The Most Important Skill for 2024 And Beyond

By Bernhard Guenther, January 7th, 2024
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The Most Important Skill for 2024 And Beyond

By Bernhard Guenther, January 7th, 2024

We are in a massive global psychological and spiritual war. It’s a war over your mind, consciousness, and soul, and it will intensify in 2024 exponentially.

It’s Fifth-generation warfare conducted via social engineering to manipulate you psychologically and emotionally – like getting you upset about the “current thing” as they did with BLM/race-baiting and recently Palestine/Israel.

It works via purposely placed disinformation & distractions and emerging technologies such as AI to hijack and hack your mind (no implanted chip necessary.)

It’s a war of controlling your attention and perception and manipulating you into specific emotional reactions, behaviors, and physical actions as your strings are pulled without your awareness.

They – the matrix forces on seen and unseen levels (from the Deep State to the hyperdimensional occult forces) – know your psychology better than you know yourself, especially if you lack psychological self-awareness.

They know your weaknesses, blindspots, addictions, ego hooks, bias, beliefs you are identified with, cultural/religious conditioning, wishful thinking, fears, hopes, and dreams, and they use them against you.

They will gaslight you and twist your perceptions as they have already done.

They know how easily you can get emotionally triggered and manipulated by hope and fear (two sides of the same coin), tagging into your shadow and all kinds of unconscious wounds most of you are not aware of.

They have weaponized your inherent compassion and empathy against you.

The last four years were already a massive MK Ultra-style trauma installment program. Billions of people have become traumatized (and billions took the medical treatment, which also has detrimental spiritual and psychological consequences) without knowing that they are traumatized.

And that is the best and easiest way to control a person. Anyone who is traumatized, dissociated, and out of body has lost the connection to their inner guidance and soul being; hence, they are easily “programable.” It’s soul fragmentation—a loss of Essence.

This disconnect can be healed but requires awareness, knowledge, and work.

If you lack psychological self-awareness, your emotions and actions are easily manipulated via this psychological warfare by forces outside your awareness.

Unrecognized trauma [disconnection from the true Self] and the subsequent programming create authoritarian followers, as we’ve seen with the Woke Liberal Left. It has also infected many fractions of the conservative right and so-called “truth movement.”

It’s the ultimate form of mind control for a mind-controlled person doesn’t know that he/she is mind-controlled.

So, think logically and with common sense. What is the best defense, protection, and weapon against mind control, psychological, and Fifth-generation warfare?

It is about YOU becoming psychologically awake and aware of yourself, learning and embodying psychological knowledge, doing the inner work to KNOW YOURSELF [beyond your ego personality and your likes and dislikes]

It’s about becoming self-aware and being able to observe your emotions and thoughts without identifying with them or mechanically reacting to them.

The most critical skill and knowledge for 2024 and beyond is practical psychological knowledge to counteract the psychological warfare on your mind and, more importantly, engaging in the inner work, for an intellectual understanding of it alone is limited (and can deceive you that you have “already done the work,” over-estimating yourself)

Then you won’t get manipulated or distracted.

It’s also the foundation for everything else in your life: your relationships, creative potential, abundance, prosperity, joy, and true freedom based on deeper values and your soul purpose [as opposed to the conditioned desires of your wounded ego personality programmed by cult-ure]

Know your triggers and projections and how to work with them. Be aware of the shadow you project externally, which the matrix forces want you to do as they target your triggers and projections to get more of that “loosh” to feed upon.

Not only is shadow work a superpower. You will also help the collective and the world more than any external activism or information-sharing can possibly do by taking responsibility for your triggers and projections and making the darkness conscious within yourself.

If you don’t know the concepts of psychological splitting, projective identification, repetition compulsion, the different types of trauma, and how to work with them and, most importantly, spot them WITHIN YOU, then you are easy prey and target for the matrix forces engaging in this high-level psychological warfare.

It doesn’t matter how much you think you “know” and are “aware” on an informational level. If you don’t know yourself and include the inner work, the [occult] matrix forces will have their ways of getting to you THROUGH you.

You will be programmed to act a certain way and perceive the world in a certain way while you live under the illusion of free will.

Without psychological self-awareness and continuing inner work, your discernment skills will be very limited as you will be tempted to end up in a fringe conspiracy rabbit hole maze that are dead ends and designed to be dead ends to distract from the truth and what awakening to your true nature and transcending the matrix is really about.

You will see traps, shills, and controlled ops everywhere in your black-pilled, paranoid, psychologically split mind – a devastating matrix program based on unconscious trauma [and internal psychological splitting], which is also increasing. It’s where the matrix forces want you to get stuck in.

You might even become convinced that the soul evolutionary process over lifetimes via reincarnation is a trap and karma [the universal law of cause and effect] is not real. You will “resonate” with lies, mistaking them as truth, and “throw away” the truth, mistaking it as lies, and you will be convinced of it as you lie to yourself that you are “awake.”

This inner work and gaining the knowledge necessary to do this work requires focus, concentration, effort, and will.

Some things can’t be spoon-fed via a social media post but require your 100% commitment, sincerity, attention, and investment (time, energy, and sometimes money) to learn more.

Nothing is “free” in the entire universe; you only get how much you give in terms of conscious effort and “paying with yourself.” No one can do it for you.

Psychological awareness and self-work combined with spiritual awareness and esoteric self-work with sincere aspiration to the Divine [without falling into the trap of spiritual bypassing] are the superpowers that any spiritual warrior needs to have and embody as we start 2024, for we haven’t seen anything yet.

We talk more about it on our recent Cosmic Matrix podcast episode, “Your Psychological And Spiritual Survival Guide For 2024,” where we give an overview of what to expect in this new year from a physical, psychological, and spiritual perspective. We give practical tools and advice on how to align with the evolutionary forces and use them to catalyze your growth and ride the immense waves of change during this Time of Transition.

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