The Bigger Picture & Creating Solutions w/ David Whitehead, John Paul Rice, Bernhard Guenther | TCM #55 (Part 1)

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In this SPECIAL episode of the Cosmic Matrix Podcast, Bernhard Guenther, John Paul Rice, and David Whitehead have a deep and inspiring 3hr roundtable conversation about current events and the bigger picture perspective of what is happening in the world right now.

in the first part, they talk about how the big tech censorship is actually backfiring and how we need “warrior healers” who can help others in their awakening process right now. They also speak about the necessity to “tackle” the matrix from a different angle and how we can best be of service to the world during these times in our own creative and individualized ways.

They discuss the necessary process of disillusionment right now, the importance of inner and outer work, how to fight the matrix without shadow projecting, “cancel culture” and the importance of staying in integrity with ourselves vs. fear of speaking out, the red and blue flame of anger, creating potential solutions and the importance of community, the necessity of discipline from a warrior perspective, the splitting of humanity, connecting to Essence, and how to apply game theory and the art of war in your own life and much more.

In the second part, David, John Paul, and Bernhard dive deeper into the Q phenomenon from a bigger picture perspective, discussing the Infiltration and disinformation within the Q movement and the MSM’s obsession to debunk and ridicule it. They discuss how anons have been under a spell that “all will be revealed and resolved under Trump”, the necessity to unify the various “clans” within the truth movement, Trump’s impact and the danger of savior projections towards him, higher levels of deception in the left vs right paradigm, and how occult hostile forces are manipulating the far left and the MAGA crowd from unseen realms.

Furthermore, they discuss the dawning of Transhumanism and its effect on the mind and psyche of humans, tying it into Luciferian hive mind control, the battle for consciousness and the alien agenda, the necessity of secret societies to occult [hide] certain knowledge, the depopulation agenda, the Great Work, what we can do on practical levels and the most important question we all need to ask as ourselves individually right now and more.

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