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In this podcast Bernhard and Laura propose the question “Do you really want to awaken or just be comfortable in your dream state?” and how “enlightenment is a destructive process” as it may introduce us to difficult truths; and how certain components of character are necessary to have in order to go through this process. They discuss the importance of combining spiritual work with psychological work, the importance of sincerity, integrity and intention, conscious suffering, self deception, “woke culture”, how awakening leads us into discovering “taboo topics” and difficult truths about the world, the disillusionment process, the importance of “spiritual activism” and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Enlightenment is a destructive process
  • Time of Transition retreat recap
  • Limitation of doing the work by yourself
  • Group process synergy – Importance of community
  • A lot of core wounding happened in relationship and can only be healed in relationship (not just romantic)
  • What does it mean to awaken?
  • The trap of activism and the revolutionary mindset without embodiment/spiritual foundation and psychological self-work
  • Different levels of consciousness – levels of samadhi and higher consciousness
  • Importance of combining spiritual work/practices with psychological/somatic work for westerners
  • Spiritual realizations vs. actualization and integration in everyday life
  • The healthy ego
  • What is your intention? – do you just want to be happy/comfortable in your life or do you want to see the truth?
  • Sincerity and integrity are the keys
  • Conscious suffering – confronting discomfort and the lies we tell ourselves
  • Surrender to the Divine
  • Insincerity and inner division
  • Essence and filling holes externally
  • Occult adverse forces target any form of insincerity and inner division (most often via temptation)
  • Impeccability
  • Importance of mirrors and feedback from others who are engaged in the same work
  • The Work and love relationships – one partner is sincere and the other person is not
  • Importance of clever insincerity from an esoteric perspective (sincerity with everyone is a weakness)
  • Avoiding stupid sincerity and oversharing – external consideration
  • Self-deception – lies to the self
  • Woke culture as a function of the ego
  • Occult hostile forces target anyone who is on a verge of a true awakening

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Taboo topics – awakening to the truth of what’s happening in the world
  • Doing sincere inner work and facing the lies/darkness within will lead to facing the lies/darkness in the world
  • Starting to “see the unseen” and through appearances
  • Bernhard’s experience with starting to realize how hyperdimensional alien forces affect the world and the battle of light vs. dark on unseen levels, working through us.
  • We are transducers of higher energies
  • Tumbling down the rabbit hole: The Matrix (3D and hyperdimensional), pedophilia in elite places, human sex trafficking, occult hostile forces, etc.
  • The Matrix Trauma Installment Program
  • Importance of understanding of the modus operandi of the Matrix (“Know Thy Enemy”)
  • Spiritual activism to counteract the dark asuric forces – necessity of a spiritual foundation
  • Laura’s experiences with healing sexual abuse (by high-level famous musicians) and waking up to the corruption of the entertainment industry, pedophilia and grooming children
  • The reason we are doing this work is so we can be spiritually strong enough to confront the darkness of the world
  • The trap of the revolutionary mind and revenge (“me too” movement)
  • The blind spots of the so-called “truth movement” and lack of inner spiritual/psychological work
  • Bernhard’s experiences at various “truth” conferences and Anarchapulco
  • The hyperdimensional matrix and occult forces working through the “truth movement”
  • The danger of getting into occult topics without having a spiritual/psychological foundation
  • Cognitive Dissonance and the necessity of disillusionment
  • The trap of fame and popularity
  • Charlie Sheen and 9/11
  • “Woke” celebrities like Jim Carey, Russell Brand
  • What is the truth – universal laws: karma (law of cause and effect), duality, vibration, polarity, rhythm, etc. (Hermetic principles), law of agreement, law of free will, etc.
  • Four noble truths (Buddhism) and how they got distorted
  • Importance of understanding/applying these spiritual/universal laws
  • Laura’s experience of bitten by a bullet ant and suffering intense physical pain
  • Mechanical suffering and addiction to suffering
  • Trauma/wounds as an entry point for occult forces entities who exaggerate suffering to feed off of
  • The impeccable warrior – Be impeccable with your word (integrity) and apply all you know always
  • The art of listening
  • Awakening in the body – not out of the body – full Embodiment

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