Healing the Father Wound & Developing the Healthy Masculine Principle | TCM #56 (Part 1)

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In this Cosmic Matrix episode, Bernhard and Laura talk about how the father wound affects the collective and the individual and the necessity to embody the healthy masculine principle. They discuss the distortions of the masculine in official culture, how men and the patriarchy are being blamed for everything, the “tyrannical mother” of the far Left, the worship of the victim, the New Age “sensitive guy”, and what the true masculine principles are.

Furthermore, they talk about the Saturn-Father archetype from an astrological perspective, the return of Jordan Peterson, the higher and lower manifestations of the feminine/masculine, the issue with “just trust your feelings” or “I resonate/don’t resonate with…”, how the process of individualization and self-actualization is an aspect of the healthy masculine talking full responsibility, being able to take care of and provide for yourself, the issue with identity politics, gender confusion and more…

In the second part, Laura and Bernhard look deeper into the fear of making decisions in light of lack of the masculine principle, how it gets people stuck in life, missing opportunities, and how the occult hostile forces take advantage of people who are afraid of making wrong decisions, the right use of will power, the importance of discipline and work ethic, and how to balance the Feminine [yin] and Masculine [yang].

Furthermore, they discuss how “rich people” are being hated on and how it ties into shadow projection and the unconscious father wound, the New Age distorted view of the “Divine” Masculine and Feminine, relationships, and unconscious attraction dynamics.

Bernhard and Laura also share about their childhood and upbringing and how we all deal with childhood wounds without exception [unless you are enlightened], how the demasculinization and feminization of men by the pathological Left ties into the Marxist/socialist/communist agenda to “kill God”, the importance to look at history as the perpetrator and not as the victim from a Jungian perspective and much more…

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with Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue

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