Why This Moment Is The Ultimate Spiritual Test | TCM #73 (Part 1)

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Laura and Bernhard discuss the precious times we’re in right now and why this moment is the ultimate spiritual test. They talk about personal and collective lessons, the new “scareiant”, Psychological warfare, mass hypnosis, how “nice” people and people-pleasers are supporting tyranny by being “highly agreeable”, living a double life and soul/self-betrayal, the necessity to speak out and resist, the upcoming intense Scorpio-Taurus nodal axis, how most people won’t be able to handle the intensifying energies and karmic purge, and more…


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • We’re being tested in various multi-dimensional ways
  • Personal and Collective lessons
  • The new scare-variant
  • Vaxx injuries based on official FDA documents 
  • Extreme lockdown measures in Austria and Germany (history repeating?)
  • Psychological warfare [article mentioned in the podcast], mass hypnosis, and collective mind control 
  • The necessity to speak out and resist
  • “Nice” people and people-pleasers supporting tyranny by being “highly agreeable” 
  • Activating the warrior archetype 
  • Living a double life and soul/self-betrayal
  • Spiritual bypassing and karmic consequences of not speaking out 
  • The nodal axis changing to Scorpio-Taurus on December 22nd (Evolutionary Astrology): Big Cosmic Change 
  • We’ll be pushed to the limits (death/rebirth process)
  • Now is the time to engage in deep soul work
  • The interrelationship between inauthenticity and self-betrayal 
  • Living a life in accordance with your true values 
  • Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy
  • The shadow side of the Taurus node: materialism, hoarding, exaggerated/paranoid security and over-preparedness 
  • More is needed than trying to hide out and escape somewhere physically  
  • Values vs. desires
  • Who can you trust? 

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • We each have our evolutionary lessons in light of the upcoming intense Scorpio-Taurus nodal axis
  • Most people have no idea the level of evil we’re up against.
  • The globalist depopulation agenda
  • Questioning virology – SARS/Covid virus has never been isolated (Dr. Tom Cowan’s new book)
  • Synthetic silicon-based humans will replace organic carbon-based humans according to Klaus Schwab and the transhumanist globalists
  • The necessity for a healthy detachment but not avoiding the inner process of transmutation
  • To the extent that we face the evil within ourselves, do we have the strength to face the evil out there
  • We’re in for a huge karmic purge over the next year which most people won’t be able to handle
  • The only secure place is to be grounded in your immortal true self, having merged personal will with divine will
  • Coping and avoidance mechanisms in the Great Work and the importance to engage the will
  • The descend of the divine supramental force will bring up everything wherever you are
  • The trap of the materialist and the temptation of money, sex, power
  • The importance of choice and answering the call
  • The hijacking of the awakening impulse in light social engineering, indoctrination, and psychological warfare over decades
  • The danger of getting lost in information overload, wasting your time, energy, and life force
  • The short attention span epidemic – a matrix program
  • The Plutonian process: This is the time to go deep, willingly or you will be dragged into it
  • The opportunity and silver lining: Embracing God and surrendering to the Divine

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