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In the first episode of 2024, Laura and Bernhard give an overview of what to expect in this new year from a physical, psychological, and spiritual perspective.

They reflect on 2023 and how the energies will play out collectively and potentially in your personal life in 2024 as Pluto enters Aquarius along with other major outer planets changing signs over the next few years.

They talk about the opportunities, positive potentials as well as the negative manifestations. Moreover, they give practical tools and advice on how to align with the evolutionary forces and use them to catalyze your growth and ride the immense waves of change during this Time of Transition.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Recap of 2023
  • The positive and negative things we’ve seen
  • 2024 will be a record year for elections around the world
  • More polarization between the right and left (with increased shadow projections)
  • The trap of identification with a belief and ideology
  • Continued psychological warfare with the rise of AI – it will be hard to tell what’s real and what’s not
  • The rising information era of Pluto in Aquarius and what this means for businesses (big opportunities but needs to be converted into the information age)
  • People dealing with lots of unconscious trauma since the plandemic started with long-ranging effects into the future
  • More hostility, negativity, depression, fragmentation, PTSD, insanity, and mental illness (shadow side of Pluto in Aquarius)
  • Psychological splitting has exponentially increased (only being able to see people as all good or all bad), lack of nuance
  • People suffer and are traumatized, but they don’t know they are traumatized due to dissociation
  • The superpowers of attention, concentration, focus, and will
  • Practical tips and advice on how to navigate 2024 and beyond
  • In psychological warfare, psychological self-work, knowledge, and self-awareness are superpowers, along with spiritual inner work
  • Wetiko mind virus has increased within the “truth movement”
  • Increase in black-pilled people, which is a reflection of the trauma/paranoid mindset people have gotten into
  • Recap of Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 – 2024 and how it showed up in world events and in people
  • More advice and practical tips based on Pluto in Aquarius themes

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

  • Potential [false flag] cyber attacks and predictive programming (Movie: “Leave the World Behind”)
  • Careful of fear, doom & gloom mind state and frequency
  • General Flynn’s view of 2024, polarization, and the possibility of a Civil War and no elections
  • Netflix movie coming out called “Civil War” (more predictive programming?)
  • How the conservative right is being manipulated as well
  • People have become so detached from their human relationships that alternate realities will seem very alluring to them
  • The big issue of dehumanizing the “other side” (or whoever doesn’t agree with you) will increase
  • The importance of recovering the heart
  • The UFO/Alien and Disclosure topic is getting very popular, mainstream level
  • Tucker Carlson hints at the “topic of all topics” and the alien abduction phenomenon
  • Aliens, interdimensional realities, and occult forces are big themes over the next 20 years
  • Reflections on Saturn in Pisces and what we’ve seen so far: A period of testing your spirituality, Disillusionment with collective structures, Disillusionment with spiritual teachers
  • A good time to engage in deep inner work, shadow work, spiritual work, dissolving negative subconscious patterns
  • Reflection on what we’ve seen in the moon nodes in Aries/Libra (switching to Pisces/Virgo in 2025)
  • Pluto in Aquarius – Uranus modern rulership – Innovations in Technology, science, sudden changes, the unexpected, rebellion, freedom, revolution, telecommunications
  • Skilled and unskilled uses of Uranian energy
  • Pluto is about REGENERATION: How can we regenerate society through pushing the boundaries and finding constructive and new ways of doing things without being dysfunctional
  • HUGE COLLECTIVE CHANGES: All outer planets are about to change signs leading up to 2025 – Pluto in Aquarius 2024, Neptune will enter Aries (2025) Uranus will enter Gemini (2025)
  • The last time Neptune entered Aries was on April 13th, 1861, just one day after the start of the Civil War
  • What we could see: religious wars, crusades for truth, idealistic revolution, information wars will continue, Disillusionment with leadership
  • Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus April 21, 13-14 year cycle will open doors for further innovation
  • In Taurus: Universal basic income, one world currency, digital coins, crypto, expansion of bitcoin (Taurus rules financial sector and resources)
  • Jupiter is entering Gemini on May 26, 2024, expansion of new ideas, people will feel more curious to learn.
  • Look to the houses in your chart that occupy Taurus and Gemini

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