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In this episode, we discuss occult entity interferences and psychic attacks through other people. This is the “topic of all topics” and ties into the hyperdimensional control of humanly by non-physical alien forces that have ruled over humans for thousands of years. We look at the many misconceptions about this topic, explore how people are being targeted/influenced by these forces, share our own experiences, and give practical insights into how to protect oneself from occult psychic attacks (Part 1). 

Show Notes Part 1:

  • What are the occult forces? Various ancient esoteric teachings/traditions have talked about these hyper-dimensional realities and forces acting upon and manipulating humanity.
  • Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga and occult hostile forces
  • Distortion, misconception, and over-simplification of this topic ever since it became more popular
  • Victim/Blame trap
  • Entry points 
  • Matrix on over-drive to keep people locked in the Matrix frequency of Divide & Conquer
  • The necessity of sincere self-work, soul embodiment
  • New Age Love and Light distortions 
  • Laura’s experience of encountering these forces during deep meditation 
  • Yogic consciousness – Perceiving occult forces directly
  • Anyone who is on the verge of a true awakening will be interfered with
  • Head-Centric living serves as entry points for occult forces
  • Importance of meditation and detect energies coming in from the outside and reject them
  • Limitation of psychological self-work alone
  • Free Will vs. mechanical/programmed behavior 
  • Attacks/manipulation through our own minds and damaged aura
  • Traps of Agreement – Negative forces posing as positive ones
  • Psychics and issues with channeled material 
  • Entity attachments via engaging in rituals, ceremonies – Traps of Agreement (even lasting over lifetimes)
  • Occult/Psychic attacks through other people – Agent Smith Syndrome
  • Energy Vampires 
  • Occult interferences and psychic attacks on Facebook/social media 
  • Alien Love Bite/Dark Side of Cupid vs. Interferences in a love relationship of two people who are meant to be together (based on true Love)
  • Teaching function of occult forces – Initiations 

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Psychic Attacks – Thought projections from others 
  • Genetic Modification of humans beings over hundreds of thousands of years – the “fall” from our original state
  • The “Alien Invasion” already happened and it is working through humans
  • Is modern civilization truly “human”? 
  • Government is an archonic creation 
  • Mistaking symptoms for causes – focused on the shadows on the wall (3D Matrix)
  • Importance to establish zero-point non-reactive consciousness 
  • The trap of self-importance and taking things personally 
  • Wounded people hurt other people and become portals for occult forces
  • Going deeper into the issue with social media from an occult perspective (psychic attacks through others)
  • Lack of communication skills online and lack of emotional intelligence, in particular, passive aggressiveness (entry points for occult forces)
  • Projected thought forms vs. entities 
  • Laura’s and Bernhard’s experiences with receiving occult/psychic attacks on Facebook 
  • The trap of Idiot Compassion – Importance of Warrior attitude 
  • New Age deception of sending entities/occult forces Love and Light 
  • Mental illness and occult forces 
  • A case of someone in direct contact with grey aliens who has been diagnosed as schizophrenic 
  • The alien abduction phenomenon
  • New Age alien savior program 
  • The trap of fear and paranoia  
  • Fear of speaking out and what other people think of you – matrix program of complacency and fake niceness 
  • Occult interference in love relationships vs. basic relationship psychology (projections)
  • Laura’s and Bernhard’s experiences with occult interferences/psychic attacks within their relationship 
  • Practical tips of how to protect oneself from occult/psychic attacks
  • Huge misconceptions about removing entities. Just “removing” an entity is never enough. Issues with “distance healing”
  • Importance of educating oneself about this topic. Knowledge protects. Ignorance is not a defense but endangers
  • New Age distortion of Law of Attraction
  • Guided meditation by Laura

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