Scarcity Consciousness and the True Meaning of Abundance | TCM #21 (Part 1)

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In this episode, Bernhard and Laura discuss what keeps people living in scarcity and how to create more abundance. They discuss the topic of money and how our early programming sets us up to have a certain relationship with money which is based on those early beliefs, the trap of Asceticism, distorted spiritual views and beliefs around wealth and money, how the asuric forces have hijacked wealth/sex/power and that we need to take the money-energy “back” from these forces and use it in service to the Divine instead.

In the second hour, they dive deeper by discussing the ancestral influences on our beliefs about money, healing work, and being compensated fairly for what you do, the beliefs that “spiritual/emotional” services and knowledge should be “free,” the Matrix program of “inverse reality creation” fueling scarcity consciousness, and how to open the flow to create more abundance in life by learning how to invest in yourself, and much more.



Transform Scarcity Consciousness Into Prosperity Through Connecting To Your Creative Power And Purpose

With Bernhard Guenther

NOV. 18 – DEC. 2, 2023


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Is money the root of all evil?
  • What is scarcity consciousness?
  • Greed vs. the distorted spiritual view of money
  • The forces of sex, money, power, and the asuric occult forces
  • Money is energy is fuel
  • What is your relationship with money?
  • Matrix distortions around money
  • What is abundance?
  • Programmed beliefs around money
  • The connection between competition and scarcity consciousness
  • The trap of hoarding
  • Rich people can live in scarcity consciousness
  • The Matrix debt trap
  • Using matrix “rules” to your own advantage without getting trapped in it
  • Find your calling in life, follow your bliss first
  • The more you invest in yourself sincerely, the more you will be supported
  • The corruption of the educational system
  • You create abundance by following what excites you
  • The “money is evil” matrix program
  • The utopian ideal of living off the grid and growing your own food
  • Maximizing your potential to help others
  • Lack of abundance relates to the unconscious “I’m not good enough” and “I don’t deserve it” program
  • The trap of matrix black and white thinking
  • Mastering the physical world before engaging in higher/spiritual work
  • The entitlement of wanting information/services for free, especially in the “truth movement” and in “spiritual circles”
  • Social media and the attention trap
  • Tom Montalk on the scarcity matrix program
  • The mindset of engaging the flow and spending money
  • The importance of self-work and healing childhood wounds in relation to your first experiences with money
  • Creating community and a support system
  • Individual soul lessons, karma, and poverty
  • Power, wealth, and sex from an Integral Yoga perspective

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Bernhard’s experiences around security thinking, money, and work
  • Generational programming around money
  • Laura’s childhood experiences with scarcity
  • Importance of Gratitude
  • What was your first experience with money?
  • Unconscious beliefs about money
  • The abundance of nature
  • The short attention epidemic due to social media
  • Social media addiction keeps people from using their time & energy towards creating more abundance
  • You only get what you give and the effort you put in
  • Self-work, spiritual development, and sincerity
  • Metaphysical “marketing”
  • Healing work, services, and compensation
  • Sketchy healers and charlatans taking advantage of desperate people
  • The matrix program of Socialism and the illusion of “free” services
  • Creating Karmic debt by trying to get things for free
  • Fear and worry around money create scarcity
  • Non-attachment, hope and fear
  • What are your true needs?
  • The importance of sincere intention combined with action to open the flow
  • Taking Risks
  • The internalized money-shame program
  • Lifeforce, creativity, and abundance
  • Difference between unfulfilled childhood needs and mature adult needs
  • What does it mean to get your needs met?
  • Is it ok to get more than your needs met, is it ok to thrive and flourish?
  • The victim/blame trap
  • Matrix program of inverse reality creation via negative projections based on the trap of the revolutionary mind
  • Time management and the attention economy
  • Burning out Karma and creating Abundance
  • The issue with downloading “free” copyrighted stuff (music, movies, books) in light of karma and STS consciousness
  • Healthy guilt and conscience
  • Opening the Flow

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