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In this episode of the Cosmic Matrix Podcast, Bernhard and Laura discuss what they refer to as the Matrix “trauma installment program”, and how the occult forces work through our unprocessed traumas to keep the control system of the matrix intact. They discuss how trauma shows up in our lives, the types of trauma, how this relates to past lives/bigger soul lessons, their personal experiences, the collective trauma, ancient history and genetic modification of humanity, occult influences, spirit/entity attachments, and how the process of embodiment can heal these fragmentations, and much more.

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Show Notes Part 1:

  • The Matrix Trauma Installment Program
  • What exactly is Trauma?
  • Big “T” trauma and little “t” trauma
  • Trauma is not just psychological but even more so a biological process
  • Trauma is trapped/manifested in the body (unresolved experiences)
  • Importance of regulating the nervous system
  • Triggered trauma response vs. normal response
  • Three symptoms of trauma: Hyper-arousal (anxiety), disassociation, constriction (chronic tension in the body)
  • Everyone is wounded/traumatized to varying degrees
  • The happy childhood myth
  • We live in a world where pathology has become normalized
  • Entities and occult forces target our wounds and traumas
  • The connection between triggers and trauma
  • The feminine wound
  • The “original” collective trauma as a result of genetic modification of humanity going back thousands of years ago
  • The importance of somatic psychotherapy and its limitations when only focused on childhood
  • Past life traumas being reactivated in the current lifetime
  • Process of Embodiment and anchoring the divine force via healing trauma
  • Trauma is like hell on earth but trauma resolved is a gift from the gods
  • Importance of working through personal and collective trauma
  • Real shadow work is messy and will trigger your traumas
  • New Age spiritual bypassing and not many people are sincere to face and heal their traumas
  • You can’t do the work on your own
  • Implicit memory (unconscious trauma)
  • Trauma results in disembodiment which serves as an entry point for occult forces to come in and take over
  • The need to expand the view of mainstream trauma psychotherapy to include the spiritual domain and occult knowledge
  • Peter Levine’s work
  • Importance of getting into the body
  • Yoga, meditation and body-mind practices to uncover and heal trauma
  • Activating the body-intelligence
  • Creation point vs. activation point of trauma
  • Importance of a holistic approach
  • Bernhard’s experience of uncovering a past life trauma
  • False memories and screen memories (alien abductions)
  • Alien occult entities can easily manipulate our emotions
  • The human ego is a trauma response
  • MK-Ultra matrix installment program to install entities
  • Traps of Agreement with draconian entities (Holographic Kinetics)
  • Occult forces can sense the soul trajectory of a person and try to vector people with a certain mission profile of the path via the trauma installment program
  • Laura’s experience, Priestess rituals, creating traps of agreements (contracts with occult entities)
  • Anytime we check out, get out of body and get emotionally very triggered something else comes in and takes over, exaggerating it and feeding off of the emotional loosh
  • Occult hostile forces want and need us to stay trapped in trauma/time
  • Importance of getting out of the victim/blame/savior mindset and take self-responsibility
  • Importance of a supportive network
  • Dr. William Baldwin’s work
  • Soul Fragmentation and entity attachments
  • Issues with pagan, wiccan, priestess, magick and various new age rituals which can crate traps of agreements with occult hostile entities, disguising themselves as positive forces (especially when calling in entities)
  • Faustian pact with the devil, the ego temptation for more power

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • How does the matrix benefit form traumatized individuals?
  • Victim-Victimizer programming
  • Sub-Personalities, entities and mind control programming
  • Negative thought injections; entities mimic and exaggerate negative beliefs we’ve been conditioned/wounded/traumatized with
  • EMF, WIFI, excessive technology hinders healing trauma (by design form the matrix perspective
  • Bernhard’s experience of developmental trauma and narcissistic wounding (little “t” trauma)
  • Celebrities and trauma, matrix agents and matrix temptations (pathology normalized)
  • Laura’s experience of getting diverted from her spiritual path via the matrix trauma installment program
  • Soul purpose and divine assistance/grace
  • Social Justice Warriors and “metoo” movement driven by unconscious trauma and victim/blame consciousness
  • All there is are lessons from a soul evolutionary perspective
  • The universal law of cause and effect: Karma
  • The collective and individual process
  • The splitting of humanity and the Timeline-Reality split
  • The Mother/Sri Aurobindo’s take on the splitting of humanity and the dark night of civilization
  • Truth or Abyss
  • The battle of dark vs light on unseen levels
  • The need to spiritualize our being and anchor the divine
  • Surrender/aspiration to the Divine
  • The sunlit path and the essence of the soul
  • Danger/trap of getting into a fear frequency of doom & gloom about the future
  • There more embodied/awake you are, the more you will feel consciously others and the collective and “see the unseen” (how forces work through people)
  • The path gets more narrow as you progress and it’ll be harder to lie to yourself
  • Importance of faith and trust despite how dark it is/can get
  • Connect to the joy of the inner child, the soul essence, not affected by external circumstances
  • Don’t take yourself and life so seriously; the importance of humor
  • It’s a divine drama and comedy
  • How do deal with occult forces working through others targeting you
  • Bernhard’s experience with playing drums and dancing in light of trauma release work
  • Establishing the (spiritual) warrior attitude
  • You can’t fight the predator with niceness (New Age trap)
  • How to meet the world and not avoid/escape life/reality
  • Bernhard’s encounter with a Sikh
  • Developmental traumas in childhood are normalized as “child-raising”
  • Peter Levine’s accident experience and letting the body process the trauma
  • Bernhard’s childhood traumas were setups and used later on by occult forces, resulting in love bite relationships
  • Trauma results in identifying with the false personality
  • Surgery is registered by the body as a trauma
  • Severe body modifications and plastic surgery (breast implants, facelifts, etc.) is based on trauma, wounding and can result in entity attachments/interferences when cutting the body open in “unnecessary” surgery, essentially creating more trauma
  • The real protection from any occult entity interferences/attachments is healing your trauma and surrendering/aspiring to the Divine
  • Why are women more drawn to/willing to embodied self-work than men, generally speaking?

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