Michael Lutin – Astrology, Occultations, and the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction | TCM #20 (Part 2 for members)

In the second hour, Michael goes deeper into “occultations” of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and how this relates to the New World Order and the global push to centralize power, occult alien forces, and the evolution of consciousness. He also gives tips and insights on how to navigate these intergalactic transitions, and much more….[only for members].

Jerry Marzinsky – Schizophrenia, Entities & Mental Illness | TCM Podcast #16 (Part 1)

Jerry Marzinksy joins Bernhard Guenther to share about his discoveries practicing as a psychotherapist in mental hospitals and state prisons on this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast. Working with schizophrenia and other patients in psychiatry, Jerry started to question the psychiatric medical authorities and their view on and treatment/diagnosis of “mental illness.”

Trauma Installment & Toxic Feminism

  Bernhard Guenther returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to talk about the Trauma Installment Program which occurs over numerous lifetimes as well as the Toxic Feminism which pervades society today. Bernhard has recently launched an excellent podcast called The Cosmic Matrix Podcast which he operates jointly with his wife Laura Matsue who recently gave…

Tom Montalk – The Matrix Control System | The Cosmic Matrix Podcast #11 (Part 2 for members)

In the second part of episode 11, Tom Montalk dives deeper into UFOlogy, discerning alien disinformation, the push for disclosure, the key differences between positive and negative higher density beings, emotional management and how to deal with triggers and negative emotions/thoughtforms in light of soul evolution and entity interferences, and much more.