Facing the Collective Shadow with an Open Heart | TCM #69 (Part 1)

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In this episode, Bernhard and Laura discuss how we can face the collective shadow material coming up in the world with an open heart, the interrelationship between the personal and collective shadow, and they give suggestions on how to engage in the necessary shadow work.

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • What is the personal and collective shadow?
  • Denial of our shadow and external projection
  • The interrelationship between personal and collective shadow
  • The shadow projection of the Woke and the shadow of the USA
  • The shadow dance between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed and the importance of not losing our humanity
  • The infectious nature of shadow projection and “shit-talking” on social media
  • The feeding frenzy from an occult perspective when groups of people engage in shadow projection
  • The importance of striving towards wholeness instead of the perfect image we have of ourselves
  • The necessity for a mirror and doing shadow work with others since we all have subjective blind spots
  • Withdrawing projections is easier said than done
  • The trap of intellectualizing shadow work without embodiment and somatic work
  • The red flag of looking for “advanced” knowledge and modalities and dismissing basic psychological work
  • The healing power of group work
  • The difference between “unnecessary” [mechanical] suffering and “necessary” [conscious] suffering
  • The shadow of our own narcissism – ego identification
  • The shadow and normalization of cosmetic surgery, botox, lip fillers, etc. in very young women
  • The shadow of the US: Distorted image of beauty, the obsession with youth and the physical body
  • Aging gracefully, facing and accepting your mortality
  • Reflection questions in light of shadow work

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Natural splitting vs. unnecessary polarization
  • The metaphysical consequences of the COVID jab and entry points of occult forces
  • The big shadow of authoritarianism
  • Bernhard and Laura discuss their own triggers and projections
  • The interrelationship between positive and negative projections
  • How to notice when your unconscious shadow is activated
  • The importance of self-inquiry
  • Disassociation, Defense Mechanisms, and the “Intellectual Bypass”
  • Archetypes, cosmic forces, and occult forces
  • Occult entities, wetiko, and how they manipulate us
  • Non-identification and Self-Observation
  • What is objective consciousness in light of self-work?
  • The shadow side of the Rebel/Revolutionary archetype
  • Money and shadow work
  • The trap of falling into cynicism, nihilism, and negativity
  • Combining shadow work with spiritual aspiration
  • Inherent Goodness and seeing the Divine
  • Fate, God, and the Psyche
  • The interrelationship between shadow projections and psychic attacks
  • The occult law of “Rebound”
  • Self-actualization and living up to your potential

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