USA, Freedom, And The Story Of My Father – A Lesson In History For The Times We’re In

By Bernhard Guenther, Oct 14, 2020
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USA, Freedom, And The Story Of My Father – A Lesson In History For The Times We’re In

By Bernhard Guenther, Oct 14, 2020

My Dad was born in 1937, in Germany, at the beginning of WWII. He grew up in what used to become Eastern Germany after WWII when Germany was divided in 1949, and the eastern portion of Germany became part of the Soviet Eastern block. Officially, it was called the “German Democratic Republic” (GDR), a very deceptive name because it was anything but “democratic”.

Soviet occupation authorities began transferring administrative responsibility to German communist leaders in 1948, and the GDR began to function as a communist-socialist/Marxist state in 1949. It was essentially a dictatorship governed by the “Socialist Unity Party of Germany” (SED) which made the teachings of Marxism-Leninism compulsory in schools.

The economy was centrally planned and increasingly state-owned. Prices of housing, basic goods, and services were heavily subsidized and set by central government planners. A lot of things were “free” [supplied by the State] but it cost the people a heavy price in other ways.

In 1961 the socialist government fortified its western borders and built the Berlin Wall. People living in Eastern Germany were not allowed to travel to any western countries, let alone consume Western goods or media. Many people attempting to flee to the west between 1961 and 1990 were killed by border guards, bobby traps, and landmines. Those captured spent large amounts of time imprisoned for attempting to escape.

Throughout my childhood, growing up in Munich, Germany (western Germany), my Dad had difficulty relating to me emotionally. He always seemed aloof, “checked out”, not very present. His lack of emotional intelligence lasted for decades—way into my adulthood. Back then, I had resentment towards him for not “showing up” in the way I needed him too as a Dad. He suffered from massive migraines and would never talk about his past. As I grew older, I understood that he was dealing with severe trauma from growing up as a young child in the middle of WWII and then having to live in Eastern Germany, which is where he escaped from in 1965.

He never shared the details of his escape—mostly because he didn’t remember. He had it blocked out due to the trauma he experienced during this time. When my mom and I tried to talk to him about it, he got agitated and even nauseous. He kept a folder from his brother that contained letters and details about his past, but he could never read them or even look at them. For 55 years, they have been locked away.

Over the past year, at the age of 83—and with much compassionate support from my mom and myself—he was finally able to confront his past and look at all the documents and letters. It opened up an incredible healing journey for him that led him to write a little book called “Das Ereigns, das mein Leben veränderte” (“The event that changed my life”). He just finished it last month and printed a few copies only for family and close friends. The picture above of the ship is the cover picture of his book [without the US flag]. In this book, he described the details of his and his parent’s escape from Eastern Germany.

All the memories he had blocked out came flooding back to him in the writing process. It was the most liberating and healing work he has done. He felt like a huge weight got lifted off his entire being, and he feels so alive, energized, and happy (in his own words). I’ve never seen him so emotionally open, relieved, and grounded.

I want to share a bit about his story and escape without getting into the more personal details shared in his book.

My Dad’s brother had already escaped to the west in 1961 at the age of 17 just before the Berlin wall was built and before the borders were closed. He then immigrated to the USA and started a new life in Los Angeles. My Dad and his parents didn’t realize what was happening (as did most people in East Germany) and stayed in Eastern Germany. My Dad’s brother wrote letters to my Dad and their parents, trying to find a way for them to escape as well. My Dad’s biggest dream was to come to the US as well—”the land of the free”—and go to UCLA.

In 1964, my Dad and his parents got very lucky and were given cruise tickets on the “Völkerfreundschaft” which was an eastern German state-owned cruise ship that was traveling through the Mediterranean sea for “sightseeing,” but never docked at any western ports/countries. This cruise was a typical socialist/communist “image propaganda”, trying to show that Eastern German people had a “good life”. The name of the ship translates to “peoples’ friendship.”

