a series of questions are introduced that are intended as tests of logic and fact. These questions help a person discover their underlying beliefs about some topie and identify beliefs that should be discarded.

– Dave Hayes

Many people seem to label Q as a cult, but I’ve seen no cult leader that seeks people to think for themselves in this way, do research for themselves, and develop a strong basis of critical thinking. Which is exactly what these drops lead people to do. Of course, there are all kinds of spin-offs within the “Qanon community” projecting stuff into Q which “he” never said or implied, savior projections, people way too attached to very dogmatic religious beliefs, as well as all kinds of disinformation/COINTELPRO attempts to discredit Q which is increasing including the MSMS’s and social media’s (Twitter, Facebook) attempts to censor Qanon.

For example, some people jumping on the Q bandwagon without actually studying the raw data also push this NESARA stuff even though Q never even mentioned it, alluded to it or implied it ever. It relates to “people making up wish lists as if it’s Christmas” as Tom Montalk mentioned in our podcast on that topic (TCM #30). 

Some people are trying to debunk Q by debunking NESARA assuming that Q actually pushes or mentioned it. I’ve seen it a lot on FB recently. Kinda like the ultimate a straw man fallacy and shows once again that the debunkers don’t research the Q data for themselves first but even try to debunk something Q never said while assuming that he did. There are other examples like that. (Tom Montalk and Jordan Sather also address the NESARA disinfo in the aforementioned podcasts.)

But what is even more important in order to understand the Q drops and read them correctly, one needs to have a comprehension of Game Theory (John Nash). For example, it is important to understand that not all drops are for “anons” (readers of Q) but to throw off the enemy (who is also watching). There is an Art of War based strategy (another classic book that needs to be understood by those reading the drops), Looking Glass technology (Future proves Past), a chess-like strategy, and there is also a need to develop a foundational understanding of what’s been happening politically behind the scenes (not reported by the MSM) going back to JFK to the Obama years, the Clinton/Obama 16 year plan, leading up to the Russian collusion hoax and the unmasking of General Flynn (Obamagate) in order to begin to get the whole picture as well as the dark topic of Child Trafficking and Sexual Ritual Abuse (SRA) connecting to the Clinton foundation, and “Pizzagate” exposed by the leaked emails on Wikileaks and exposed by Q as well.

It also all goes deeper into secret societies, the Rothschilds, Crowley, Templars, Vatican, etc.. None of it has really anything to do with “bipartisan”. It is all way more nuanced and not black and white. Anyone who believes this is just a political “game” of Left vs Right or Democrats vs. Republicans as not sincerely researched where the Q drops are leading to and Q “himself” made clear that this is beyond Left or Right. Neon Revolt in his book “Q revolution” goes way deeper into this “cult that has ruled for thousands of years” beyond the surface political level.

What is also important to understand when doing research is the history of “Cultural Marxism”, Frankfurt School, and Critical Theory going back to the 1930s and how the US and western world has been infiltrated by the socialist/Marxist globalists (i.e. NWO) from within (which has infiltrated the education system, culture, media) which will also help to connect the dots and grasp the bigger picture.

Studying and researching all these topics is obviously a lot for anyone who just recently found out about Qanon. But, there are a few people and sincere researchers/decoders out there who can help translate the drops and have done and are doing exceptional work. So, for newbies, I’d recommend the books “Q Revolution” by Neon Revolt” and “Calm Before the Storm” by Praying Medic. IMO, these are must-reads before being able even to get something even close to an informed opinion on this topic.

For the record, I’m not implying that anyone should spend hours researching Q, nor is it necessary for anyone to know about it, IMO. The truth will prevail eventually and the momentum is strong despite the counter-attacks and censorship attempts of the Deep State/Cabal.

If you’re not interested in Qanon, no need to get into it. Very simple. To each their own. What I’m saying is, however, before anyone can have an informed “opinion”, let alone reach any conclusions about Qanon or “debunk” it, they need to do their sincere research, which does take time and energy—otherwise, it’s just intellectual dishonesty or pure laziness. Literally, everyone I know of who has tried to “debunk” Q has not done sincere research on it themselves but just formed their “opinion” based on an infusion of several logical fallacies, assumptions, and their own biases. This all gets multiplied especially if one is already suffering from TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) and the mere mention of his name makes it so they can no longer think objectively. If you cannot cross the barrier that “orange man might not be that bad”, then you can’t even begin to look at Q in an unbiased way.

In short, these people didn’t honestly apply the Trivium but are putting their logic (conclusions) before grammar (research). This is a mistake I made at first too when I tried to debunk Q/Trump as controlled opposition or Luciferians, etc as mentioned in my article. It also could be that they reach these conclusions before ever doing sincere research is because it challenges deeply held beliefs—as it did to mine as well. This holds especially true if someone is caught into black/white thinking and believes that everyone in government is evil. In short, these are the self-proclaimed anarchists and voluntaryists who are caught in the over-simplified black and white mental projection of “all government is bad” or “no government can ever give you freedom”, hence “Trump is bad, so are cops, order followers, and Q is a PsyOp because of that since it’s military intelligence and all military is bad”, etc.

To be fair, I was caught in that black and white mental prison at some point too. I call it my “immature romantic, intellectual, idealistic utopian anarchist anti-government” days. As I discussed with David Whitehead on his podcast (and we discussed further on the recent episode on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast), anarchism is an excellent philosophy/ideology, but it’s not practical in light of the evolution of consciousness and where we are at right now. Since humanity is not ready for this way of living it just becomes mental masturbation at some point without being able to offer any practical and real-world solutions because we can’t just go from A to Z.

