Finding Your Soul Purpose | TCM #44 (Part 1)

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Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue discuss the concept of soul purpose, sharing their personal experiences of finding soul purpose, what that means to them, and offer practical suggestions on how to find your soul purpose. They begin with defining what soul purpose is and the concept of the soul, the importance of growing your soul through intentional self-work, and how soul purpose is not a “job” or career rather an overall direction your soul needs to go towards to “bring it to the front”, and they also discuss how soul purpose is defined through the lens of evolutionary astrology.

In the second hour, they discuss how our timeline can be interfered with and how we can get derailed and “forget” our soul purpose, how this relates to trauma, hyper-dimensional/occult interferences, the “suicide/self-destruct”-program, and how certain individuals are more targeted than others. They discuss how love-bite type relationships can interfere with our soul’s purpose, the concept of “wanderers” (based on the Ra material), and of the bodhisattva, how everything is a lesson and attacks/interferences are essentially initiations in form of tough grace if we learn our lessons, and more.

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