My Dad and his parents realized this was a one-time chance for a “big escape.” They meticulously prepared for it. On October 26, 1964, my Dad (age 27) and his parents (in their 50’s) jumped off the ship [which you see in the title pic on top] as it was passing by Palermo, Italy, and they tried to swim towards an Italian fishing boat right off the coast. The fishing boat saw them and steered towards them. But all of a sudden, the boat stopped and turned away. Swimming in the sea, my Dad and his parents looked behind them to see a boat of guards chasing after them. It was deployed from the cruise ship shortly after they jumped.

They were caught and their escape failed. The three of them were put into solitary confinement back on the cruise ship. The nurse who attended my Dad in his cell was able to smuggle a pen and paper to him so he could write a letter to his brother, which she sent to the US, keeping his brother in the loop.

They were then taken off the ship and put into a prison in Romania for a few days, then flown to Moscow and essentially back to Eastern Germany. Throughout the journey, they were in the custody of Stasi and KGB agents. My Dad and his Dad [my grandpa] were sentenced to 2 years of prison and his mom to 1.5 years of prison time. Each of them was put in different prisons in different cities within Eastern Germany and were not able to communicate with each other. My Dad still can’t remember everything that happened during his time in prison and one can only imagine how bad it must have been for him to have to block this out of his memory in order to survive the experience.

Getting into all the details would be too long, so to cut the story short: His brother, living in LA, made tremendous efforts [at the age of 25!] contacting the American embassy up the US foreign state department as well as the Western German government, trying to free his bother and parents. Through miraculous [divine] synchronicities and the help of people in the US and West German government, a well-renowned lawyer was able to make a deal with the Eastern German authorities and “buy” the freedom for my Dad and his parents. In August 1965, they were picked up by a bus and driven to a refugee camp in Western Germany after ten months in prison. Free at last!

In the refugee camp, my Dad then met my mom, who escaped from communist/socialist Poland with her family. After a few years in Germany, my Dad made his dream come true. He and my mom went to the US, enrolled at UCLA, and he got his Ph.D. there; then in 1972, I was born, and the rest is history.

Looking through all the facts and documents and his memories coming back, my Dad realized that this escape to freedom would not have been possible without the help of certain people within the US government—who worked with German officials in Berlin. There are indeed good people in government!

I’m sharing this story in light of current events. It has made me realize how much we here in the US tend to take our freedom for granted. Many people who live in the US and who complain about it have also never lived anywhere outside the US—especially not in a full-on socialist country as my father had. It’s easy to bitch and complain about how this country is fucked up and focus on the negative without recognizing how good we actually have it here.

And I am not taking myself out of the equation. I used to talk shit [in my immature angry anarchist revolutionary days] about this country, spoke about the founding fathers being slave owners, the US imperialism, the wars and the military-industrial complex, the native American genocide, the corruption in government, taxation being theft, the issues with capitalism, the stupidity of patriotism and worshipping a flag, the problems with government and statism, etc. It’s all valid to a degree, and the fact is no government can ever give you “true” freedom as anarchists like to talk about from the philosophical point of view. Yet, I’ve found that true freedom and sovereignty is mainly an inside job—for what is all the outer freedom worth if you’re still a slave to your desires, [unconscious] wounds, mechanical behaviors, social and cultural conditioning? But that’s a whole other topic.

I had a pretty damn good in my life here in the US so far, and I would say that goes for most of you who read this article, especially if you compare the problems we struggle with in modern times to what my Dad went through and many others imprisoned and oppressed by socialist/communist rulership. In fact, I also know the life I have created here since I moved to the US 26 years ago at age 22 is not something I could have had and achieved in western Germany/Europe. The level of freedom and opportunities I experience here, the lifestyle I have and work for, I know I could not have done easily or at all in more socialist-regulated countries (like most of Europe at this point) where there is more government control (and way higher taxes.)