Ironically, some troll tried to call Jordan Sather and me out as “shills” because we “promote/support the government” and that “no truly awakened being would support government since no government can give you freedom….Trump is just controlled opposition…” Besides all these “arguments” being straw man fallacies—since our points were way more nuanced (I’m neither statist nor anarchist)—I get where people like this are coming from because I too once held these beliefs. And since I was there once myself I can see where these people are coming from as well as exactly where they are stuck as I was.

In fact, EVERY single argument I’ve heard by people trying to debunk Q is something I thought of first too in my own attempts to debunk it. This was until I realized my uninformed opinion didn’t hold up in light of the research I did. Sri Aurobindo, a truly awakened being (in the real sense of the word AWAKE), has written about the trap of intellectual anarchism in-depth and debunked this over-simplified black and white anarchistic philosophy/ideology from the viewpoint of the evolution of consciousness in his books “The Life Divine” and especially in “The Ideal of Human Unity”.  I highly recommend both books for any anarchist/voluntaryist to read and study to bring in the bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness beyond an over-intellectualized approach (that will require esoteric self-work as well.)

As I realize now more and more in the case with Q there is a LOT of research that is necessary to be done in order to get the full picture here. So, to formulate an opinion about it both intellectual honesty and sincere research are pre-requisites. If anyone doesn’t want to do the research and invest the required time and energy, all good, no problem. But I personally cannot take that person’s view on Q seriously.  As it’s been proven over and over when people tried to challenge me on that topic (usually via an assortment of logical fallacies like cherry-picking, black and white thinking, strawman arguments, and putting logic before grammar) most of these people haven’t done the legwork and research themselves.

Hence, I’m also not letting myself baited into a discussion with anyone anymore [in particular on social media and certainly not on this post either]. It’s important that I use my time and energy wisely these days (especially as I am preparing for a new course that I and my wife Laura are hosting this fall where we guide people through the important balance of inner/outer work needed for this next stage of consciousness during this Time of Transition for way more is needed than just focusing on one single thing). Besides, as I mentioned in my chat with David Whitehead, I’m not even attached to Q nor fixated on it as some people seem to assume now too. As I said in my article, it’s just one piece of the puzzle and for the most part, Q verifies what I found out for myself over the past 23 years. Even without Q, I’d still be doing what I’m doing, i.e. seeking truth, working on myself, learning my lessons, being of service, and doing the work I came here to do in this adventure of consciousness.

I also recognize that I can’t make an informed opinion/conclusion about anything I haven’t sincerely researched myself either. And just skimming over articles/books, using google, watching a few youtube videos, reading a FB post or meme, and looking into it here and there is not “research”. If I haven’t done any sincere research, then it’s intellectually honest to say “I don’t know, I haven’t researched it”. It’s very simple and I will tend to say this to many people who ask me about all kinds of topics that I haven’t looked into yet. My other option is to give a very subjective opinion, made from all sorts of assumptions, biases, and cognitive distortions. And since I haven’t objectively researched it, that’s all I would have to give.

The point is, that until we have sincerely researched something, we have to be willing to admit that we just do not know what we’re even talking about. I’ve heard some people just say it’s their “intuition”. But intuition is not accessible to just anyone, and what many people think is their “intuition” is often just their own feelings and unconscious biases which they decide is their “intuition.” Sometimes people mistake strong feelings for intuition, old traumas for intuition, and their unconscious fears for intuition. From my experience, intuition is none of that and it is not easily accessed by many, as most people’s minds are constantly streaming an inner dialogue or chaos which drowns out the subtle guidance of intuition. The popular sayings of “just trust your intuition” or “take what resonates and leave the rest” are easier said than done and can be very self-deceiving, as I mentioned in my Q article, too.

We also need to use both sides of the brain in order to reach the next phase; both intellect and intuition work in their highest faculties when they work together and in harmony, like mind and heart, and body and spirit; hence, it all goes back to doing sincere self-work, for we need to be very honest with ourselves. As Gurdjieff said, lies to the self are the most harmful and often the hardest to detect.

The MSM and social media tech giants (especially Twitter and FB) are currently cracking down hard on Qanon accounts, deleting them, and censoring them without explanation.  So that should tell you something why this “nonsense conspiracy” is such a threat that they need to censor it to that extent. Panic?

The NYT (the ultimate Mockingbird Fake news outlet and mouthpiece for the Cabal) just wrote another hit piece on Q: A playbook for combating QAnon 

They literally encourage censorship, blocking links, and “taking down conspiracy influencers”. It couldn’t get any more Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” with that level of thought control/police. On the other hand, it does show that “they” are panicking and that Q (and the information) and people waking up is a big threat to them.

But all these attempts on trying to crack down on Qanon also do back-fire on them to a degree, i.e. the “Streisand effect” as many more people get curious about it and look into it themselves sincerely and doing the proper research. Many people will then realize the extent to which the MSM is lying about not only what Qanon is really about but about virtually everything else we’ve been taught and told. 

Q knew that this intense censorship and crackdown was coming looking at some of his drops over the past couple of years, hinting at the massive censorship [Future proves Past]. The most recent one from July 22nd, also hinting at possible false flag attacks (“Next: more ‘act of violence’ frame-ups”), maybe an MK-ULtra type programmed “shooter” and “racist” who is supposedly a Qanon follower:

“Many thousands of MSDNC direct attacks have failed to control the reach [sway opinion] and prevent growth [‘free-thought’].
When direct attacks [use of inserts [cutouts]] fail > censorship [ban] deployed as aggressive method to slow/limit growth.
Next: more ‘act of violence’ frame-ups
If you posed no threat [reach and topics] to their control [information dominance] they would not continue to expend ammunition.
They would not care.
#2 attacked topic [#1 POTUS].

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