Spiritual Integrity and the Importance of Both Inner and Outer Work | The Cosmic Matrix Podcast #4 (Part 1)

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In the 4th episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast, Laura and Bernhard discuss spiritual integrity and the importance of engaging in a balance of both inner and outer work. In spiritual communities, this imbalance shows up in a variety of ways. For example, many well-meaning “truth seekers” tend towards being overly focused on the external world while lacking a balance of sincere inner work and embodiment. On the other side of the coin, there is also the New Age trap of too much “self-work” which often results in narcissistic tendencies; whereas people are overly focused on their internal experience without understanding the world around them. This can create an overly solipsistic world view by taking a truth and distorting it into a lie in the “You Create Your Reality” scene.

Furthermore, many people who call themselves “spiritual teachers” make no effort to understand the external forces that affect us; like the matrix and how humanity and they themselves are being manipulated by forces outside of them. Despite their well-meaning intentions, through their ignorance, they end up supporting a negative agenda and often end up worshipping occult forces who disguise themselves as “positive” ones. Other topics addressed in this episode include the trap of ambition on the spiritual path and seeking fame and recognition (along with other ego temptations), the fear of speaking out, and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • What is inner and outer work and how do they relate?
  • New Age traps of narcissistic “self-work”, spiritual bypassing, and the disease of solipsism
  • Over-focus on the external world and lack of sincere inner work in the “Truth Movement” 
  • The trap of the revolutionary mind and Identification 
  • Mainstream yoga culture, pop-spirituality, mainstream psychology, and popular teachers: lack of understanding of how the matrix works.
  • What is spiritual integrity? 
  • Conscience and Intention
  • Fear of speaking out
  • The trap of ambition and ego temptations 
  • The issue of money: Greed, poverty/scarcity consciousness, the balance of giving/receiving
  • The entitlement that “knowledge/information should be free” and distortion of the term “service to others”
  • What does it mean to be “conscious”?
  • Importance of critical thinking and discernment 
  • Suppression of knowledge is the name of the matrix game  
  • The esoteric triad of Knowledge – Being – Understanding
  • Trap of superiority 
  • Embodiment and soul individualization 
  • The trap of the Intellect 
  • The trap of fame and popularity, self-censoring
  • Intellectual fascination with certain topics vs. authentic and sincere intention to seek truth
  • The question of free will 

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Agent Smith syndrome and why it is important to understand the Hyperdimensional aspect of the matrix
  • 3D Matrix is a symptom of the 4D/hyperdimensional Matrix 
  • Everyone is influenced/manipulated by occult forces to varying degrees 
  • Film “Black Mirror – Bandersnatch” in light of occult forces and the illusion of “free will”
  • The real deception is the “negative” disguising itself as the “positive”
  • “Mainstream” spiritual teachers who have no awareness/understanding of even the basics of the 3D Matrix feed into the socialist New World Order agenda and become “matrix agents”
  • The trap of ambition and will-fully striving towards matrix success, fame, and popularity 
  • Limitations of psychology and basic spiritual work if there is lack of awareness of how occult adverse forces work through people
  • Most “mental illnesses” are related to entity attachments/interferences 
  • Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga
  • What does it mean to be “spiritual”? 
  • Every complete spiritual/esoteric teaching has conveyed the “topic of all topics” in their own language 
  • Deception and disinformation in the UFO/Alien community 
  • The danger of focusing on one topic/teaching alone, tunnel vision 
  • What is your intention in life? 
  • Vocation and Integrity 
  • False humility (self-diminishment) vs. over-estimating yourself (self-importance)
  • The more integrity/conscience/self-awareness you have, the harder it will be to lie to yourself, rationalize yourself or blame others
  • Critical thinking and logical fallacies
  • What does it mean to “resonate” with something? – The issue of false “resonance” and resonating with lies
  • Warrior mode: not attached to positive or negative experiences, zero-point non-reactive consciousness
  • Fear of speaking out, fear of conflict, fear of what others think of you —> matrix program
  • External consideration and strategic enclosure 
  • Ego hijacking and attachment to spiritual experiences
  • The right “teaching” appears when you are ready based on your sincere effort and intention (in alignment with where you are at/level of Being)
  • Everything needs to be revealed during this Time of Transition 

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