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David Whitehead returns to the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to share his views on the Trucker convoy and what is really happening in Canada as opposed to what we’re being told through mainstream media outlets. We discuss the idea of controlled opposition and psy-ops, and the bigger picture of what is unfolding. David also talks about his self-produced film series “Cult of the Medics” where he lays out the true history of the medical establishment, the corruption of medical education, and social engineering, going even back to our ancient history looking into the genetic modification of humanity and the gods from the skies.

David’s website: dwtruthwarrior.comCult of the Medics documentary:


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • The Truth about the Trucker Convoy and the Canadian Freedom Movement – How it all started and was organized
  • All MSM media outlets are lying and creating false stories about the Truckers and people protesting in Ottawa
  • The Canadian government refused to have a scientific discussion about Covid
  • Crimes against Humanity and violating international law (Nuremberg code)
  • Trudeau trying to initiate the Emergency Act
  • Citizen Journalism is the new and real news
  • Trudeau is trying to move Canada into a China communist-style social credit surveillance system
  • The precipice: All of this needs to happen to wake people up
  • David’s experience at protests in Victoria
  • The political situation and background in Canada
  • Controlled Opposition, Psy-ops and the Truth Movement
  • Was the Trucker Convoy funded and initiated by Soros to blame them for the supply chain shortages?
  • The paranoid mindset in the “truth movement”
  • We are at war and everything is at stake
  • A lot of nonsense out there in the “fringe conspiracy world”
  • What is the process of seeking truth?
  • Understanding and applying the Art of War
  • Know Thy Enemy, know their agenda but don’t feed it with paranoid fear porn
  • The most important battle is in your own mind
  • The globalists didn’t expect that level of resistance
  • What’s next on their agenda, possible big false flag event/distraction
  • The resurge of HIV as a distraction for the vaxx injuries, depopulation agenda
  • The big opportunity right now

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Synopsis of David’s film series “Cult of the Medics”
  • David’s personal experiences with the pathological corrupted medical system
  • The medical-industrial complex, the Rockefeller’s role, symbolism, secret societies, and the occult side and origin of “modern medicine”
  • Is there a non-human element in all of this?
  • The genetic manipulation and modification of humans in our ancient past
  • Charles Fort’s work: “We are property. Something owns us.”
  • Alien/ET intervention and farming human beings
  • Reconnecting to who we truly are [soul embodiment]
  • Darwinism and the “missing link”
  • Different levels to look at it from
  • Transhumanism is the end game of the alien agenda
  • The trap of getting lost in the fringe alien conspiracy rabbit hole
  • What is the ancient occult agenda?
  • More and more people are “waking up” and asking deeper questions
  • Did the aliens ever leave?
  • We’re dealing with a psychology that is not human
  • Humanity is not on top of the food chain; human beings are treated as a resource and commodity
  • Escaping “the farm” [Matrix] via The Great Work
  • Divine Will, positive forces, and the evolution of consciousness
  • Fear vibration, physical pollution [toxic body] cuts us off from our somatic intelligence, inner guidance/intuition and are easier controlled
  • It has to get very dark before the light emerges fully: the law of descent and ascent
  • The trauma installment program
  • The necessity of becoming a truly individuated human being so we don’t get lost in/overly attached to a group (cult/hive-mind thinking)
  • The trap of looking for “like-minded” people if one is not individuated
  • David’s working relationship with Michael Tsarion
  • We are all unique expressions of the ONE Divine Force but we are not the SAME
  • The anti-divine alien technocratic “communist” agenda is trying to make everyone the same

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