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What is the truth about alien abductions, MILABs, and will be there an official “disclosure” of UFO/Alien contact happening anytime soon? Laura and Bernhard talk to veteran UFO and alien abduction researcher James Bartley to discuss this and various topics diving into this much-misunderstood topic of Greys, Reptilians, screen memories, and much more. James shares his alien encounters and abduction experiences starting in childhood, how these experiences have impacted him and inspired his research, and we discuss how to protect oneself from alien intrusion.

In the second hour, we discuss the New Age distortion of the UFO/Alien topic, fake whistleblowers, MILAB cases and Cointelpro disinformation agents in the UFO community, the popular New Age Cosmic Disclosure movement, how alien/archonic forces target ego identification of people who identify as super-soldiers/star seeds/indigos. We also discuss the possible connection between veganism and alien abductions/entity possession, the importance of inner self-work, and much more.

James Bartley has been researching Alien Abductions and the Military/Aerospace Connection to UFOs and Alien Life Forms for twenty-five years. He is a protege of legendary Alien Abduction Researcher Barbara Bartholic of Tulsa Oklahoma. James has spent a lot of time conducting field investigations in the High Desert of Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. He specializes in research and investigations into Reptilian Aliens and Military Abductions.

James is an Independent Historian with an emphasis on Military History, Intelligence/Counterintelligence, and Special Operations. James has lectured in San Diego California, Las Vegas Nevada, at the UFO Friendship Camp Outs at the Lil A’Le Inn in Rachel Nevada adjacent to the Groom Lake/Area 51 complex, Memphis Tennessee, Mississippi, Philadelphia, Bury England at the first-ever REPCON (Reptilian Conference), Sydney Australia, The Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Brisbane Australia, Melbourne Australia and numerous other places. His podcast and website: thecosmicswitchboard.com


Show Notes Part 1:

  • James’ childhood and paranormal experiences
  • James’ out-of-body and alien abduction experiences
  • Interdimensional dreaming
  • Cycles of alien abduction experiences
  • Mass abductions in the late 80s
  • Trauma, dissociation, and alien abductions
  • Encounters with Greys and Reptilians
  • Sexual assault by a female alien entity
  • James’ experience on board of a craft
  • James meeting with Eve Lorgen, Barbara Bartholic, and Karla Turner in the 90s
  • Listening to Karla Turner’s lecture on abductions changed his life, realizing the true nature and purpose of his alien abduction experiences.
  • The New Age distortion of the alien abduction phenomenon
  • Different alien races
  • What are the Greys and Reptilians?
  • New Age Alien Stockholm Syndrome
  • How to deal with alien abductions?
  • Screen Memories (false implanted memories)
  • It’s harder to research the UFO/alien topic nowadays because of information overflow on the internet, increased disinformation, and lack of discernment.
  • Intuition vs fear and wishful thinking – the trap of hope and fear
  • Sign of possible alien interference and archonic manipulation
  • We are most vulnerable to alien interference during sleep
  • Protection measures against alien interference/abduction
  • Iron protects against alien interference
  • Iron deficiency (anemia) and alien abductions
  • Possible link/correlation between Veganism/Vegetarianism and alien abductions
  • Occult left-hand practitioners (like Aleister Crowley) were vegans/vegetarians, making conscious contact with demonic entities and reptilians
  • The New Age Alien savior program
  • The New Age practice of “earth grid work”

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Continued discussion about Iron deficiency (anemia) and alien abductions
  • Colares UFO incident in Brazil: most intense waves of UFO activity ever witnessed. Some locals chased by UFOs were getting their blood sucked out of them. Blood tests after the incident revealed severe anemia in people targeted by the UFOs.
  • Religious (and New Age) dogma around diet, pushing vegetarianism/veganism – possibly created by alien/archonic influence to lower people’s defenses?
  • Reptilians, the elite, traps of agreement and karma (law of cause and effect)
  • The Achilles heel of pure STS “evil” forces is wishful thinking, only seeing what they want to see.
  • Narcissism being “promoted” in official culture to keep creating emotional loosh as a food source for archonic forces
  • MILABs: the truth and distortions/deceptions
  • Military involvement and alien abductions
  • Target profile of MILABs (metaphysical component)
  • Fake MILAB cases, “super-soldier” deception
  • Ego hijacking concepts like MILABs, super-soldier, star seeds, indigos, etc. people identity with
  • Alien/archonic forces target ego identification, trying to make a person feel “special” to make him/her easier to be manipulated, carrying out their agenda.
  • Disinformation agents and fake whistleblowers in the UFO movement
  • The Corey Goode psy-op deception
  • Red flags in Corey Goode’s story and behavior
  • David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Gaia, etc presenting a Star Wars sci-fi fantasy version of the UFO/Alien phenomenon
  • The Blue Avian Deception
  • Mind Control and Pathological Liars in the UFO community
  • Disclosure and Predictive Programming
  • Who is going to disclose what?
  • Reptilian processing plants
  • The Dark Crystal series on Netflix
  • The trap of getting stuck in the rabbit hole of Alien/UFO research
  • Inner Self-work is imperative, check your triggers
  • What truly matters, the bigger picture
  • James’ inspiring message

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