Facing Our Fears in Times of Great Turmoil | TCM# 29 (Part 1)

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How can we develop the courage to face our deepest fears in times of great turmoil? Inspired by the recent wave of intense fear coming up related to the coronavirus and the historical changes currently unfolding for humanity, Bernhard and Laura discuss this primal emotion that we see being spread right now: Fear. They talk about how fear is a sign that the shadow is present, how people revert to barbarianism when their fears are triggered, and how all fear is related to fear of death. They speak to the deeper agenda behind the coronavirus scare, why we must question the official story, and how the coronavirus relates to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the current feelings of “death anxiety” coming up for the collective.

They talk about fear porn, panic buying, and the deeper occult agenda they see at work in these current times. In the second hour, they talk about how we can smile at fear, own fear, develop a conscious relationship to, and even practice meditation with it. They also talk about karmic PTSD we may be facing right now, the illusion of separation, and how this yoga is both an individual and collective battle of dark and light, and how we can stay grounded in times like these so we can truly be of service to others, and much more…


Show Notes Part 1:

  • Shadow Work, Trauma, and Occult Forces
  • The interrelationship between fear and the shadow, collectively and personally
  • The “long black bag” by Robert Bly
  • People reverting to the “barbaric animal” due to suppression of fear when triggered
  • All fear is rooted in the fear of death
  • The coronavirus, toilet paper and stocking up
  • The corona fear virus and the forces of illness
  • The agenda behind the coronavirus scare, mandatory vaccination, etc.
  • Fear of the body and separating medicine/science/matter from spirituality
  • Questioning anything the CDC, WHO, government and media claim about the “pandemic”
  • The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction and the Death Anxiety
  • “Something else” entered the system
  • The occult hostile forces of the matrix amping up their game
  • Woking with fear and facing fear directly
  • Hope and fear, two sides of the same coin
  • Problem – Reaction – Solution: the globalist agenda
  • Fear Porn and panic buying
  • The coronavirus virus from an astrological perspective
  • Fear coming from the outside: the wetiko virus
  • Fear and Trauma response, Death and Rebirth
  • The importance of engaging in inner work and becoming conscious co-creators of reality
  • Occult forces feeding off of projected unconscious reactive fear-loosh
  • Fear frequency lowering your protection and the immune system: self-fulfilling prophecy
  • The lesson from a bigger picture perspective
  • Any fear points to our shadow and unconscious trauma
  • How to work with fear in your body
  • Fear, courage, and the warrior archetype
  • Grief and sadness underneath the fear
  • Trump’s and presidential candidate’s view on vaccination
  • The necessity to feel all feelings
  • Creating a container for trauma and shadow work
  • This is an amazing opportunity to become true spiritual warriors in light of the evolution of consciousness

In Part 2 (only for members) we’ll be going deeper into:

  • Smile at Fear and Warriorship by Trungpa Chogyam
  • Synchronization of Body and Mind
  • The paradox of rejecting fear and facing/feeling fear
  • Owning your fear and developing a conscious relationship with fear
  • The Inconscient and fear in the body (Sri Aurobindo)
  • The fear and terror coming up is fertile ground for spiritual growth if we know how to work with it
  • Coping-mechanisms
  • Embodiment, Body-Awareness, and filtering/discerning information
  • Conscious preparation/prepping vs. reactive selfish hoarding at the expense of others
  • Bernhard’s experience of experiencing pure/naked fear, fight and flight based on an illusion/false perception
  • Recognizing our shadow material and capacity for “evil”
  • The unconscious untamed inner wild animal within us
  • The obsession with cleanliness related to the fear of death
  • The dark side and pathological side of excessive fasting, cleanses, and detoxes
  • Bio-hacking and unconscious fear of death
  • The supramental divine being and transcending death
  • Losing natural defense mechanisms because of “domestication” and OCD level of cleanliness
  • Occult Forces tagging into our unacknowledged fears
  • Meditating on Death as a spiritual practice
  • Facing death and making peace with death results in true freedom to live
  • Allowing yourself to truly feel/confront your fear of death can result in instant spiritual transformation: rebirth
  • Karmic PTSD and past life death trauma is coming the surface as well
  • The dark occult forces want to create their desired reality through us by tagging into our fear, wounds and shadow aspects
  • The illusion of separation and felling everything and everyone as ONE being
  • The path of the integral yogi: an individual and collective battle
  • We can help others by staying embodied and centered

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