Of course, the US is not perfect. No country is, just like there is not one single person on this planet who is “perfect” (unless you have achieved complete enlightenment, but then there is no “you”). Of course, there are issues and corruption. All the negative things I mentioned above do hold true to a degree. I don’t see the US as the ultimate perfect model of a country. In fact, we’re still far away from any form of true unity and peace from the perspective of the evolution of consciousness, hence whatever outer “system” or “government” is in place is also a reflection of our inner state. As Above, so Below. As Within, so Without. But it is also true that the US got eventually hijacked by the military-industrial complex and cabal/ Deep State and forces of the globalist/socialist New World Order.

Before Trump, the last person who was not a puppet of the “shadow government” and tried actively to resist and expose the take-over was JFK—which is why he got taken out. And ever since JFK’s murder, the Marxist-communist-socialist virus has been infiltrating this country from within since the 60s, leading up to the 16-year plan of back-to-back Obama/Clinton administrations to destroy the US from within to make room for the socialist/globalist New Word Order with communist China being one of the influential driving forces.

This plan failed because “they never thought she’d lose!“. And that’s why you see the most intense attack and onslaught we’ve ever seen on the duly elected president—it’s because he is not a puppet to the forces that had a grip on this country for decades. Does it mean Trump is the ultimate “savior”? Does it mean I agree with everything he says/does? [which, btw, is not always easy to decipher/understand considering the “Art of War” strategies and Game Theory his administration seems to apply.] Does it mean that I believe Trump will take care of it all and usher us into the “Golden Age”? Do I think he’s perfect? Of course not, but still, I still can choose to support what he’s doing for this country without identifying with a political side nor falling into any “external savior trap” at the same time (which is hard to grasp for anyone who is caught in superficial binary black or white thinking and can’t see the nuance in the situation).

I will also repeat again that essentially, right now, on occult [hidden] levels this is not about the classical left vs. right political paradigm, nor is Trump your classical Republican, even though on the surface he may appear as such [Game Theory, Art of War]. Even Q is not “right-wing” as so many people assume for even “he” pointed out that this is not about left vs. right (as you can see for yourself if you study the drops in-depth) This is about Ignorance vs Truth, the Anti-Divine Hostile Forces vs. the Divine Forces, STS vs. STO – whatever name you may want to give this collective battle of Dark vs Light on multi-dimensional levels.

In other words, what is happening currently on the political stage in the US is NOT the usual “two wings of the same bird”, “one hand controls both sides” or that “it doesn’t matter who is president is since all governments are evil”, nor is it about “choosing the lesser of two evils”. Sure, this two-party set-up did apply in the past for there have been Deep State/Cabal actors in both parties including recent presidents (Bush, Clinton, Obama) but Trump was not *supposed* to win. And that’s why “they” are panicking.

If you still believe that this is just about the political left vs. right [even though the “left” has been hijacked by the occult hostile forces] and that it doesn’t matter who will win this election based on an over-simplified anarchistic/anti-statist philosophical point of view or hiding behind an intellectualized ideal of “nonduality”, overestimating your level of Being, then it is time to question your perceptions, update your beliefs and dive deeper, much deeper, because there is something bigger happening here than the usual poly-tics business.

It all gets very paradoxical because there are various “levels” to look at it all from; the physical 3D [political] matrix, the 4D [occult] hyperdimensional matrix, the psychological lens [Jungian collective/personal Shadow], or the bigger “divine” picture which transcends and unifies them all. The path towards the “Great Awakening” and “seeking truth” is an ongoing process going way BEYOND Trump and Q and it’s all way more nuanced from a micro and macro perspective in light of the evolution of consciousness and the Time of Transition we’re in right now.

With all that being said, I support Trump and the patriots. I know it’s a huge trigger for many people who followed my work over the years but none of them really understand my more nuanced position and realizations which are far from just being partisan or based on superficial politics. Just lots of straw man arguments, projections, slander, and ad hominem attacks.

