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In this episode, Laura and Bernhard talk about the war in Ukraine, the global situation, mass hysteria, how to become resilient and stay sane in an insane world. They talk about how current astrological transits are reflected in the world and within ourselves in light of the evolution of consciousness, how to work with these intense energies consciously, the potential of a dark night of civilization and global destruction, what it takes to be a spiritual warrior and much more.


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Show Notes Part 1:

  • The war in Ukraine – what is really happening?
  • Ukraine and the Deep State 
  • The “awakening” impulse is being hijacked after two years as people jump on the “Stand with Ukraine” bandwagon
  • Appeal to Emotion and propaganda in the MSM, distraction, and diversion 
  • Where is your attention and how do you use your time?
  • The limitation of trying to figure out the Matrix intellectually 
  • War and mass hysteria 
  • If you don’t know who you are [individuated] you will get lost in the sea of information overload
  • Getting caught in the “2nd Matrix” 
  • Astrological transits and current events
  • Meditating on Death 
  • How to become resilient 
  • What are your deeper values and are you living according to them?
  • How the current intense transits affect you personally and how to work with these energies
  • The illusion of control and the trap of attachment to a certain outcome 
  • Where is the only real safe and secure place?
  • The spiritual warrior way of dealing with these intense Plutonian energies without shadow projecting or getting caught in victim/blame consciousness
  • Trusting Divine Will  is easier said than done and the ego will resist it 
  • What is the awakening process? 
  • What is the essence of “inner” and “outer” work? 
  • It’s embodiment or bust!
  • Practical suggestions and practices of how to stay sane and grounded
  • The Cosmic Dance of Samsara
  • You cannot spiritualize until you are individuated 
  • Divine Guidance 

In Part 2 (only for members) we go deeper into:

  • Are you sincerely answering the call to awaken?
  • The great hour of decision has struck (Rudolf Steiner on the necessity to spiritualize the being)
  • The top-down approach to anchor the Divine
  • The Dark Night of Civilization and global destruction
  • Things will NOT improve by themselves, in fact, it may get worse beyond a point of return if we don’t “heed the voice of the Divine”
  • The battle between ego and soul
  • Most people are conceptually and intellectually attracted to “awaken” but not many people are sincere enough to engage in the work
  • The chaos in the world is a direct reflection of our own consciousness [and unconsciousness] – as within, so without
  • Do you really want to awaken or are you “trying to get something out of it” with expectations?
  • The ego hijacking the awakening impulse
  • The trap of creating a “spiritual identity”
  • Awakening does not happen by your own terms, ideas, preferences, and expectations
  • There is something bigger “out there” than your limited ego existence and experience
  • The true power of prayer and alignment with Divine Will
  • Supportive astrological transits over the next year and how to take advantage of them
  • The Time of Transition and soul lessons
  • Truth and Great Work is simple but we are complex beings
  • The basics of mediation
  • Toxic social media
  • Shadow projections, gossip, slander, and occult hostile forces

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