I’m grateful for this country to have given me a level of freedom many people in the world can only dream of, like my Dad, who through his determination and with Divine Grace and help, realized his dream to come to the US, raised me to become the man I am now and put me in a position to experience the freedom I now benefit from because of his courageous escape. I will never ever take this freedom for granted but will also fight for it, within AND without with God’s help.

Thank you, Dad, you inspire me, and I love you!

In closing, I want to add this:

Anyone supporting Biden/Harris [who are just puppets/empty mechanical shells for the far-left socialist/communist/Marxist agenda of the Deep State and globalist NWO] is supporting the same forces that kept my father and millions of others imprisoned in their own country [many more were killed] under a totalitarians socialist/communist rulership – hostile anti-divine forces that are in the process to turn the US and the whole world into a socialist technocracy similar to what is already happening in CCP China.

The young kids, the millennials, the “liberal intellectuals”, the spiritual mainstream yogi types, anyone who supports socialism and looks down and hates on Trump, any Bernie Sanders/AOC fans, and blind BLM/ANTIFA supporters, are all just deeply conditioned and brainwashed by the far-left agenda that has been infiltrating the US and all the education institutions [and now Big Tech] since the 60s.

If you believe I’m supporting or falling into any form of divide & conquer agenda of left vs. right superficial political BS, then you do not know me nor my work nor have you understood one single thing I hinted at, and you need to dig deeper [within] yourself without projecting your triggers on to me.

What we see now on the world stage and here in the US is the end game of a long agenda that has been playing out behind the scenes but right under your nose at the same time. Make no mistake about it: the fate of the US at the upcoming elections will affect the fate of the world and every single human on this planet for All is One and no man’s an island.

We’re in for the long haul and we’re all in this together. It will be years and decades of upheaval and disintegration, the push for more control into an Orwellian New World Order by the Asuric hostile forces but also a counter push towards freedom and awakening as we move through this Time of Transition based on karmic soul lessons for the collective and the individual. The Descent and Ascent at the same time.

There will be no “normal” to get back to or to the “good ol’ days”. Anyone who believes that is caught in deep delusion and wishful thinking. This is also the time to be in alert warrior mode and act practically. This is not about making decisions from the head. This is not about what your ego wants. This is about aligning with Divine Will and your deeper soul’s purpose for being here and it will push you out of your comfort zone which many of us got so used to living in.

There is nothing to complain about for we all chose to be here right now and participate on this planet in this 3rd density human experience. Essentially, we don’t get to move on until we have learned our lessons on all levels, so before blaming others, take a deep look in your shadow and soul. There will never be outer freedom if we have not attained inner liberation. Everything we have suppressed, avoided to look at and ignored, not only needs to but will come up.

The more we resist, the more difficult it will be; the more we externalize, the more lost we will be. This kind of unconditional surrender to the necessary purification process [and ultimately to the Divine] is not easy at first for most of the resistance is unconsciously buried deep in your soma/body behind the thick [psychological and emotional] armor we’ve accumulated over lifetimes, including ancestral trauma and karma.

From the yogic and Vedic astrological perspective, this “eye of the needle” of transformational upheaval and purification will build up and intensify over the next three decades. But Instead of fretting about the future, your life, and the world, rejoice and embrace these times! Choose to be here and act accordingly, taking on the challenges like the spiritual warrior that you are, and let the alchemical fire transform you as you give yourself to God’s Will.

This IS war. This is a battle on multi-dimensional levels but the Divine will always succeed in the end. Nothing can stop what’s coming and what is “coming” is way beyond Q or Trump as they just play their parts in a much bigger process that our minds alone cannot possibly comprehend—for only the Divine truly Knows and Sees for it is His Will in this Adventure of Consciousness.

Remember your true Self and remember you were made for these times! This is an opportunity. Good things ARE happening and if there is anything that I learned from my father it is that there is a divine power guiding us all and as long as we have faith and act with determination and healthy optimism we can not only overcome any hardship but shine and rise in our true [inner] power.


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